Sun-Ascendant Aspects in Synastry

In Astrology, the Sun represents our core being, while our Ascendant represents our physical appearance and the way we present ourselves to the world. When one person’s Sun makes an aspect to another person’s Ascendant, physical attraction is indicated.


Sun conjunct Ascendant in Synastry:

This is one of the most powerful indications of physical attraction between a couple.  The Ascendant person looks and expresses herself in a way that is very pleasing to the Sun person. As a couple, you reinforce each other’s egos and self-esteem, and you relate to one another extremely well. The Ascendant person welcomes the Sun person’s affections, and the both of you feel open in each other’s presence.

The Sun person energizes the Ascendant person, and the Ascendant person gets a significant confidence boost by being around the Sun person. The Sun person essentially ‘illuminates’ the Ascendant person, making the Ascendant person feel special. The Ascendant person gives ‘good vibes’ and ‘stands out’ to the Sun person. The Sun person finds the Ascendant person beautiful and attractive, and this attraction is likely to last a lifetime.

Sun opposite Ascendant:

This is another indicator of a powerful attraction between the couple, as this aspect puts the Sun in the 7th house of the Ascendant person. The two individuals are magnetically attracted to one another, and the allure is fascinating. The Ascendant person sees the Sun person as the ‘perfect mate’; the Sun person expresses the qualities the Ascendant person lacks.

The Sun person illuminates and stimulates the Ascendant person’s 7th house of relationships. As such, the Ascendant person desires to enter a relationship with the Sun person. The Sun person is very attracted to the Ascendant person’s appearance and self-expression.  There is a feeling that the two are meant to be together, which can bind them together for a long time. You ‘balance’ each other; you are each others’ “better half.”

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Sun square Ascendant:

This aspect certainly indicates an attraction, but may present challenges. The way the Ascendant person presents him or herself is at odds with the Sun person’s core being and ego. The Ascendant may find the Sun person bossy or overbearing and self-centered. A clash of wills is often the result of this aspect; both individuals may feel their independence is threatened by the other person.

For example, as a Sagittarius Ascendant, I find that Virgo men are very attracted to me, at least, physically. At the same time, they find me loud, overly-optimistic, and dominating. On the flip side, I find Virgos attractive, though boring and overly-practical.


Sun trine or sextile Ascendant:

Like the conjunct aspect, the trine and sextile between one person’s Sun and another person’s Ascendant is an indicator of attraction. The two of you are magnetically drawn to one another, and feel complete in each other’s company. The Sun person supports the Ascendant person in achieving his or her goals, while the Sun person’s well-being is heightened in the presence of the Ascendant person.

The Sun person likely takes notice of the Ascendant person first, due to the physical attraction they feel toward the Ascendant person. The Sun person illuminates and reinforces the Ascendant person, making them feel appreciated and admired. The two of you find it easy to be yourselves in each other’s presence. You enjoy each other’s company and find it easy to relate to one another.

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