Neptune Transits the Houses

Neptune in the 1st house


During this transit, your body, mind, and soul are sensitized. You are more sensitive to the moods and feelings of others and your surrounding environment. Because of this, your moods are changeable under this influence. You appear far more mysterious and glamorous to others, and tend to be less practical. The way you project yourself stimulates other people’s imagination. You are likely to be more subjective at this time, as well as more imaginative. You may be strongly drawn towards those who are in need of help. Your sense of self and identity is confused during this cycle, and you may tend to see things the way you want to. You are far more impressionable at this time, so the risk of being deceived is increased.


Neptune transits the 2nd house


This transit acts to transform your values. Possessions and finances are likely to become less important to you, as you may believe they are in the way of your spiritual growth. You must take care not to get caught up in “get rich quick” schemes, as the threat of being deceived in your financial matters increases during this time. On the other hand, you may experience increased insecurity and anxiety regarding your finances.


Neptune transits the 3rd house


When Neptune transits your house of communication, confused thinking, misunderstandings, and a lack of clarity in your communications are possible. You may tend to daydream more often during this time. Logical, objective thought processes are muddled, while your imagination is heightened. You may become more interested in poetry and spiritual studies as a result of this transit.


Neptune transits the 4th house


Changes to your domestic situation are likely during this transit. You may daydream about the ideal homelife, which can lead to a more beautiful domestic environment. Indeed, your home may become your “temple” during this cycle. At the same time, your communication with your family could break down during this time. In addition, this transit can sometimes indicate the death of a parent, or a parent becoming more dependent on you. An interest in spiritually connecting with your roots and ancestors may result from this transit. Another result of this transit could be plumbing-related problems at home, since Neptune rules water.


Neptune transits the 5th house


When Neptune transits your 5th house, you yearn for your concept of the perfect romantic union. You are in love with love, and you may become involved in dreamy love affairs. Your romantic relationships at this time are likely to have a strong spiritual overtone. You may tend to see what you want to see in partners, which can end in disappointment and misunderstandings. Your chances of being deceived by a partner are increased under this influence, so take extra care in love affairs! If you have children, this transit can increase misunderstandings with them. You may also discover your children are experimenting with drugs or alcohol during this time.


Neptune in the 6th house


When Neptune transits the 6th house, your interest in health and diet may increase. Your body is more sensitive during this transit, and this may lead you to develop healthier health practices. This is a great time to get help for alcohol or substance abuse problems. The 6th house also represents the workplace, so during this transit, misunderstandings at work are likely. This transit is not conducive to promotions or progress at work due to foggy communications with colleagues. You may choose to create an ideal work environment for yourself by adding plants and art to your office.


Neptune transits the 7th house


When Neptune transits your 7th house, you become focused on finding your soul mate. During this time, you are likely to attract Piscean or Neptunian partners and relationships. You are susceptible to deceit, stemming from the fact that you are seeing partners for what you want them to be, rather than for who they really are. You project your wishes and fantasies onto your partners, and can become so caught up with this dream, that you lose sight of what is really going on. You may become involved in “victim-savior”-type relationships, which may lack well-defined boundaries and space.


Neptune transits the 8th house


During this cycle, misunderstandings and confusion surrounding joint finances may surface, so be careful with anything that is co-owned. Be careful not to max out your credit cards due to carelessness! You may become interested in subjects such as death, mysticism, and other hidden aspects of life during this time. Your sexual fantasies are likely to get a boost during this time, as you may become more interested in sexual taboos and tantric sex. Enjoy!


Neptune transits the 9th house


During this cycle, you become interested in spiritual matters. Your personal philosophy may undergo a major spiritual makeover. You may distance yourself from organized religion in favor of spiritual philosophies and practices. In fact, you may take a long spiritual journey to a sacred place, like an ashram, yoga retreat, etc. At the same time, you are vulnerable to deceit by religious groups during this time, so don’t drink the Kool-Aid. During this time, you may decide to return to school to study subject requiring imagination.


Neptune transits the 10th house


During this time, you may feel aimless and confused regarding your career path, as you may find it difficult to relate to your career. Dreams of your “ideal” job can lead you to change careers. At the same time, you may choose to embark on a career in psychology, astrology, or music during this time. In addition, embarking on careers in the “helping” fields, such as counseling and rehabilitation, are favored at this time.


Neptune in the 11th house


During this transit, your group of friends is likely to change. You may become attracted to dreamy, artistic friends, or friends who share your ideals. On the downside, these people may be dishonest and deceptive. In addition, you are vulnerable to peer pressure at this time, which can land you into trouble. This is a wonderful time to get involved in political or religious groups or clubs.


Neptune in the 12th house


Neptune is “at home” in the 12th house. During this time, you are likely to become more private, and less socially active. You desire time to yourself in order to attend to the needs of your inner self. This transit favors therapy, psychiatry, meditation, and yoga. You are interested in mysticism and spiritual practices, which will serve to increase your spiritual knowledge. This is a great time to learn to leave the past behind you, and clear away negative feelings and habits.


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