Composite Venus in the Houses

The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, the Venus represents how the couple expresses love and what they value most in the relationship.  Venus also rules beauty, harmony, fairness, and material possessions.

To properly assess Venus, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Venus receives from other Composite planets. In this article, we will go over how the Composite Venus behaves in different houses.

Composite Venus in the Houses 

The Composite Venus in the 1st house

This placement indicates a relationship based on commitment, fairness, and cooperation. The couple is very affectionate, and frequently give each other compliments. They look very good together, and others will see them as the ‘perfect couple’. They are concerned about their image and want to appear likable to others. They are more diplomatic, cooperative, and considerate when they are together than they are individually. Others admire their beauty, social graces, and the wonderful connection they share.

Composite Venus in the 2nd house

This placement indicates a relationship focused on security and material wealth. This couple enjoys the ‘finer things in life’ together, such as good food and beautiful surroundings. They might share similar taste in clothing, home furnishings and art.  They share an interest in how they spend and save their money. They are possessive over one another, and both partners can be quite stubborn.

Composite Venus in the 3rd house

This placement indicates the couple loves communicating.  They find it easy to express their appreciation for each other, and each of them value what the other has to say. There might be a shared interest in movies, trivia, and art. They enjoy studying and learning together. This couple will enjoy good relationships with each partner’s siblings and neighbours.

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Composite Venus in the 4th house

Venus in the 4th house of a Composite indicates the couple has strong family values. Both partners likely enjoy positive relationships with the other’s family, and perhaps had similar childhoods and share family values. The couple love spending time together at home and attending family get-togethers. This couple want to lay down roots and start a family together. They prefer a nice meal at home as opposed to going to a restaurant.

Composite Venus in the 5th house

This placement indicates a relationship full of love and play. They feel very good together, as this placement encourages self-expression and individuality. This is a wonderful aspect for an artistic couple, as it increases the enjoyment and pleasure they get out of creative pursuits. The couple enjoys flirting with each other and going on romantic dates. This placement keeps the relationship feeling lighthearted and fun. If they have children, the couple will enjoy raising them together and will encourage their kids to harness their creative and artistic skills.

Composite Venus in the 6th house

The two of you may have started as work colleagues and loved working together. Or, you might simply love running errands and doing chores together. The couple will value productivity, efficiency, and health. They show love to each other in practical ways, such as helping each other with difficult tasks.  They both may see health improvements as a result of the relationship. This is a great aspect, because it can make even mundane activities very fun, just as long as they are together.

Composite Venus in the 7th house

This aspect indicates the couple highly values fairness and commitment. This is one of the best aspects to see in a Composite Chart, as Venus is the natural ruler in the 7th house, and thus feels very ‘at home’ here. These two love being in a relationship with each other, and are willing to compromise and work together to build a long-lasting relationship. They are each very aware of the give-and-take of their relationship, and work hard to ensure both partners feel valued and appreciated.

Composite Venus in the 8th house

This placement increases the attraction each partner has to the other. They love to make love and connect on an intimate level. There is a strong desire to please the other, in the form of sexual pleasure, affection, and gifts.  Their love is intense and all-consuming, but in a sweet and loving way. Since the 8th house represents other people’s money, this couple might receive a windfall or gifts from others.

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Composite Venus in the 9th house

This couple values travel, philosophy, faith and higher education. Perhaps they met while they were abroad, or share an interest in travel and exploration.  They LOVE taking trips together and exploring different cultures. They appreciate and value each other’s philosophical or religious worldviews. There might also be a shared love of learning and higher education.

Composite Venus in the 10th house

This placement indicates a relationship that values their public reputation and how they come across to others. They might be considered a “power couple” by those who know them.  As a couple, they gain a higher social status ands standing in the community.  One or both of the partners might use use their social contacts to help the career or reputation of the other.

Composite Venus in the 11th house

This placement indicates a relationship that values friendship above everything. This couple might have met through friends, and continue to enjoy regularly spending time with their friends. They are a social couple who enjoy being part of a group or a cause.  Both partners support and appreciate the other’s talents, hopes, and dreams.  They share an interest in humanity, technology and politics.

Composite Venus in the 12th house

This placement indicates a love that is mysterious, hard to define, and even hidden. This placement can be found in extra marital affairs and the like, given the 12th house’s association with deception and confusion. This relationship might be quite hard to define, and each partner will feel confused how the other feels. On the positive side, the couple feels intuitively and spiritual drawn to the other. There might be a shared love of dreams, fantasy, helping the less fortunate, and even astrology! They value each other’s compassion and sensitivity. They love escaping to their own little world together.


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