Venus-Ascendant Aspects in Synastry

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Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance, while the Ascendant represents our self-image, our physical appearance, and the way we project ourselves to the world.

When your Venus contacts another person’s Ascendant, romantic attraction is indicated. Particularly in the case of the conjunction, trine, and sextile, the Ascendant person is seen as the Venus person’s physical ideal of the perfect mate.

The Venus person loves the way the Ascendant person looks, dresses, and behaves. The Ascendant person feels loved and adored, and appreciates the Venus person’s taste, mannerisms, and social graces.

The couple easily expresses affection, and aims to please one another. At the same time, the attraction (on the part of the Venus person) is rather superficial, which can leave the Ascendant person wondering if they are only loved for their looks.

When one person’s Venus is opposite another person’s Ascendant (thus, conjunct the person’s Descendant), a strong attraction is indicated, particularly on the part of the Ascendant person. When someone’s Venus is in your 7th house or close to the Descendant, they embody the qualities you are looking for in a partner. The two are natural partners for one another.

The square between Venus and the Ascendant indicates attraction, as well, but comes with some problems. On the plus side, there is a definite physical attraction to one another.

This aspect usually indicates one person’s Venus in another person’s 4th or 10th house (this is definitely the case if you use equal houses).

When Venus is in someone’s 4th house, the house person feels “at home” with the Venus person. The two enjoy spending time at home with one another, and living with one another and starting a family comes naturally to the couple.

Venus in the 10th house indicates the Ascendant person looks up to and greatly admires the Venus person.

However, it may take some work to relate to one another, and you tend to be ultra-sensitive to each other’s moods and feelings. The mannerisms, tastes, and habits of the Ascendant person may be unattractive or offensive to the Venus person.

Think about it this way: Say you’re a Sagittarius Venus, and your partner’s Ascendant is in Virgo. Sagittarius Venus natives seek freedom, physicality, spontaneity, and adventure in their relationships. They tend to be attracted to athletic, “outdoorsy”, loud, direct, playful individuals who don’t take life (or relationships!) too seriously.

Virgo Ascendants, on the other hand, come across as cautious, practical, calm and sensible. They are usually reserved, critical, and analytical- not exactly what Sagittarius is looking for.

The Venus in Sag person may find the Virgo Ascendant person too stuffy or prudish, while the Ascendant may find the Sagittarius person outright rude!

Because of this, you may not “click” at first, but strong planetary aspects in synastry can certainly overcome this aspect.