The Astrology of Scandoval

If you watch Vanderpump Rules, you have definitely heard about the #Scandoval. For those who do not know, it recently came out that a long-term couple, Tom and Ariana, broke up due to Tom’s affair with another castmate, Raquel (AKA Rachel).

Where did it all go wrong? Do Tom and Raquel actually  have a chance at a long term relationship?

To begin, let’s look at each person’s Natal Chart.

Ariana Madix’s Natal Chart 

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For this reading, I will focus mostly on Ariana’s love section.

Ariana has Venus opposite Saturn, which can be a difficult aspect for Ariana. Venus in hard aspect to Saturn indicates low self-esteem and feeling unlovable. Ariana has previously mentioned she does not think she is beautiful (which is absolutely crazy – she is gorgeous), and this aspect is responsible for these feelings.

Venus is the planet of beauty and relationships, and Saturn’s repressive influence makes Ariana have a pessimistic view of relationships and her own beauty. Venus-Saturn individuals tend to find themselves in loveless relationships, but might lack the confidence and self-love to get out of these relationships.

Ariana’s 7th house ruler is her Sun, which is opposed by Neptune. The 7th house ruler represents our partner, while Neptune represents deception, delusion, and sacrifice. This aspect indicates Ariana might tend to attract deceptive partners. In love, she is very idealistic in love and tends to give her partners the benefit of the doubt. There may be a tendency to sweep issues under the rug and ignore red flags due to Neptune’s influence. Under Neptune’s influence, Ariana might tend to see her partners and relationships through ‘rose colored glasses’.  Note: Khloe Kardashian also the same aspect, and she has had several deceptive relationships.

Like Tom and Raquel, Ariana also has Mars opposite Neptune. It’s crazy to me that they all have this aspect!

Mars is conjunct her 7th house ruler, so its opposition to Neptune can indicate sexual scandals involving one’s intimate partner. This aspect also indicates a difficulty in asserting oneself due to low self esteem and insecurity. People with this aspect tend to seem more brave and decisive than they really are. There can be difficulty with confrontation.

Overall, Ariana has a challenged love sector, as she has a mix of low-self esteem and over idealism of her partners. Looking at her chart, I would be surprised if this was the first time a partner deceived her.

Tom Sandoval’s Natal Chart 

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I wish we had Tom’s birth time!  Since we do not, I will focus on aspects to his Venus.

As you can imagine, his Venus is quite challenged. His Venus is in the sign of Leo, which indicates he loves attention. This is not surprising since he is on a tv show and is the lead singer of his band. In love, he requires a lot of attention, and prefers partners who feed his big ego.

This Venus is in square aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, which can point to difficulties in relationships. In short, this aspect points to major commitment issues.

Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and instability, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion, which means Tom loves his freedom, especially in love. Traditional commitment is difficult for him, for he easily feels bored and unstimulated when relationships become too stable and predictable. People with this aspect seek excitement and freedom in love, and feelings for their partners swing between hot and cold. It makes sense that he was with Aquarius Ariana, who was not fond of tradition. Of course, this aspect can indicate someone who gets involved in affairs due to a desire to keep their lives exciting and to reaffirm their independence and freedom.

Like Raquel and Ariana, he also has Mars opposite Neptune. This is a classic indication of secret sexual scandals, as Neptune is the planet of deception and illusions and Mars it the planet of sex. This aspect can indicate a lack of discipline when it comes to ones sexual drive.  This is not the first time Tom has done this, and it will not be the last. He is not fond of confrontation and avoids facing his problems. Mars opposite Neptune individuals are usually pretty conflict-avoidant and can be quite passive-aggressive as well.

Raquel Leviss Natal Chart

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Like Tom, I do not have Raquel’s natal chart. How convenient.

I really wish I could see her house rulerships to get a better view of her relationships sector. Oh, well.

Her Venus is with Jupiter, her North Node and Pluto in Scorpio, which means she has a very intense love nature. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, so it can be very difficult for individuals with this placement to find a love that satisfies them. Venus in Scorpio loves deeply and completely, which can be ‘too much’ for some partners. She craves deep intimacy with her partners.

Like Tom, she has strong Uranus aspects in her chart. In fact, her Uranus is conjunct her Neptune, opposite her Mars in Cancer. Oh boy! Like Tom, she seeks thrills and excitement, and is quite adventurous, especially in her sexual life. She is very rebellious and tends to provoke extreme reactions from people with her unpredictable behaviour.

Neptune in opposition to her Mars is another problematic aspect. It points to insecurity and difficultly in asserting herself. Neptune is the planet of illusions and deceit, so there is a tendency to attract deceptive people who take advantage of her (and vice versa). This aspect points to scandals or immoral behaviour, usually due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem (I am not trying to excuse her actions, but instead offer and explanation for why she did this terrible thing). There is a tendency to avoid confrontation with this aspect.

Her Mars, Neptune, and Uranus square her natal Mercury, which indicates she may be quite dishonest and deceptive with her words. She might not even intend to lie; instead, she tells you what she thinks you want to hear. She tends to speak before she thinks, and can be quite unclear about what she means, which can confuse others. Miscommunications and misunderstandings are common in her life.

Her chart suggests a highly suggestible and deceptive nature. She can easily get carried away with fantasies and dreams, which can make realistic and prudent decision-making a challenge.

Tom and Ariana Relationship Synastry Analysis

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Not surprisingly, Tom and Ariana have powerful synastry, which kept them together for a long time. Since I do not have Tom’s Birth time, I will focus primarily on how Tom’s planet aspect Ariana’s love sector.

Ariana and Tom have Mars opposite Neptune natally, and this aspect is conjunct in their synastry. Tom’s Neptune is also opposite Ariana’s Sun, her 7th house ruler. Challenges to Ariana’s Sun in syanstry are not good for Ariana’s romantic prospects. As I mentioned earlier, Mars-Neptune points to sexual scandals. As per Ariana’s chart, she is likely to be a victim of cheating rather than being the perpetrator.

If Ariana wants another relationship, she should focus on partners born before 1980, as these partners will not have their Neptune in opposition to her Sun.

Tom and Ariana’s Composite Chart

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Tom and Ariana have a lot of powerful Composite aspects in their chart, which explains why they stayed together for so long. Unsurprisingly, though, Tom and Ariana’s Composite chart is full of Neptune. As mentioned before, Neptune is the planet of deception and illusions. Neptune is what makes us ignore red flags and sweep issues under the rug. Neptune’s influence is often found in scandals and extramarital affairs.

Tom and Ariana’s Composite Neptune in opposition to Sun, Venus and Mars indicates there is a lot of idealization in this relationship. When these two got together, they thought they found their soulmate. Connections with strong Neptune tend to be very sweet, sensitive and dreamy, but can also indicate major lies and deception.

I would not be surprised at all if they have had to deal with infidelity in this relationship before. There has been a lot of forgiveness in this relationship, and there are many more secrets between them that we do not know about.


Tom and Raquel’s Synastry Analysis

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Without Tom and Raquel’s birth times, I cannot accurately analyze their synastry.

In terms of planetary aspects, I can definitely see an attraction to each other. They have positive Mars aspects which point to sexual attraction and compatibility. They, of course, share many strong Neptune aspects, which points to idealization and illusions in the relationships.

Tom and Raquel’s Composite Chart: is it meant to be?

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Wow, what a chart.

Not only do they have a strong Neptune Mars opposition, which again points to sexual deviance and scandals, but we also have the infamous Venus square Saturn aspect.

Venus square Saturn in a Composite is usually a bad sign for the couple. Venus represents love and partnership, while Saturn represents barriers and restrictions. Obviously, the barrier exists in the form of Tom’s relationship with Ariana, but there are likely other barriers and obstacles in place (such as their castmates, families, and the public). This is not usually a good aspect for long-term potential and true love, as it is commonly seen in the charts of extramarital affairs.

They also have Venus square Uranus in their Composite Chart, which can indicates difficulty with commitment. Relationships with strong Uranus placements are disruptive, exciting, unstable, and tend to start and end quickly. It might be difficult for these two to settle down into a long-term committed relationship because of this aspect. Tom already has Venus square Uranus in his chart, so it definitely suits his need for excitement and stimulation in his love life, but not much more. Raquel wants a deep and intense committed partnership with her Venus in Scorpio, and I don’t think she will find this with Tom. This aspect indicates they may eventually get bored of each other once the ‘excitement’ of the union wears off.

Finally, they have Venus square Neptune in their Composite Chart, which complicates their relationship further. There is a lot of idealism in this relationship, as well as a lot of deception. They may have make promises to each other they cannot keep. There can be a tendency to see what they want to see in each other and ignore flaws and red flags.

All in all, I do not see long-term potential for these two (however, I’d love to have their birth times to confirm).



I love it when astrology is so straightforward. Every chart I pulled throughout this study did not surprise me at all. I was expecting to see strong Neptune influences, and I was not disappointed.

I was most interested in seeing that all three have Mars opposite Neptune in their natal charts, as this aspect points to sexual controversies and scandals. It seems that all three of them can be quite conflict avoidant and tend to sweep things under the rug.

This is not the first time Tom has done something like this, and I would be surprised if it was his last. He is an unstable and unpredictable lover, and his need for excitement in his relationships will make it hard to maintain a lasting commitment.

Raquel’s natal chart is quite troubling, as well, especially when it comes to sexual issues and communication. She is prone to bad decision making due to her cloudy judgment, and her unstable and unpredictable actions cause pain to those around her.

For Ariana, I wish her all the love in the world! I also would not be surprised if she had been through a cheating scandal before, as Neptune’s influence over her relationship sector is so strong. For a successful relationship, she should date people who are at least 5 years older (or much younger) than her to lessen Neptune’s influence over her love sector. Her Venus-Saturn opposition is difficult, as well, for it shows a lack of confidence and self-love. As the saying goes, we need to love ourselves before we can love another.

Do I see Tom and Raquel staying together long-term? Without their birth times, I cannot be sure, but the triple square to their Composite Venus from Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune is very troubling.  This indicates the relationship has a strong mix of delusion, instability, and restriction.  Tom and Raquel might be addicted to the excitement of the relationship, and it is very possible they see each other as ‘soulmates’ right now, but their Composite Chart indicates their heads are in the clouds and they are not thinking clearly. I have a feeling the relationship will start as quickly and bizarrely as it began.

We will just have to wait and see!


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