Mars-Pluto Aspects in Synastry

In Astrology, Mars represents sex and aggression, while Pluto represents intensity, obsession, and transformation. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. When your Mars makes an aspect to another person’s Pluto, an aggressive, sexual relationship is indicated.

When your Mars is conjunct, square, or opposite another person’s Pluto, an overwhelming sexual passion is indicated. Indeed, this aspect tends to intensify (Pluto) sexuality (Mars). You are strongly sexually attracted to one another, and may even become sexually obsessed with one another. You literally want to rip each other’s clothes off and merge into one another. Hot, hot hot!

On the downside, this aspect also intensifies competitiveness, drama, and conflict between the two of you. Mars and Pluto are not afraid of conflict or confrontation, and neither will put up with domination or control.

The risk of power struggles is very high with this aspect. You certainly know how to push each other’s buttons, and you tend to trigger each other’s most explosive emotions. Pluto represents extremes, so it is likely that you will push each other to the depths of anger and combativeness. Indeed, this aspect can indicate physical abuse.

Pluto is drawn to the Mars person’s strength, while Mars is attracted to Pluto’s depth. They are strongly energized by one another, but at the same time, suspicious. Pluto is secretive, while Mars is open and direct. As such, Pluto may demand to know each and every single one of Mars’ secrets, while not giving up any of his own secrets. This can anger Mars, and can lead to conflict and arguments.

The trine and sextile, on the other hand, are much easier to handle. This is one of my favorite aspects, as it provides all the sexual chemistry and fascination of all Mars-Pluto connections, without the combativeness of the hard aspects. Sex is deep, regenerative, and transformative with this aspect. Your relationship is consuming and highly intense. You work well together, and feel stronger as a couple than you do as individuals.

9 thoughts on “Mars-Pluto Aspects in Synastry

  1. It’s funny you say that maybe your energy was far too much. I’m currently super drawn to a Leo (I met him at the gym in cycling…when he was next to his fiancee) who has his Mars Conjunct my Pluto, and my Mars is Square his Pluto. His Venus is my Sun/Asc/Mars, and his Mercury and Sun is on my Mercury (so I just flat out like him…we also both have a Psych background). He’s a few years older than I, and engaged to be married in months but I literally can not get him out of my head. He and I are friendly, and I’m a Venus in 11th house so at my core I want to be friends (and have zero interest in being a person who ruins a long standing relationship…his or my own), but he has kept me at arms length as a friend (he never talks about his fiancee unless I bring her up…I don’t know her name while he knows my bf’s name etc). Which I would understand if the attraction was mutual, but I assume it isn’t (I have Venus Opp Saturn natally). I wonder if the energy I give off is stronger than I intend. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable dealing with me, but I have noticed if he and I are talking (and others are around) he tries to keep his distance (personal space wise and even talking to me…he’ll talk louder). I don’t like feeling that talking to someone is illicit or heady…but perhaps that is the nature of Pluto Mars synastry. He also stopped coming to the class we all frequented (I seriously hope it wasn’t because of me).

  2. I had a very strong attraction to a guy who had his Mars in Scorpio Trine my Sun/Asc/Mars, Conjunct my Pluto and my Mars Square his Venus. With his Moon Conjunct my Venus, and my Moon Conjunct his Neptune. It was far too much energy between us. There was a large age gap between us (he’s 12 years younger than I), that seemed to never really matter to either of us (he is a Cap Rising, which is my moon…so he looked and acted much older). In the end I ended up doing something to “betray” him and so things never got off the ground (physically). Sigh.

  3. Alright so my mars is square his Pluto and his mars is sextile to my Pluto?! What would that mean for this side of the relationship? Help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I had a Mars opposite Pluto DW with a professor at university (he was a grad student at the time, and kind of my mentor). We never had a romantic/sexual relationship, it was completely professional, but I definitely felt what you described. I don’t know that he felt the same though, and I sort of got the feeling that I made him uncomfortable sometimes, though maybe that was because of our social situation (9-year age gap and student/teacher) and maybe I was much more obvious than I intended to be. I certainly never approached him about a relationship, but I tried to be his friend, and that even seemed to be too much. Sometimes I was just very annoyed by his behavior toward me, and we didn’t really get along that well in other ways (probably because of our Cap vs. Gemini suns). I don’t know if what I felt was from my Mars to his Pluto, or vice versa. It’s possible he feels something, but maybe he either isn’t comfortable with the Pluto role/isn’t comfortable with my Mars attention, or he isn’t comfortable with his Mars role, and my Pluto attention.

    I think with the conjunction, it would be more of a blending of Pluto and Mars, and therefore you wouldn’t have such a problem with being on opposite sides of the coin. I believe he probably feels the same as you, but it might depend on how he feels with his role as Pluto (how it is aspected natally, for instance). You should check descriptions of Mars transiting natal Pluto, as people are said to be like “permanent transits” to our natal charts. So, in this way, you can get an idea of how a transiting Mars (you) conjunct his natal Pluto might make him feel.

  5. I have my mars conjunct his pluto and my mars trine his sun, i am completely obsessed and infatuated with him, i literally want to rib his clothes off. Nothing has happened, we are currently dating, but wondering if he feels the same?? anyone with the same synastry?

  6. I biiI love this,
    I have the opposition, and i am the pluto unfortunately lmao! I bit off more than i can chew this time. I’ve been trying to leave him but it isn’t working!

  7. I am a woman in my 40’s who has Mars trine Mars, Mars trine Uranus, and Mars trine Pluto with a male coworker. He is half my age and the mutual attraction is definitely Hot, Hot, Hot. I can’t wait to see if this sexual chemistry is…. Unleashed!

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