Sun in the Houses in Synastry

Where a person’s Sun falls in your chart shows where this person “lights up your life.” The Sun represents one core being and overall personality, and is therefore an integral part of determining compatibility. As a rule, it is usually the house person who feels the energy more strongly.

Your Sun in your partner’s 1st House:

You are very attracted to your partner, and your partner is greatly attracted to you! The two of you feel immediately accepted by each other, since the two of you have a very similar approach to life. This is an indicator of strong compatibility. You feel that you can be yourselves around each other, which is very comforting.  Your partner gets a huge ego boost around you because you greatly admire your partner.

In fact, you have a huge amount of influence over how your partner sees him/herself. The two of you can easily express yourselves to one another, and neither of you is easily offended by the other. You energize your partner, and make them feel good about him/herself. He/She loves being around you, and this feeling is likely to last for as long as you are together! It is easy to “lose yourselves” in each other, and the relationship, because you relate to one another so well! The two of you feel like you are a unit, which can bind you together for a very long time.

Your Sun in your Partner’s 2nd House:

This aspect indicates that you stimulate your partner’s desire for material security, comfort, and physical pleasure! You raise your partner’s self esteem, and have a lot of influence over your partner’s values. You may help develop your partner’s natural skills and talents. You might compliment your partner a lot on what a good person you think they are, how talented they are, etc.. You may bring financial opportunities to your partner, as well.

In fact, you may even choose to spend money on them! Your partner loves the way you make him/her feel when you are together. If you’re not careful, though, your partner might feel like you are “using” them, so watch out! The two of you are likely to feel very possessiveness over one another, so watch out for jealousy. Nevertheless, this is a great indicator of physical desire.

Your Sun in your partner’s 3rd House:

This aspect is an indicator of strong mental and intellectual compatibility. You stimulate your partner’s desire to learn and communicate. You greatly admire your partner’s intellect and the way they think and speak. You encourage your partner to speak his/her mind, and love talking to one another. You may tend to initiate and dominate the conversations with your mate. The two of you are likely very talkative around each other! Ideas flow between the two of you easily.

The two of you likely have common interests in the areas of education, travel, and communication. In short, communication is vital to your relationship. The two of you may take many short trips with one another to keep things interesting. This is an aspect that goes a long way in relationships; I mean, what’s the point of being together if you can’t even talk to one another?!

Gene Simmon’s Sun is in Shannon Tweed’s 3rd house, and they’ve been together for decades.

Your Sun in your partner’s 4th house:

This is another amazing placement in synastry. The 4th house represents the home, the mother, and what makes us feel secure. This is an indicator of a high degree of emotional compatibility and feeling “at home” with one another. Even if your partner is the type who likes to go out and socialize a lot, there is something about you that makes him feel happy to just stay home and cuddle with you! In fact, your partner is likely to feel very emotionally detached and dependent on you for support.

You feel a strong desire to protect and provide for your partner. This is a highly intimate and nurturing relationship, which can be highly addictive. The two of you have a strong desire to live together. In fact, living together is likely to come very naturally to both of you! You will likely take on a dominant role when it comes to domestic affairs.

Your Sun in your partner’s 5th house:

What a great aspect to have in synastry, especially if this is a romantic relationship! Your partner’s desire for fun, romance, and yes, even children, is stimulated when you are around him or her. Indeed, the desire to procreate with you is quite strong! You may feel quite jealous and possessive over your partner, because you want to be the only one who gives him/her pleasure! Your partner is likely to feel similarly about you.

You give your partner a big ego boost when you are around them, and your partner is likely to never get tired of this. Nevertheless, your partner loves being around you. You bring out his/her romantic side and sense of fun. The two of you enjoy playing games, socializing, playing sports, and going on romantic dates with one another. This relationship is heavily based on pleasure, so it is a joy to be around one another. This is obviously an ideal placement for married couples.

Your Sun in your partner’s 6th house:

You may feel the need to take over your partner’s daily routines. You may desire to organize your partner’s life, and give him/her directives over his/her diet and exercise routines. You are very concerned with your partner’s health, and your partner desires to become more healthy because of you.

For example, the two of you may join a gym together and help each other get in shape. Because you are so involved in your partner’s life, they may feel dependent on you for advice and direction. You are “all up in their business,” so avoid being too interfering! The two of you may decide to own a pet together, as well.

The Sun in your partner’s 7th house:

This is one of the best indicators of long-term compatibility and marriage in synastry. You stimulate your partner’s desire for commitment, marriage, and partnership. Your partner is likely to see you as the “ideal mate”; you are your partner’s perfect match! Your partner’s idea of love and marriage are realized in his relationship with you.  In fact, you may become the central focus of your partner’s life! As the Sun person, you will find out more about yourself through this relationship.

This is an indicator of a very strong physical attraction between the two of you, which will last a lifetime. You are magnetically drawn to one another. The two of you make natural partners for one another, and are willing to cooperate and compromise with one another.

Sun in your partner’s 8th house:

This is a highly magnetic, sexual, attractive synastry overlay. This relationship is devoid of superficiality; it is deep, transformative, and sexy. You stimulate your partner’s desire for closeness and intimacy. The two of you are fascinated by one another, and the attraction can be very difficult to exist. The two of you become easily obsessed and possessive over each other, especially the house person. The attraction is instinctual, primal, and profound. You know how to get under your partner’s skin.

The two of you want to know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. As the Sun person, you may have quite a bit of power over your partner. Your partner is hypnotized by you, and you are captivated by them.

Sun in your partner’s 9th house:

You stimulate your partner’s desire to travel, learn, and philosophize. Indeed, the two of you may embark on many long-distance journeys with one another. Even if your partner is usually a homebody, they are likely to want to go out and experience because of the influence you and your relationship have on them. The two of you share a highly intellectual bond based on similar belief systems and worldviews.

At the same time, perhaps you come from a very different cultural and philosophical background than your partner, which makes your partner want to explore new ways of thinking. Beware of the tendency to become overbearing over your partners viewpoints. You greatly influence your partner’s sense of self-confidence. Your partner is likely to become a lot more adventurous because of you.

Sun in your partner’s 10th house:

You may see your partner like a “mini-me,” and desire to make them like you. In fact, your partner is likely to look at your as an authority figure. Be careful to not be too overbearing, as your partner may become resentful over the power you have over him/her. You stimulate your partner’s desire for career enhancement, public recognition, and social status. Your partner greatly admires you and looks up to you. You exhibit the qualities your partner wants to be known for.

You make your partner want to work hard to achieve greatness in their life. Your partner has a great desire to impress you. With you, your partner is far more disciplined, responsible, and patient. You provide a great amount of support and encouragement to your partner. Your partner feels that you are shining a light on their potential for success.

Sun in your partner’s 11th house:

You desire your partner’s desire for friendship. Indeed, your partner sees you as a true equal and peer. The two of you enjoy socializing together, and have many friends in common. In fact, you may have met through friends. The 11th house also represents our hopes and wishes, so your partner’s dreams may be highly attached to his relationship with you. You encourage one another to express your uniqueness and individuality.

While this aspect is not wildly romantic, it ensures that a feeling of equality and friendship will always exist in your relationship. The best marriages are the ones in which the couple are “best friends.” As such, this is a great indicator of long-term compatibility.

Sun in your partner’s 12th house:

This aspect indicates confusion, misunderstandings, and mistrust. Your partner may confuse you greatly, which may lead you do doubt what they say, and how they feel about you. It might seem that you are in the background of your partner’s life. Perhaps you feel that your partner is constantly trying to hide you away from his/her family, friends, and outer life. On the other hand, you have a very strong emotional impact on your partner, and have the ability to draw many types of emotions out of him/her.

Your partner finds you highly mysterious and fascinating. Regardless, you stimulate your partner’s compassionate and tender side. This is a highly spiritual and sensitive bond which should not be taken lightly.

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