Sun-Moon Aspects in Synastry



Sun conjunct, sextile or trine Moon


This is one of the strongest aspects two people can have in synastry. This is especially powerful if the woman is the Moon person, and the man is the Sun person. This is because in a Sun-Moon combo in synastry, the Moon person tends to be the more dependent, supportive person, while the Sun leads the relationship, and some men feel uncomfortable in the “submissive” role. Either way, this is a strong indicator of overall compatibility. There is a feeling that you can rely on one another. The Moon person soothes the Sun person and feeds his ego, and the two feel comfortable and at ease in each other’s company. This aspect is often found in the synastry charts of married couples.

Sun opposite Moon

This is a binding aspect to be found between lovers. With this aspect, a mutual attraction is present. However, the Moon person may find the Sun person insensitive and overbearing, while the Sun person may find the Moon person overly dependent and overly sensitive. The Moon person may feel the Sun person stomps all over their feelings, and the Sun person may not even be aware of this! Regardless, oppositions in synastry are complementary.

Sun square Moon

This aspect is more problematic than the opposition. The Moon person may find the Sun person overly rational, dictatorial, and selfish, while the Sun person may find the Moon person overly sensitive and emotional. Attraction to one another is present, but it is not without tension and competitiveness. They find it hard to support one another, because there is a basic misunderstanding over what each person needs.