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Composite Jupiter-Saturn Aspects 

Composite Jupiter conjunct Saturn is generally a very good aspect to find in a Composite chart. Saturn in the planet of restriction, tradition, commitment, and responsibility, while Jupiter represent expansion and positivity. Together, they are a great team. In this relationship, there is a good mix of optimism and realism. The two of them feel positive about their relationship and long-term potential.

Composite Jupiter sextile or trine Saturn is a wonderful aspect to find in a Composite chart. It indicates the couple feel positive about their future together. In this relationship, responsibility and commitment does not feel like a burden. The couple takes on challenges with stride and work together very well.

Composite Jupiter opposite or square Saturn indicates differences between the couple. One of the partners might be very optimistic and positive, while the other is more pessimistic and realistic. When one partner has big ideas or big plans, the other partner might express skepticism and offer practical alternatives. One partner might see the other as a ‘wet blanket’.

Composite Saturn-Uranus Aspects 

Composite Saturn conjunct Uranus can be a challenging aspect. Uranus is the planet of freedom and liberation, while Saturn is the planet of responsibility and duty. In this relationship, both partners may feel they cannot express their individuality and uniqueness. As a result, the relationship can feel quite restrictive and restrained, with little room for spontaneity. This aspect also indicates the couple has difficulty when it comes to commitment and responsibility, and may feel they cannot count on each other in times of need.

Composite Saturn trine or sextile Uranus is a generally positive aspect. It indicates a positive blending of freedom with responsibility. Both partners feel they can express their unique individuality in this relationship, while still remaining committed and responsible to each other.

Composite Saturn square or opposite Uranus is a challenging aspect, which acts much like the conjunction. Hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus show a clash between commitment and loyalty, and freedom and individuality. Both partners likely feel quite burdened or stifled by the relationship, for they feel the relationship restricts their freedom in some way. When one partner tries to control or restrict, the other partner rebels and wants to break free. Both partners feel they cannot be themselves in this relationship.

Composite Saturn-Neptune Aspects 

Composite Saturn conjunct Neptune indicates a blending of realism and practicality, with spirituality and compassion. Neptune is a very dreamy, sensitive, impractical sign, while Saturn represents realism, maturity and discipline. This aspect indicates the couple takes practical steps to make their dreams come true. This is a wonderful aspect to see in the charts of spiritually-minded or creative couples, as Saturn provides practicality, reason, and prudence for Neptune’s dreams and fantasies.

Composite Saturn sextile or trine Neptune indicates the couple work together to make their dreams a reality. Neptune is generally impractical and dreamy, so Saturn’s influence is welcome here. Neptune softens Saturn’s hard edges, so the relationship does not feel overly stuffy or restrictive.

Composite Saturn square or opposite Neptune is a challenging aspect. It indicates a tension between duty and responsibility (Saturn) and fantasy, dreams, and spirituality (Neptune). One partner may feel the other is overly pessimistic and cold, while the other feels their partner is impractical and delusional. This aspect can point to a lot of hurt feelings and frustrations.

Composite Saturn-Pluto Aspects 

Composite Saturn conjunct Pluto is a very powerful aspect. Saturn is the planet of restriction, discipline, commitment, responsibility and duty, among other things. Pluto represents death. transformation, obsession, deep intimacy and shared resources. This aspect can point to an obsession with duty and responsibility, with each partner testing each other’s loyalty and commitment to the relationship. On the plus side, this aspect can bond a couple together, for they both might feel very committed and loyal to each other. If they work together, this aspect can indicate much success, as they are very powerful when they work together towards a common goal.

Composite Saturn sextile or trine Pluto is a positive aspect that indicates the couple feels stronger as a unit, than they do individually. They encourage each other’s determination and commitment, and feel they can take on any challenge when they are together.

Composite Saturn square or opposite Pluto is a challenging aspect. Pluto is the sign of deep intimacy, transformation and intense bonding, so a hard aspect from Saturn can block or restrict these energies. The couple might play games to test each other’s commitment and loyalty in the relationship. Jealousy and paranoia can cause issues between the couple. They might find it difficult to work together or support each other due to the intense power struggles between them.


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