Venus- Saturn aspect in Synastry


Venus is the planet of love, romance, relationships, and finances. Saturn is the planet of restriction, discipline, and commitment.


The harmonious aspects (trine, sextile) between Venus and Saturn are ideal for any relationship. The Saturn person stabilizes the Venus person, and the Venus person softens Saturn’s hard edges.

This aspect indicates a great deal of mutual devotion and commitment, which is key to any long-lasting relationship. It is easy to commit to one another when this aspect is present in synastry.

You truly feel as though you can rely on one another, and you both take the relationship seriously. The Saturn person is the Venus person’s “rock.” You have a tremendous amount of respect for one another, and cooperate with each other easily.


The hard aspects (square, opposition) between Venus and Saturn are notoriously difficult to handle. My longest relationship featured a tight Saturn square Venus aspect in synastry, wherein I was the Venus person.


This is often known as the “unrequited love” aspect. Why? Saturn represents blockages and restrictions, which can manifest in many forms. Sometimes, the blockages come from external forces.

Saturn rules tradition, so couples with this synastry aspect sometimes face opposition from either person’s family. In my case, I was of a different cultural background than my partner.

His parents were very traditional and strict, and would have never have approved of our union. Other external restrictions can include a mismatch in terms of age, social status, cultural background, or distance.

Either way, there’s usually something in the way of you being together.


Another way in which this manifested was through a withdrawal of affection. I never felt quite comfortable cuddling him, telling him I loved him, or making baby talk with him due to my fear that he would reject that kind of behavior.

I censored my feelings of affection for him, and he did the same. He acted somewhat “fatherly” towards me, and I didn’t want to risk his disapproval. Though he never explicitly told me he didn’t want me to go out and have fun with my friends, he would often try to interfere with my plans if he knew I was going out.


The conjunction between Venus and Saturn in synastry can go either way.