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Moon-Venus in Synastry


The Moon and Venus are both “feminine” planets. The Moon represents our emotional needs, while Venus represents how we want to be loved. When these two meet in synastry, the connection is so sweet, you’ll get a toothache.


When one person’s Moon makes a positive aspect to another person’s Venus, tenderness and affection characterize the relationship. A sense of familiarity and comfort, as well asd a strong emotional connection exists between the couple. This aspect makes it so that you love doing even the most dull, boring tasks with one another; just being with each other makes you feel warm and fuzzy, which makes everything you do together fun and enjoyable.

In fact, the need to physically be close to one another is very strong with this aspect. You have much in common with one another, and are naturally supportive, cooperative and considerate toward each other. As a couple, you emit a sweet, warm energy, which makes others take notice! This aspect also denotes the two of you will want to live and build a family together.

This is especially true of the conjunction, sextile and trine.


The square and the opposition, on the other hand, can be a bit more tricky. In this case, you may tend to take each other for granted. Indeed, favors may go unacknowledged and unappreciated. The Moon person may feel undervalued by the Venus person, while the Venus person may feel their self-esteem is being trampled over.

You may have difficultly understanding each other’s moods and feelings. For instance, Venus may feel playful, while the Moon person wants to talk about their problems. At the same time, a considerable attraction to one another is there.


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