Sexual Promiscuity in the Natal Chart

Mars/Venus square or opposite Jupiter in the natal chart

Mars and Venus are sexual planets, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion. With this aspect, your sex drive is strong, and you may feel you can never have enough sex. This can obviously lead to sexual promiscuity. Mars also represents impulsiveness, so you may tend to “jump in” to sexual situations.

Heavily populated 5th House

The fifth house is the house of romance and sex. When you have planets in your fifth house, you are likely to see sex as casual and recreational, rather than a serious expression of love. This is especially true if Venus, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, or especially if the ruler of your 8th house is located in your fifth house.

Sagittarius on the cusp of the 5th house

The 5th house is the house of sex and love affairs. Sagittarius on the cusp of this house means the house is ruled by expansive Jupiter. Jupiter on the cusp of the 5th tends to increase the number of sexual partners a person will have in their life. As mentioned before, Jupiter residing in the fifth house is another indicator of promiscuity.

Hard Venus/Saturn aspects/Venus in Capricorn

In astrology, hard Venus-Saturn aspects are often indicative of a low self-worth. As such, these individuals may use sex to reaffirm their self-esteem. Individuals with this placement often feel they are unworthy of love, so sex may be used to validate themselves. Venus in Capricorn is typically associated with prostitution; individuals with this placement can easily detach themselves emotionally from sex. In addition, Venus in Capricorn individuals may link sex with business.

Mars/Saturn aspect

Mars is the sign of sex, while Saturn is the sign of restriction and control. This aspect indicates a great amount of sexual stamina, and remaining sexual active in the later part of one’s life. Exploration of the taboo sides of sex, such as domination, S & M, and pain may result from this aspect. Like the Venus/Saturn aspect, these individuals may seek to validate their self-worth through sex.

Venus/Mars aspects

When Venus, the planet of love, makes a hard aspect to Mars, the planet of sex, in the natal chart, the individual is said to be lustful. Individuals with this placement associate love with sex, and have strong sexual drives, which can lead them towards promiscuous activities.

Venus/Mars in aspect Neptune aspects

Hard aspects between Venus and/or Mars and Neptune are commonly associated with promiscuity. This aspect is apparently indicative of illicit sexual appetites. Neptune is the planet of escapism and addictions, and when partnered with Venus or Mars, the native may be addicted to sexual pleasure. On the other hand, Neptune desires sacred sexuality, while Mars is impulsive. As such, individuals with hard Mars-Neptune aspects may lack the patience to stay in a relationship long enough to see whether their sexual ideals will be achieved. As a result, they may tend to go through many lovers in their lifetime due to their search for their sexual ideal.

Neptune in the 8th house

This placement indicates an idealized view of sex, as well as the tendency towards promiscuity. Similar to the case of Venus/Mars aspects to Neptune, this placement indicates someone who uses sex as an “escape.”

Mars/Uranus aspects

Hard aspects between Mars, the planet of sex, with Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, can lead to promiscuous behavior. Mars is impulsive, while Uranus is erratic and unstable. Together, these planets can indicate numerous, short-term sexual encounters.

Mars/Venus/Pluto in the 8th house

When Mars, the planet of impulsiveness, in situated in the 8th house, the house of sex, sexual desires are strong. Venus in the 8th house indicates a highly lustful and pleasure-seeking nature. Pluto is “at home” in the 8th house, and indicates a strong sexual drive. The individual may feel they are unable to “help themselves” when trying to control their sexual appetites.

Venus/Pluto aspects

Individuals with this placement seek deep, intense, transformative sexual experiences. Unevolved Venus/Pluto natives may cover up this desire with sexual promiscuity, due to a fear of entering a fated relationship they won’t be able to escape from. Individuals with this placement are highly magnetic, as well.

Venus or Mars in Air Signs

Venus and Mars are sexual signs. When they are found in Air signs, the individual is likely emotionally detached from the sexual act. Emotional detachment from sex is said to lead to promiscuity, as a strong, solid, secure bond is not needed to “turn them on.” In addition, Air signs crave variety, which also indicates a tendency towards having several sexual partners. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Libra may tend towards promiscuity due to their inability to say “no.” Individuals with Venus or Mars in Gemini may tend towards promiscuity due to a strong need for variety, as well as the fact that they are easily bored. Venus or Mars in Aquarius natives enjoy experimentation and variety, which can lead them into numerous sexual encounters.

Venus or Mars in Fire

Individuals with Venus and/or Mars in a fire sign love their sexual and romantic freedom. They are usually very flirtatious, and love the chase. Venus/Mars in Sagittarius are restless in sex and love, and desire a lot of sexual experimentation with as many partners as possible. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Leo crave attention and spotlight. Leo rules the fifth house of casual sex, so individuals with their Mars in this sign may have an affinity for one night stands. Individuals with Venus or Mars in Aries are addicted to the chase, and are easily aroused. They are also impulsive, and then to “act before they think” when it comes to sex and love.

Eros in Virgo

Virgo is symbolized by the “virgin”. If this is the case, why would Eros, the asteroid which identifies our sexual turn-ons, in Virgo indicate a promiscuous person? People with this placement associate health and well-being (Virgo) with sex (Eros). You’ll find that individuals with this placement range from complete and utter celibacy to promiscuity.

Venus in Virgo

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin. As such, you’ll find many Virgos who guard their virginity and chastity. At the same time, individuals with this placement sometimes suffer from feelings of sexual inferiority, especially if this planet is afflicted by Mars, Uranus, or Neptune. If this is the case, the native may become promiscuous in order to receive love and validation.