The astrology of Erika Jayne

I am a Real Housewives fanatic. I watch all of the franchises religiously, and, like most fans, have strong opinions on some of the cast members.

I wanted to focus this article on Erika Girardi, particularly after watching the past season where her and Tom’s alleged criminal activities were brought to light.

To be clear, this article is in no way implying anything about Erika’s guilt or innocence in the case! It is just a fun look into the major things I noticed about Erika’s chart.


Erika has her Sun in Cancer. This sign is represented by the crab – the tough outer shell represents Cancers’ protectiveness and defensiveness.

On the inside, however, Cancers are very sensitive, emotional people who will do anything for the ones they love.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents our feelings, childhood, parents and our past.

Cancers tend to have very strong ties to their families, particularly maternal figures. Erika was very close with her grandmother; she described her as her ‘best friend’ and seems to genuinely miss her.

Her Sun is square Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. This aspect explains Erika’s, uh, ‘eccentricities’ very well.

She has been described as a “character”, and anyone who watched last season could clearly see this. Erika has gone though many sudden and unpredictable changes in her life, which speaks to the strong Uranian energy in her chart.

While Erika Jayne is her alter ego, I would not be surprised if she had taken on other ‘roles’ or ‘characters’ on in her life prior to the show.


Erika’s Moon is in Aquarius, which can be a tough placement for a watery Cancer Sun. Aquarius is an inherently logical sign, so many people with this aspect find it difficult to open up and be vulnerable with others.

People with this Moon placement can come off quite unfeeling and robotic as a result.

Her Moon is very heavily aspected, first with its conjunction to her natal Mars.

Moon with Mars indicates an explosive temper; she is highly sensitive and flies off the handle easily (as we have all seen!). Small things can set her off, so it is easy to understand why everyone seems to tread lightly around her.

Complicating this further, her Moon/Mars conjunction is in opposition to her Mercury in Leo! Mercury is the sign of communication, and in Leo, it can indicate someone who tends to focus topics of discussion on themselves.

Her communication style is aggressive, and she finds it difficult to separate feelings from her intellect. There is a constant back and forth between fiery aggression to complete coldness.


Erika’s love stars are, as you can imagine, very complex. 

Her Venus is in the sign of Cancer. In love, Cancer Venus tends to be nurturing, ‘motherly’, and loyal. However, her Venus is squared by Uranus, which indicates relationships that are off-beat, unpredictable and non-traditional.

Relationships begin and end very quickly. Her age difference with Tom illustrates the Venus-Uranus dynamic perfectly.

Uranus can bring in a lot of issues due to its unstable nature, so I was not surprised to learn of infidelity in their relationship. Granted, lots of married people have affairs, but seeing this aspect make me believe her much more.

Erika is an extremely secretive person, but I can guarantee she has had a very interesting and complicated love and sex life.

On an episode of WWHL, one of the guests said they believed there was some sort of abuse in her marriage. After seeing her chart, I cannot deny this possibility due to her Venus-Pluto square.

I have this aspect, myself, and it can bring about very complicated, dark and intense relationships full of jealousy, possessiveness and betrayal.

Tom always came off as controlling and fatherly towards her, and she didn’t seem ‘herself’ around him.

With this aspect, relationships are psychologically and emotionally difficult. There is a strong ‘can’t live with you, can’t live without you’ theme in her love life.

With Erika’s Ascendant in Cancer, the ruler of her 7th house is ruled by Saturn. Her Saturn is square Neptune and Jupiter, which complicates her relationships further.

She must be wary of overlooking red flags, for the risk of deceit and delusion is strong in her chart (again, I am not implying anything about her guilt or innocence, just that she attracts deceitful men. Khloe Kardashian also has Neptune opposite her 7thhouse ruler, so you get the idea).


Without Erika’s exact time of birth, it is difficult to make accurate predictions. From what I can see, Pluto is transiting her 7th house.

The 7th house represents relationships, so the planet of destruction and transformation going through this house makes perfect sense. Her entire partnership sector is under complete renovation right now, and I would not be surprised if she were to find love in the next couple of years when Pluto makes a trine aspect to her natal Pluto.

Saturn is either transiting her 8th house now. The 8th house represents money. Specifically, other people’s money and shared resources.

It is only appropriate that Saturn is transiting his house at the moment. This is a tough transit, for secrets come to light. Given this, I feel there will be more to uncover.

This can be a psychologically difficult time, as she will be forced to let go of certain attachments and behaviors that are getting of the way of her growth.

Uranus is transiting her 11th house, which will shake up her friendship circle. Uranus is unstable and unpredictable, so previously ‘solid’ friendships are put to the test. We saw this last season, and I believe Erika’s mistrust of the women will persist into next season as well. 


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