Neptune transits your Natal Mars



When Neptune transits conjunct your natal Mars, your self-interest takes a backseat to the needs of others. Actions and physical energy are focused on others. During this time, you are likely to feel less energetic and driven, but more confused and uncertain in terms of your life’s direction.

Being impatient will not serve you well during this transit. Compassion and sensitivity drive your actions at this time, and your imagination is heightened.

As such, your personal goals may take on an idealistic tone at this time. Direct action is generally ineffective, so using aggression and assertiveness to achieve your goals is likely to get you nowhere during this cycle. Indeed, you may be subject to several detours and distractions in your efforts to get the results you desire.

During this cycle, sexual fantasies may distract you. Projecting sexual fantasies onto unavailable people is common during this cycle. The idea of sex may be more satisfying than the actual act, though. Meeting someone new may occur at this time, especially if Mars rules your 5th or 7th house. Be careful, though- the person may not be what they seem.



Neptune trine or sextile natal Mars: This transit indicates a time of lofty and idealistic ambitions. Getting what you want may become easier during this transit, but using force to get what you want will be generally ineffective.

Instead, you are willing to explore a variety of creative methods of reaching your goals, which makes progress much easier. Indeed, you are much more flexible and patient at this time. As such, realizing your dreams may become a reality at this time.

You are far more attuned to the motivations of others at this time, which helps give you a sense of how certain events will manifest. As such, this is the right time to trust your hunches and instincts. 

Your sensitivity and imagination are increased, and you may feel the urge to help those in need. You are far more positive and hopeful during this transit. At the same time, this transit may decrease your physical energy, but not to the point of debilitation.

Sexually, you are far more idealistic. “Spiritual” sexual encounters may take place at this time. You and your partner will be able to better achieve your sexual fantasies at this time. Have fun!



Neptune opposite or square natal Mars: During this cycle, your physical body is sensitized, and you are likely to feel low in energy. Your actions and focus are marred with emotional energy, which interfere with your sense of competitiveness and assertiveness.

You feel much less confident and self-assured than usual. If you are involved in competitive activities, sympathy and compassion for your opponents may interfere with your desire to compete with them. Being direct and aggressive does not come easily to you at this moment, and your goals may be unclear.

You may find that the more you charge ahead, the more obstacles you face. During this time, you are much more vulnerable to deception, so take care in entering any new relationships. Sexually, your imagination is heightened!

You may project your sexual fantasies onto someone, only to be disappointed once the physical act takes place; it is difficult for your sexual ideals to be fulfilled at this time.



Check the house position of your natal Mars, and which house Mars rules in your chart in order to get a better idea of how the transit will manifest.



If Mars rules, or is situated in your 1st house, you may feel less energetic during this cycle. You appear glamorous to others. You may experience an identity crisis. Beware of self-deception.



If Mars rules, or is situated in your 2nd house, you may become careless or confused in regards to money issues. Beware of “get rich quick” schemes and reckless, needless spending.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 3rd house, you are far more imaginative than usual. You may become interested in poetry and creative writing. Your communication style may be confusing to others.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 4th house, you may find it difficult to rely on your family at the moment. You may choose to relocate somewhere near water.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 5th house, your approach to love and romance is less aggressive and direct. The danger of being deceived by a partner is increased at this time.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 6th house, you may decide to take time off work. Health is sensitive at this time, so be careful. Colleagues may be undependable.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 7th house, you may begin a new relationship with someone with Piscean qualities. He or she may not be what they appear to be, so be careful.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 8th house, you may experience confusing in regards to your shared resources. Sex is likely to take on a spiritual tone at this time.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 9th house, a transformation of your beliefs and/or religious system may take place. Your worldview is likely to change. You may travel somewhere, and discover something new about yourself. You may become interested in philosophy and higher education during this time.



If Mars rules, or is situated in your 10th house, you may experience confusing in regards to your life’s direction and career. You may decide to take on a career involving taking care of others, such as counseling.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 11th house, you may feel drained when it comes to socializing in big groups. You may make friends with artistic types.




If Mars rules, or is situated in your 12th house, you may have difficulty expressing yourself. Stay away from drugs and alcohol, as you are more susceptible to addictions at this time.