Weight Gain Transits



Which transits put you at risk of gaining weight?


Weight gain is traditionally associated with the planet Jupiter.


Jupiter represents excess and expansion, and can make you carefree in the area it touches in your chart.


Jupiter transits your Ascendant or ruler of your 1st house


When Jupiter transits your Ascendant or ruler of your 1st house, an “expansion” of your physical body may occur. It is important to exercise discipline at this time, as Jupiter tends towards excess. You may feel overindulgent at this time, but may feel too optimistic and carefree to pay attention to what you eat.


Jupiter transits Venus


Venus is traditionally associated with sweets, so when Jupiter transits your natal Venus, you may experience intense cravings for chocolate, candy, cookies, cakes, etc.. Venus also represents pleasure and indulgence, so it is important to be careful about what you eat when Jupiter transits this planet.


Jupiter transits the 6th house or ruler of the 6th house


Diets and exercise routines may be put on the backburner during this cycle. You become carefree about your diet and exercise regimen during this transit. Jupiter tends to increase laziness and increase cravings during this transit. On the other hand, Jupiter may work the opposite way; you may feel more positive and energetic at this time, which may lead you to put more energy into your diet and exercise routines.

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