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Kim and Pete – What Went Wrong?

A few months ago, Kim and Pete broke up after 9 months of dating. From what we know, Pete was Kim’s first relationship following her breakup from Ye.

A lot of us would refer to a relationship like this as a rebound.  Kim spoke very well of Pete, and the pair seemed very happy.

What went wrong?

First of all, we do not have Pete’s birth time. I think he is a Gemini Ascendant, which would definitely help explain how these two got together, but since I’m not sure, I will look more at how their planets interact and where Pete’s planets fall in Kim’s chart. I’m other words, this reading won’t tell the full picture, but will give very helpful clues!

Second of all, I was kind of surprised at how… underwhelming the synastry is between them.

What does Kim and Pete’s Synastry Chart say about their relationship?

To begin, let’s review some of the good things in their synastry.

To begin, Kim is a Libra and Pete is a Scorpio. On face value, this is not the best match. Libras are very social, intellectual people who value beauty and possessions. At their worst, they can be quite vapid and superficial.

Scorpios, on the other hand, detest superficiality. They are deeply emotional people who value authenticity and truthfulness. Thankfully, you can definitely make up for incompatible sun signs with other aspects!

Thankfully, Kim’s Moon makes a beautiful trine aspect to Pete’s Sun, which indicates that Pete feels understood and supported by Kim. Kim feels she can show her vulnerable side to Pete. This aspect points to general compatibility and ‘liking’ each other. This is a great aspect to see in a synastry chart.

Kim’s Venus and Jupiter make sweet sextile aspects to Pete’s Sun, which indicate a close and loving bond.

They like being around each other and get along well. This is strengthened by the fact that Pete’s Jupiter is also conjunct Kim’s Sun; they have a lot of fun together, and she feels more happy and positive when she is with him.

They are very generous to each other and will enjoy traveling together.

Pete’s Venus, Jupiter and Mercury fall in Kim’s 11th house. This means he got along with her friends very well. They love socializing and attending parties together. Her friends love Pete; he fits right in with them.

Another interesting aspect is their Mars conjunction in Kim’s 12th house. The conjunction of their Mars’ shows a high level of physical and sexual attraction.

They are very compatible in this sense. They have similar energy drives and instinctively understand each other’s sexual needs. This aspect can also indicate a healthy competitiveness between them.

Now, for the “bad” stuff…

As I spoke about in my Pete Davidson article, Pete has a Sun/Saturn square in his chart. This means Pete is very hard on himself.

He is very self-critical and may be prone to negative thinking and self-loathing. In combination with his Scorpio energy, he likes being in control.

Kim’s Mercury and Uranus are caught in the crosshairs of this square. This is a big issue for them, as Mercury rules her 7th house of formal partnership.

In other words, these two have many barriers to formalizing a commitment. It can certainly mean distance and conflicting work schedules were to blame, but sometimes Saturnian barriers come from within.

To expand further, Kim may also feel her freedom and individuality was repressed in this relationship in some way.

She may have felt her uniqueness was not appreciated by Pete. She might have felt that Pete was a bit inflexible or controlling at times.

Kim may have also felt she couldn’t communicate well with Pete. This is a big problem, as Kim values communication a lot in her relationships with Gemini on her 7th house cusp.

Kim’s Mercury is conjunct her natal Uranus, which means she has a lot of ‘out of the box’ ideas, but did not feel she could share them with Pete. Perhaps she felt Pete would find her ideas silly or immature, or perhaps Pete interrupted her a lot.

Over time, Kim might have grown more and more self conscious in her communication with Pete. She may have found him overly critical or negative. There may also have been miscommunications leading to petty arguments.

She, on the other hand, was a disruptive, and exciting, force in Pete’s life. He found her very electrifying and different than anyone he had ever dated, but may have also found the relationship destabilizing and challenging. He may have felt his world was upended by her, and he was not in control.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is not too surprising they did not last. They seem to have a sweet, loving connection, hot sex, and a great social life, but the issues around communication and control likely wouldn’t work for Kim in the long run.

At the same time, Pete may have felt Kim’s life was too superficial, flashy and unpredictable for him. Pete really needs someone stable. He needs someone he can merge and connect deeply with, and who matches his level of romantic intensity.

Based on what I can see, I’d say Pete had stronger feelings for the relationship than Kim did.

Publicly, Pete and Kim have said their busy schedules were responsible for their break up, however, it is my opinion that their connection probably wasn’t strong enough to go the distance anyway.

It is important to note I do not have Pete’s birth time, so I’m unable to fully interpret his side.

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