The Midheaven and your Career

The Midheaven has been traditionally associated with the career. Looking at the sign your Midheaven occupies, as well as planets in your 10th house can help you determine what career is best for you. The 6th house represents work ethic, so the sign on the cusp of this house also influences the kind of career best suited for you.


If your Midheaven or 6th house Cusp is in…




Individuals with this placement may change careers frequently, due to the fact that you find it difficult to settle. Even if you are a naturally shy or withdrawn person, you shine in your career. You are a natural leader, and would excel in the fields of military, sports, business, or politics. You are naturally competitive in the public arena, and you are not afraid of taking risks.




You are a hard-working, steady person, and have a great desire and need for financial security. You are very patient, and are well-suited to hands-on careers with great salaries! Careers involving building and shaping, such as sculpture, landscaping, and architecture are great options for you. Ruled by Venus, you may also be inclined towards careers that involve creating beauty, such as interior design, home renovation, music, or acting.




You are a great public speaker, and have a wonderful command of language. Communication is what you seek in your career, so you would be a great salesperson, writer, journalist, teacher, or actor. You are also interested in technology, so careers related to computers, the Internet, or Information Technology would be great, as well. You are flexible and adaptable in your career, and may undergo several career changes throughout your life.




Your public persona is intuitive, caring, and sensitive. You would do well in fields like social work, pediatrics, or physiotherapy. You have the ability to tune into other people’s emotions, which gives you an edge when it comes to influencing those around you, so a career in public relations would suit you well. Since Cancer rules the 4th house of home, a career in real estate would be a natural fit.




You are a natural leader, and shine in the public spotlight. You seek careers that include fame, glamour and notoriety. Thus, careers in government, acting, or management are a natural fit for you. You have a strong personality, and are likely to be popular in your career. Jobs where you are the “big boss” of a company would suit you well, and you are a natural celebrity.




You are organized, analytical, hard-working, and are risk-averse when it comes to career matters. You have a strong need to be of service to others, and seek stability in your career. Fields including science and medicine are perfect for you; in fact, I know several doctors with their Midheaven or 6th house cusp in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of the healer, so careers in alternative medicine and health food would suit you well. Due to your strong organization skills, event planning and managerial positions would be great for you!




Your public persona is polished, poised, and sociable, enabling you to easily make connections. Ruled by Venus, Libra Midheavens are naturally suited to careers in the arts, such as decorating and entertainment. Libra also represents justice and fairness, so careers in diplomacy, law, and politics are wonderful options, as well. You do particularly well when you work with others, so having a job partner could prove very beneficial.




You desire to achieve power in your career. You can easily penetrate subjects and uncover what is beneath the surface, so fields like psychology, criminology, and researching are natural fits for you. Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, so sexual therapy or gynecology would be great options, as well.




You are naturally philosophical, and you are the eternal student. Careers in teaching, religion, or counseling are natural fits for you. Careers involving travel are likely with this aspect. You are naturally restless, so careers that offer you a lot of freedom are important to you. In fact, working abroad for some time would suit you well. You may change your career frequently due to this placement.




You are a hard-working, persevering, patient individual. With Saturn ruling your Midheaven, your career success may be delayed somewhat (usually, until after your 1st Saturn return). You strive to achieve success and public recognition, and are willing to climb mountains to achieve it. This is a great position for a judge, banker, professor, police officer, or politician.




You crave freedom and variety in your career, so monotonous, boring jobs just won’t do. You are drawn to the field of science, so a career as an astronomer, chemist, or biologist would work well for you. You are also drawn to technology and gadgets, so careers involving computers and the Internet are natural fits. Aquarius has a strong reformer and humanitarian edge, so a career involving progressive causes that serve to benefit humanity are perfect for you.




Pisces is naturally drawn to the arts, so a career as an artist, photographer, or performer are likely. You are highly sensitive and compassionate, so a career that involves helping the less fortunate is a great fit for you. However, finding a good career fit may be difficult, given your indecisive nature. Indeed, individuals with this placement may drift for a while until they find an appropriate career match.