The Astrology of Ron and Sam



If you have ever watched JerseyShore, you certainly know about its most (in)famous couple, Ron and Sam. They are known for their explosive fights, violent break-ups, and emotional reunions. Life is certainly a roller-coaster for these two. What do the stars have to say about this duo? Is it mean to last? Let’s take a look.


Sam is a Pisces, and Ron is a Sagittarius. Right off the top, this union smells of trouble. Pisceans are sensitive, compassionate, dependent people. Pisceans are usually artistic (Sam is an artist), and are interested in spirituality. They are easily hurt, and may have the tendency to lie. Sagittarius is in square aspect to the sign, Pisces. Sags are blunt, adventurous, independent, and freedom-loving. As such, Sagittarians can hurt Pisces’ feelings easily. Indeed, Ron and Sam got back together on the condition that Ron learns how to express his feelings to Sam “without hurting (Sam’s) feelings.”


The communication problems become more apparent when you consider that Ron’s Venus squares Sam’s Mercury. Ron may feel what Sam says is shallow and superficial. It is difficult for them to express their feelings without offending one another.


Ron’s Mercury squares Sam’s Mercury, which is a very problematic aspect. Ron and Sam find it difficult to communicate and often misunderstand what the other is saying. Their mental thought processes are vastly different, and so are their intellectual interests.


Finally, Ron’s Saturn is square Sam’s Mercury. This indicates Sam may find Ron condescending when it comes to intellectual expression. She may feel Ron disregards her ideas, which can give rise to intellectual competitiveness. Ron may find Sam childish, and may criticize her ideas. Sam may feel belittled due to Ron’s constant fault-finding.


Ron’s Jupiter is tightly conjunct Sam’s Venus in Aquarius. This is a great aspect. Sam easily forgives Ron, and Ron likes to shower Sam with gifts and love. They tend to give each other the benefit of the doubt. This position indicates a lot of joy and good will. This aspect is reinforced with Sam’s Jupiter in trine aspect to Ron’s Venus. This shows mutual good will, and shows they truly enjoy spending time with each other.


Sam’s Saturn conjuncts Ron’s Sun. Ron may feel restricted and criticized by Sam. Ron may feel Sam is a “wet blanket”, constantly nagging and putting him down. Ron makes Sam feel insecure, so she tries to restrict and control him to quell her own insecurity.


Ron’s Sun in Sagittarius squares Sam’s Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo. Having Sun square Sun in synastry lends to ego clashes and “rubbing each other the wrong way”. Though Pisces and Sagittarius are both mutable signs, they are vastly different in a variety of ways. Pisces is very sensitive, while Sagittarius is very blunt. Pisces is emotional and dependent, while Sagittarius is fiery and independent. Sam’s Moon in Virgo is self-contained and “hard to reach,” which can be difficult for Ron to understand, as Sagittarius has a direct, open approach to their dealings. Sam likes to know where “things are going” in the relationship, while Ron would rather go with the flow and see where life takes him.


Ron’s Sun sextiles Sam’s Venus. This is a wonderful aspect, found in many long-term relationships. Sam instinctively knows how Ron likes to be loved. Ron feels adored by Sam. They enjoy socializing together, and truly enjoy their time together. This aspect is reinforced by Ron’s Venus trine Sam’s Sun. Having a mutual Sun-Venus aspect in synastry is conducive to long-term relationships, as they truly feel loved by one another.


Ron’s Uranus is square Sam’s Sun. Sam finds Ron exciting and magnetic, but at the same time unstable and unpredictable. When hard Uranus aspects show up in a couple’s synastry, there is often an on-off quality to their union. Indeed, Ron and Sam have had several break ups and reunions. Ron may easily feel blocked or restricted by Sam, which can lead him to rebel and “break free” from the relationship from time to time.


Ron’s Pluto is square Sam’s Venus. This is a very binding, complicated, intense aspect. They two feel strongly drawn to one another, almost by a fatal force. Ron is very possessive over Sam, while Sam is obsessed with Ron. This aspect indicates a strong “love-hate” theme in the relationship. Feelings, both positive and negative, are extreme. This aspect is an indicator of power struggles and can sometimes indicate abuse. Indeed, Ron and Sam have had horrible fights in which names were called, and possessions were destroyed. These two could never be “just friends” with this aspect; the passion is far too strong for them to react in a civil manner to one another.


Sam’s Saturn is conjunct Ron’s Uranus. This is a very difficult aspect in synastry, given the opposing meanings of each planet. Uranus is the planet of freedom and independence, while Saturn is the planet of restriction and commitment. Ron may feel his individuality and freedom are impeded by their relationship, while Sam may find Ron too non-committal and unreliable.


Prediction: Things don’t look good for Ron and Sam moving forward. Ron’s Progressed Venus is receiving a square from Uranus retrograde in November through to February next year, which may manifest in a desire to break free from the relationship. This will be further reinforced by Ron’s progressed Sun receiving a square from Uranus after this transit ends. This transit could also indicate sudden positive changes in their relationship, but they are likely to be short-lived.


If they do stay together, late next year, Saturn will square Sam’s Venus and oppose her Mars in October 2013. At the same time, Saturn will square Ron’s Jupiter and conjunct his Mars. Hard Saturn aspects, especially to Venus, indicate a cooling off period in relationships. Each of them may reassess their relationship during this time, and determine whether they should continue on with their union.


The Uranus-Pluto square will be on Ron’s progressed Sun during this time, indicating he will undergo significant changes during this time. Ron will reinvent himself, whether he wants to or not. Will his “new self” continue on with Sam? The stars indicate he will not.