Vesta in Synastry

Asteroids can offer unique insights into our connections with others.  Of all asteroids, Vesta is one that receives a lot of attention.

So, what is Vesta?

From Advanced Astrology:

”The most important meaning of Vesta in astrology is commitment. It shows your faith and what you wish to work on wholeheartedly.

The energy of Vesta in astrology helps you focus on your goals and fully dedicate yourself to achieving them. Vesta is also connected with purpose and the flame in your soul. It tells what you are ready to make sacrifices for and accomplish what needs to be done, no matter what.”

Astrologers describe Vesta as a combination of Scorpio and Virgo energies, so there is a unique blending of loyalty, passion and devotion.

The house and sign in which your Vesta is located will tell you where your passions are.  As you can imagine, it is a very powerful point to study in synastry.

Vesta-Sun Synastry:

The Sun person will inspire the Vesta person to explore and pursue their passions. The Sun person motivates the Vesta person.

The Vesta person will feel passion and devotion for the Sun person.  The Sun person will help the Vesta person express their creativity and stand out from the crowd.

Vesta-Moon Synastry:

This relationship will be brimming with loving, nurturing energy. You will have a deep, mutual emotional connection.

The Moon person will create a loving and supportive atmosphere for the Vesta person. The Moon persons family might help the Vesta person achieve their goals.

The Vesta person will feel very devoted to the relationship, and will be receptive to the Moon person’s emotional needs.

Vesta-Mercury Synastry:

Communicating and connecting with each other will be an important part of this relationship.

The Mercury person will help the Vesta person express and communicate their interests and passions.

This would be a great aspect to see in the charts of mentors-students. This aspect also indicates you will work well together.

Vesta-Venus Synastry:

This aspect is a powerful one, as it increases your devotion and attraction to one another. Venus will offer love, beauty, and harmony, and the Vesta person will offer unrelenting devotion and sacrifice. They will want to commit to one another, and will expect complete loyalty and fairness from each other.

Vesta-Mars Synastry:

The Mars person will energize the Vesta person and help them achieve their goals. The Vesta person will feel their inner fire ignited when they are with the Mars person.

The Mars person might encourage the Vesta person to be more impulsive, risk-taking and selfish when it comes to achieving their goals.

Vesta-Jupiter Synastry:

The Jupiter person will expand the Vesta’s person’s commitment and devotion to their goals. The Jupiter person’s generosity will help the Vesta person’s pursuit of their goals.

Vesta-Saturn Synastry:

The Saturn person will help the Vesta person become more disciplined and focused in the pursuit of their goals. The Saturn person will help the Vesta person structure their plans and determine if their goals are feasible.

Vesta-Ascendant Synastry:

The Vesta person will feel inspired by the Ascendant person. This couple will feel a deep and profound attraction to one another. Commitment and loyalty come easily in this relationship.

Vesta-Node Synastry:

This connection denotes a mentor-student type of connection. It can certainly turn into love if other aspects agree.

The North Node person will help the Vesta build a path to reach their goals. The Vesta person will be very devoted to the North Node person, as the North Node person represents new opportunities and possibilities that will bring them closer to their true life purpose.


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