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When will I find love? Part 2- the Progressed Chart

Progressed charts are calculated by adding one day for each year you are born to your natal chart. For example, if you were born on January 1, 1980, and you are now 25 years old, your progressed chart would be calculated by drafting a chart for January 26, 1980.

Progressions show trends which set off major events in your life, and are reinforced by the transits you are experiencing at the time.

You can check your progressions on Go to the Extended Chart section, and choose “Natal and Progressed Chart.”

One of the most reliable indications in the progressed chart of meeting a new mate is to look at the condition of your progressed Venus or your 7th house ruler in your Chart, as well as progressions to your natal Venus or your 7th house ruler by other planets. Here are some progressions which indicate the beginning of an important relationship.

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Progressed Venus to Ascendant/Descendant axis (or progressed Ascendant to Venus):

The Ascendant/Descendant axis represents the “self” and the “other”. The Ascendant represents our self-image and how we approach the world, while the Descendant represents our one-on-one partnerships, including marriage partners and business associates.

When progressed Venus makes an aspect to our AC/DC axis, we feel more sociable, attractive, and loving, which helps us attract partners into our lives. The same goes for when progressed Ascendant aspects one’s natal Venus. For example, I met my first boyfriend when progressed Venus was sextile my natal Ascendant.

Progressed Planets to 7th house ruler:

The ruler of your 7th house represents your closest personal relationships, and the type of people you attract is described by the condition of this planet. For example, the ruler of my 7th house is Gemini, so my 7th house ruler is Mercury. My Mercury is conjunct Neptune, so my relationships are very confusing and disorienting. Check the aspects and house placement of your 7th house ruler to learn more about the type of people you attract.

Progressed planets making as aspect to your 7th house ruler can signify a new relationship. The 7th house also represent marriage and commitment, so relationships started at this time have long-term potential.

Aspects to look out for:

  • Progressed Ascendant in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Sun in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Mercury in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Venus in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Mars in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Ascendant in aspect to your 7th house ruler

Outer planets tend to move more slowly. If you already have an aspect between an outer planet and your 7th house ruler in your natal chart, and the aspect is separating, keep an eye on the outer planet’s progressions. As the outer planet progresses, the aspect becomes stronger. I find the aspect is strongest when the progressed outer planet is within half a degree applying to half a degree separating.

  • Progressed Jupiter in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Saturn in *positive* aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Uranus in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Neptune in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed Pluto in aspect to your 7th house ruler
  • Progressed North Node in aspect to 7th house ruler
Progressed 7th house ruler in aspect to natal planets:

Your progressed 7th house ruler is also an effective way of timing love. Because the 7th house ruler represents the marriage partner, its progressed aspects and placement can indicate a new relationship coming into your life.

The progressed 7th house ruler in aspect to the natal 7th house ruler is also very positive.  To explain, say you have natal Venus in retrograde in your 7th house. At some point in your life, your progressed Venus might change directions and return to its natal position. If your progressed Venus is conjunct your natal 7th house Venus, this is a good indication of love entering your life.

Progressed Venus to natal Sun (or prog. Sun to Venus):

This is one of the most reliable indications of the beginning of a major relationship. This is often the time when we meet the “love of our life”. This is also true of progressed Sun aspecting one’s natal Venus.

Both progressions indicate a time where we feel most attractive, and thus our powers of attraction are most potent. This is often the time we meet our marriage partner. Progressed Sun conjunct natal Venus or Progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun are classic love indicators.

Progressed Venus to natal Moon:

This progression brings about a loving relationship which is often characterised by feelings of dependency, mutual support, and emotional development. The conjunction, sextile, and trine bring generally pleasing, supportive contacts, while the square and opposition often bring resistance and adjustments in regards to the direction of your relationship. The same goes for progressed Moon to Venus contacts.

Progressed Venus to natal Mars:

This progression often brings about an intense, sexual union. Passion is at the forefront of your relationships. This can also indicate a time in which you meet the person you have children with.

Progressed Venus to Jupiter:

This progression often brings about partners from a foreign culture. Events like marriage are likely to take place during this progression. This also indicates a positive time for socializing and making new friends. The same goes for progressed Jupiter on one’s natal Venus.

Progressed Venus to Saturn:

This progression can bring about heavy commitments, and might bring relationships with older partners. This time is wonderful for beginning long-term relationships, such as marriage. This is especially true of Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine one’s natal Saturn.

In fact, my mother met my father when Venus was conjunct her natal Saturn. My father is 12 years older than my mother. The square and opposition tend to have the opposite effect; it is a time of loneliness and disconnect from others.

Venus has just moved one degree past squaring my natal Saturn, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The last few years have been incredibly unsuccessful in regards to love, my sense of loneliness increased greatly, and my social life was practically non-existent.

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Progressed Venus to Uranus:

This progression brings different, exciting relationships into our lives. We reject convention and tradition under this influence, so this transit can also be an indication of separation from a partner in favor of a more exciting, yet unstable, relationship.

This is a time where your love life takes a “walk on the wild side” with someone different than what you’re used to. For example, your new mate could be from a different cultural background, or you may begin a long-distance relationship. Hard aspects between progressed Venus and Uranus are especially indicative of (sudden) separations.

Progressed Venus to Neptune:

This progression can indicate the time when you find your soul mate. Your sensitivity and compassion for others increases during this time, and you feel more open to love in general.

If the progression is a square or opposition, you may be deceived or disillusioned by a mate. The trine and sextile are generally positive times. Marriages often occur under this influence.

Progressed Venus to Pluto:

This progression awakens powerful emotions, and changes the way you approach love and sexuality, as well as intimacy. This is a time when we are attracted to the taboo and the forbidden, and this can manifest through our choice of partner (i.e. falling in love with an “unavailable” person), or through sex (exploring sexual taboos with one’s partner).

Relationships begun under this transit are marked by intensity, obsession, possessiveness, and power games. The sextile and trine are intense in a pleasing, manageable way, while the conjunction, square, and opposition can lead to extreme jealousy, obsession, and even sexual/financial exploitation or abuse.

Progressed planets in the natal 7th house:

Natal planets progressing into the 7th house indicate relationship changes. Sometimes, when a progressed planet enters the 7th house, the results are not immediate. Look at the aspects the progressed planet makes to your other progressed and natal planets while it is in the 7th house.

If a progressed planet in your 7th house makes an aspect to your natal 7th house ruler, or Venus, a significant relationship is likely coming your way. If negatively aspected, there may be relationship issues or negative experiences.


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