Mars in Aquarius

Mars is the ruler of Aries, and is the natural ruler of the 1st house.

Mars rules sex, anger, and action.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet, Uranus. It is the natural ruler of the 11th house of friendships, long-term goals, and groups/associations.

In Aquarius, Mars craves freedom, variety and intellectual stimulation. Aquarius is a very accepting sign, and sees everyone as equals. It is therefore common for people to describe Mars in Aquarius as having “live and let live” attitude towards others. Mars in Aquarius individuals are very independent, and are likely to rebel when they feel their freedom is being restricted.

Given that Aquarius is generally not a forceful sign, Mars in Aquarius natives are not generally physically or emotionally aggressive  (unless the planet is afflicted). What gets a Mars in Aquarius native riled up is intellectual stimulation, debate, and such. In fact, debates turn them on in a sexual sense.

Speaking of sex, Mars in Aquarius (and in other air signs) is a fan of dirty talk, dirty text-messages, cyber sex (Aquarius rules technology), phone sex; non-physical expressions of sexuality are very appealing to these natives.

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