The Astrology of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has his Ascendant in Aquarius. Indeed, he is often described as “too cool”, and lacking in emotion. Aquarius Ascendants are emotionally detached, intellectual, friendly, and skilled at the art of debate. They have the ability to be both friendly and aloof. The fact that he can remain objective and doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him helps him tremendously when it comes to debating.

Obama has his natal Uranus (in Leo), and Mars and Pluto (in Virgo) in his 7th house or partnerships and open enemies. The people he attracts are usually independent and intellectual (Uranus), intense/controlling/transformational (Pluto), and/or aggressive (Mars). While his relationships are intense and passionate, they are also unique and allow for both partners to retain their sense of independence. In addition, Uranus rules his chart (since his Ascendant is in Aquarius), so having this planet in his 7th reinforces the fact that he is partnership oriented and might define himself through his relationships. Also, Uranus in this house would suggest a love for all of humanity and treating others as equals, regardless of social status, race, looks, etc..

Obama’s Sun and Mercury are in his 6th house, in the sign, Leo. Solar Lions are known for their charisma and natural ability to lead. They are inspiring people, and seek to improve the world around them. With Mercury in this sign as well, Obama speaks with authority, and his words attract attention. Mercury in Leo individuals are great motivational speakers. Obama is direct and straight to the point, while at the same time charming and intriguing. With his Sun and Mercury in the 6th house, Obama is a workaholic. He has a strong need to be productive, and is “service” oriented. He is a dependable, helpful person with a strong work-ethic. With Mercury and the Sun in this house, he might have nervous tension and anxiety- no wonder he smoked!

Obama’s Venus is in Cancer in his fifth, which indicates a love of fun, romance, and game-playing. Indeed, during his presidency, he was known to have taken in quite a few basketball games and made several trips to the golf course! This placement also indicates having beautiful daughters, of which he has two!

Obama’s Moon is conjunct his IC in the 4th house. He has strong ties to his family and his roots, and needs a secure home to come home to after a long day. His relationship with his mother is especially important to him. Obama’s Moon is in Gemini. Lunar Geminians are quick-witted and emotionally detached. These people are fact collectors, and are curious about the world around them. They have the uncanny ability of being able to tell what other people want to hear. This placement suggests he is an excellent debater, as he is mentally alert and quick-witted.

Obama’s Jupiter and Saturn conjunction are located in his 12th house. Having Jupiter in the 12th indicates Obama needs his alone time, and may keep his religious and spiritual views as private as possible. He has great faith in the future. This position also suggests the native has a “guardian angel”, watching over him and helping him through difficult periods. He loves humanity, and desires to help the unfortunate. Saturn in this house often indicates an absent father (his father was not a part of Obama’s life). It also indicates a need to serve the less fortunate.

These two planets in the 12th oppose Obama’s Mercury in the 6th house, which reinforces his need to feel helpful and be of service to others. The conflict here lies between the need to help others in contrast to the need for solitude. However, Obama’s planets are heavily concentrated in the right side of his chart, which indicates that his relationships with others are more important to him than his own needs.

Jupiter opposing his Mercury suggests he may be prone to exaggeration, while Saturn opposing his Mercury would indicate self-censoring when it comes to verbal expression. Jupiter and Saturn are opposite in many ways. While the Mercury-Saturn aspect indicates he chooses his words carefully and is careful about what he reveals to others, the Mercury-Jupiter opposition indicates he can be reckless in jumping to conclusions. This aspect can produce a see-saw effect between logical thinking and overly idealistic though processes. I see both in Obama; he is not always quick to answer, and he often “uhs” and “ahs” between words. At the same time, he is very idealistic and makes big plans and big promises.

If these two aspects weren’t enough, Neptune also squares his natal Mercury! His Neptune is located in his 9th house, which suggests an inclination towards travel, religion and higher education. He is very intuitive, as well as philosophical and prophetic. With the square to Mercury, Obama might find it hard to take a hard stance on anything. This aspect also indicates someone whose communication may have many pauses or digressions. This aspect tends to cloud logical thinking in favor of imagination and creativity. I suppose this is why he often uses a teleprompter! Nevertheless, this aspect indicates someone who is a great story-teller with a flair for drama. He has the ability to “read” people, without them having to say a thing.

In addition to squaring his Mercury, Obama’s 9th house Neptune also squares his natal Sun. This would add to Obama’s idealistic stance in government. He easily trusts people, and is sensitive to the suffering of others, which makes him susceptible to being taken advantage of. This aspect often denotes a distant or absent father figure, and the native having a glorified view of his father. People with this aspect often engage in self-destructive tendencies, but Obama’s chart has enough positive Saturn aspects to keep him in check.

Finally, Obama’s natal Chiron is located in his first house. You can usually pick out a 1st house Chiron person by observing if they have any scars on their face. There are a few unusual scars on Obama’s head, but I am unsure of their origin. Having Chiron in the 1st house also indicates someone who puts the needs of others ahead of his own. He is wonderful at giving others advice, yet has trouble following the same advice. This reinforces Obama’s desire to fight for the underdog and make the world a better place.


Barack Obama Natal Chart
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Natal Chiron in the Houses

Chiron is traditionally associated with the sign Virgo. This is because in mythology, Chiron was a healer. He was afflicted with a disease, and went searching for a cure. As a result of his search, he gained incredible knowledge of health and disease, and went on to teach others about his findings, but he, himself, was never cured. This is why Chiron is referred to as the “Wounded Healer.”

The placement of Chiron shows us the areas in which we deal with reoccurring problems, which began at childhood. It also shows us the area where we can teach others how to do things better than we can do ourselves.

Chiron in the 1st


This placement indicates someone who is always prepared to fight for the less fortunate, or someone who makes an amazing counselor. Despite this, the person may neglect themselves to help others, and fails to take his own advice.

In childhood, perhaps you felt unnoticed and neglected, and may have dealt with this through withdrawing or becoming aggressive. You can usually identify someone with Chiron in the 1st if they have prominent scars on their face or head.

Chiron in the 2nd

Your parents may have been terrible with money, and these learned habits may cause reoccurring problems throughout your life. You may be a great financial advisor, but may have difficulty applying the same principles to your own financial situation.

The 2nd house also has to do with self-worth. Perhaps your parents didn’t give you enough affection or material possessions in your childhood, which may have made you feel you didn’t deserve it.

Chiron in the 3rd House

The 3rd house represents siblings and communication. Perhaps you have had reoccurring problems with your siblings since childhood, or perhaps you do not have any siblings, which made you feel like you were missing something.

Perhaps in childhood, you were constantly criticized for the way you expressed yourself, or perhaps you have a speech defect. Or, perhaps you never felt that you were listened to by your family during childhood. This is a wonderful placement for those in the fields of voice coaching or speech therapy.

Chiron in the 4th House

Chiron’s placement in the 4th house indicates childhood issues stemming from the home life, or one’s relationship with one’s parents. Perhaps one parent was unavailable in some way, due to illness, work, etc..

Perhaps you feel you are the “black sheep” of the family. Perhaps you are horrible at maintaining your own home, but are a whiz at helping others with their own homes.

Chiron in the 5th house

The 5th house represents children, gambling, romance, and sports. Perhaps you love children and give great advice to others on how to raise their children, but you have issues raising your own. Conversely, perhaps you have no children at all due to fertility reasons.

Perhaps you make a better coach than an actual player. You might give great relationship advice, but are plagued with bad luck in your own love life. Perhaps you give great gambling advice, but have horrible luck with gambling, yourself.

Chiron in the 6th house

In my natal chart, Chiron is situated in my sixth house of health, routines, diet, and work. I’ve been trying to find more information on this placement, but I haven’t been successful. Hopefully my experience with this placement will help other 6th-house Chiron people to understand this placement a bit better.

Some celebrities with this placement include Jessica Biel, Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Lopez, and Karen Carpenter.

Here are some ways Chiron in the 6th can manifest:

1. Eating Disorders: I’ve found this to be very common among people with Chiron in the 6th. We often have a preoccupation with eating habits with this placement. Personally, my relationship with food has never been “normal”. When I was young, I ate too much and was too overweight. Now, I eat too little and I’m too thin.  Karen Carpenter passed away because of her eating disorder, and Jennifer Aniston has reported having an eating disorder.

2. Childhood illnesses: Many people with Chiron in the 6th were born with illnesses, often hereditary, which will reoccur throughout their lives.  Look for these themes to pop up when Chiron is contacted by transit.

3. Ability to teach others about health: Despite my eating disorders, I know everything about food and nutrition, and I even thought about becoming a nutritionist.

It is common for 6th house Chiron natives to have the ability to teach others better eating habits, even though they don’t apply these habits to their own lives.

4. Workaholism: This placement often leads to compulsive work habits.

5. Hypochondria: Again, this ties into a preoccupation with health. People with this placement always feel like there is something “wrong” with them, even if this is not the case.

Feeling satisfied with the state of one’s health is difficult with this placement because the native will always find something to worry about when it comes to health.  Personally, I always think the worst, and sometimes even hold off on my doctor appointments out of fear of what they will find.

Chiron in the 7th house

This is a prime indicator of someone whose parents are divorced, separated, etc.. Perhaps this affected you by developing a fear of rejection or abandonment. Regardless, you may give great advice on marriage.

Chiron in the 8th house

The 8th house rules sex and shared resources. You would make a great sex therapist, but may have issues in your own sex life.

You may experience issues related to shared resources; you may be burdened with taking care of your and your partner’s finances, or perhaps your partner takes on this role, but doesn’t give you your fair share.

Perhaps you are dependent on other people’s money, or you are burdened with supporting others with your own money.

Chiron in the 9th house

The 9th house rules travel, higher education, and religion. Perhaps you are a travel agent who books trips for others, but you cannot travel.

Perhaps you push others to go to university, but never get the chance to, yourself. On the other hand, you may be obsessed with travel and study.

Chiron in the 10th house

The 10th house represents the career and one’s public image. Perhaps you feel as though you are taking care of everyone but yourself through your work. This placement is especially indicative of a career in the medical field.

On the other hand, perhaps early childhood issues lead you to reject ambition and responsibility. Conversely, perhaps you are fanatical about getting ahead in your career due to a strong desire for status and success, stemming from the low self-worth you developed in your childhood.

Chiron in the 11th house

The 11th house represents friends, groups, and associations. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in large groups, due to rejection from your peers during your childhood. Perhaps you have a difficult time “fitting in” with your peers.

You may have difficult maintaining your friendships, or on the other hand, you may obsessively seek out friends to quell an inner sense of loneliness.

Chiron in the 12th house

You may spend more time helping out the less fortunate at the expense of your own needs. On the other hand, you may be overly needy due to reoccurring problems, perhaps related to health.

You may have strong healing abilities, but may “hide” them due to an inner feeling of self-consciousness, or a compulsive need for privacy.