The Astrology of Mama’s Boys

Ah, the Mama’s Boy. You know- the guy who can’t make decisions without consulting his mommy first? The one who won’t move out of his mother’s basement, even though he’s fully-employed and 40 years old? The one whose mother still cooks his meals, packs his lunches, and does his laundry? The one who has bad luck in love because no woman will ever be able to live up to his mother? Yeah, that guy.

Are there astrological aspects we can look out for that might tip us off that a man is a mama’s boy? Let’s take a look…

Planets in Cancer

Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house. Both Cancer and the 4th house represent the
home, the womb, and the mother. Both men and women with Cancer planets (especially the Sun, Moon or Venus) often have some sort of mother issue, and some can’t seem to cut the umbilical cord. Cancer men are usually in need of nurturing, due to their strong bonds with their mothers. Men with Moon or Venus in Cancer are especially prone to dating and marrying women who remind them of their mothers, or are at least the “motherly” types.


Moon in the Fourth House


In the fourth house, the Moon is accidentally dignified. In other words, Lunar powers are “strong” in the fourth house. Both the Moon and the 4th house represent our emotional needs, our homes, and, of course, the mother. I’ve noticed many individuals, man or woman, with Moon in the fourth tend to live with their parents longer than their peers. Individuals with this placement often have a strong connection with their mother, which is maintained throughout their lives. Often, the mother’s approval is important to them.


Moon in the Tenth House


This aspect indicates the mother has a great influence on the individuals’ attitudes and direction in life. The Tenth house is located at the top of the Chart, so with the Moon’s placement there, the individual may tend to put his mother up on a pedestal no one else can reach.


How to deal with a Mama’s Boy


A man’s attachment to his mother can be a major point of contention in a relationship. The most important thing to remember about these men is they need LOVE. Their mothers probably did a great job of filling in this void, so getting his attention away from her and onto you may be difficult.


The best thing you can do is to lavish him with attention and pay close attention to his needs. The next best thing you must do is befriend his mother! Given the huge role Mom plays in a Mama’s Boy’s life, your main concern must be for her to like you! In addition, recognize and honor the special mother-son bond they have.


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