Moon-Moon Aspects in Synastry

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If your Moon is conjunct your partner’s Moon, you have a great understanding of what makes the other tick. You are naturally empathetic and supportive of one another, due to the fact that you go through moods simultaneously. This aspect also indicates that the two of you bring out emotional excesses in one another, which can be draining over time.

If your Moon is square your partner’s Moon, it is difficult for you to understand each other’s moods and feelings. This is because your moods are out of sync; when one person feels up, the other feels down, and vice-versa. This aspect also indicates dissimilar family backgrounds and upbringings.

In the case of the opposition between two people’s Moons, there may be a tendency to mirror each other’s moods. This, in turn, can bring out strong emotions in one another. You tend to approach emotional issues from opposite directions, so you can learn a lot from one another. Your partner is a perfect “balance” for you.

The trine and sextile aspects between Moons are much easier to handle. In this case, your family backgrounds and upbringings are not conflictual. You are naturally empathetic and supportive of one another, without the damaging emotional excesses indicated by the hard aspects. You easily communicate your feelings to one another.

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