Venus-Venus aspects in Synastry

Venus is the planet of love and romance. It is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of material possessions, as well as the 7th house of one-on-one partnerships.

Venus in Harmonious Aspect to Venus

Harmonious aspects (i.e. the conjunction, trine, and sextile) between Venus’ in Synastry are indicative of overall compatibility between the couple. The ways you express affection and demonstrate your love are similar.

You do not easily offend one another, and have an appreciation for one another’s style of dress, social graces, as well as financial values. You enjoy spending time with each other, due to the fact that you feel comfortable and at ease in each other’s presence.

You enjoy going out and socializing together, and may share mutual friends. You understand each other’s moods, and have a calming effect on each other. This is an indicator that you two cooperate with each other easily, which goes a long way in terms of long-term compatibility.

A note about the conjunction: I had this aspect with a long-term boyfriend, and it was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had. We instinctively knew how to treat one another, and we reveled at how similar we were to one another.

It was the most comfortable relationship I’ve ever had, due to the fact that he felt so “familiar” to me. We needed the same things from relationships, so it was easy to satisfy one another.

I know several other relationships with Venus conjunct Venus, and they have been very long-lasting. In addition, it is said that strong Venus-Venus aspects can “replace” absent Sun-Venus aspects.

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Venus in Harsh Aspect to Venus

The hard aspects (square, opposition, quincunx) are much more tricky to deal with. In this case, your styles of expressing love and affection are at odds with one another.

In the case of the square and opposition, your Venus signs share the same modality, but there is a marked difference in your relationship expectations. The quincunx energy feels like a “misfire”; you don’t feel very connected to one another.

Either way, it is easy to offend on another when your Venus is in an unfavorable aspect to your partner’s Venus. In addition, your taste in clothes, the way you socialize, the way you handle money, the kinds of friends you have, and your interests are very different.

For example, my Venus is in Capricorn, and my relationship with a Venus in Aries man fell flat on its face for the reasons stated above. Venus in Capricorn is shy, reserved, slow-moving, and traditional when it comes to relationships.

I like taking things slow, and I don’t enter commitment easily. I am not naturally verbally or physically affectionate. When it comes to relationships, I look for stability; “players” do not interest me at all.

My Venus in Aries ex, on the other hand, wanted to rush into a commitment. He was very verbally direct and expressive when it came to his emotions.

He was overtly sexual, which put me on edge and brought out my insecurities. He eventually got frustrated over my “coldness” and took my reluctance to commit as complete and utter disinterest.

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