Uranus in the Houses in Synastry

Uranus bring an unstable, unpredictable energy to what it touches.

In synastry, the Uranus person brings this energy to another person’s house or planet. This can feel very exciting, and Uranian relationship tend to start quite unexpectedly, but it can also feel very destabilizing, given the unpredictable nature of Uranus.

This article takes a look at how Uranus expresses itself in different houses in synastry. As a rule of thumb, the Uranus person brings its energy to the other person’s house. If the house person is very fixed and stable in that area of life, and does not desire change, they do not appreciate the Uranus person’s desire to change them.

The Uranus person might also feel stifled and suffocated by the house person’s unwillingness to change. If the house person is fond of change, the Uranus person’s energy is welcome.  Also look at how Uranus aspects the house person’s other planets to see how well the couple manages with this energy!

Uranus in the 1st house 

The 1st house person feels more energetic and alive when they are with the Uranus person. The Uranus person encourages the 1st house person to embrace their quirky or eccentric side. The Uranus person find the 1st house person very unique and fascinating, but they might bring an unstable energy to the relationship.

The 1st person might feel they cannot depend on rely on the Uranus person for this reason. This placement can work well if the 1st person isn’t stubborn or afraid of changes. Otherwise, Uranus might find the 1st house person too stuffy and frustrating.

Uranus in the 2nd house

The 2nd person’s attitudes towards material possessions and income will be transformed by the Uranus person. The Uranus person might introduce new and inventive ways of making money to the 2nd house person. If they are in a business relationship, the 2nd house person might find the Uranus person quite unreliable when it comes to financial matters.

Look at how Uranus aspects other planets in the 2nd person’s chart – if badly aspected, the Uranus person might encourage the 2nd house to be quite irresponsible with their money.

Uranus in the 3rd house 

This placement indicates a lively and exciting mental connection between the two. The Uranus person encourages the 3rd house person to think outside the box, and the 3rd house person feels their mindset is radically changed by the Uranus person. The 3rd house person feels inspired by the Uranus person, and may find their ideas quite ingenious. The two of them might enjoy going on trips together. There may be a shared interest in technology between this couple.

Uranus in the 4th house

The Uranus person might bring some instability and unpredictability to the 4th person’s home life. If they are in a relationship, they might move frequently because of the Uranus person, and may find it difficult to settle down into a predictable and stable home routine.

They might have had very different childhoods and upbringings. If Uranus makes harsh aspects to other planets in the 4th house person’s chart, the 4th house person may feel frustrated or anxious about the lack of peace the Uranus person brings to their home life.

Uranus in the 5th house

The Uranus person brings an exciting and unstable energy to the 5th house person’s realm of fun, romance, and creativity. The 5th house person feels they can express their love and unique creativity to the Uranus person, and the Uranus person might find new and innovative ways for the 5th house person to expand their creative side. This aspect indicates a lot of fun and play in this couple. It can also bring unexpected pregnancies, so be extra careful if you’re not ready for that!

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Uranus in the 6th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings an exciting and unpredictable energy to the 6th house person’s realm of work, health and routines. The 6th house person may feel their work and routines are completely destabilized by the Uranus person. The Uranus person might introduce the 6th house person to new and innovative health and diet routines.

Depending on what kind of aspects Uranus makes to the other person’s planets, these changes might be welcome (if the aspects are good), or disruptive and frustrating (if the aspects are bad). If the house person is very fixed in their routines, they will probably not appreciate the Uranus person’s suggestions.

Uranus in the 7th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings much excitement into the 7th house person’s life. This relationship may have begun very suddenly or bizarrely, and might be non traditional in some way. The Uranus person likely wants to be in a partnership with the house person, for they feel accepted for their uniqueness by the house person.

However, Uranus is not the most commitment-friendly planet, so settling down into a traditional, committed relationship may be difficult. The Uranus person encourages freedom and individuality in the relationship, but the 7th house person may find them a bit too unreliable or unpredictable for a long-term commitment.

This is especially true if Uranus makes harsh aspects to the planet person’s chart. If Uranus makes harmonious aspects to the house person’s other’s planets, and the house person values independence and freedom, this connection can of course work.

Uranus in the 8th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings an unstable and unpredictable energy to the 8th person’s realm of power, transformation, intimacy, and money. The Uranus person will help the 8th house person detach from their attachments in these areas, and may even introduce the 8th house person to new and different ways to express their sexuality.

These two enjoy experimenting in the bedroom and help them overcome sexual fears. The Uranus person might also bring unexpected gifts or financial changes to the 8th house person, and might change the house person’s attitudes towards worldly possessions.

Uranus in the 9th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person encourages the 9th house person to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to philosophy, travel, and religion. The Uranus person introduces the 9th house person to new and innovative viewpoints and philosophies. The two might enjoy many spontaneous and exciting trips together. There may be a shared interest in higher studies and social issues. If the house person is fixed in their viewpoints and philosophies, they might feel very frustrated by the Uranus person.

Uranus in the 10th house 

Thie placement indicates the Uranus person encourages the 10th house person to radically reconsider their career path, as well as how they present themselves to the public. Perhaps the Uranus person brings new, exciting job opportunities to the 10th house person. The 10th house person highly admires the Uranus person’s inventiveness and genius ideas. If the 10th house person is fixed in their career ideas and is resistant to change, the house person may feel frustrated or annoyed by the Uranus person.

Uranus in the 11th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person embrace their individuality and uniqueness, even while in a group. The Uranus person is different than the type of people the house person usually hangs out with. The Uranus person might introduce the 11th house person to new and exciting friends, but the Uranus person might not feel they ‘fit in’ with the house person’s friends (depending on how Uranus is aspected).

The Uranus person might introduce the house person to different viewpoints and social issues. If the house person is fixed in their ideas about friends and social issues, this may cause issues in the relationship.

Uranus in the 12th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person brings an unstable and unpredictable energy to the 12th house person’s realm of dreams and spiritual beliefs. The Uranus person also encourages the 12th house person to explore and trust their intuition. New and innovated spiritual practices may be introduced in this relationship. The Uranus person has great insight into the 12th house person’s inner world, and helps the house person get in touch with themselves.


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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Will It Last?

As one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are often in the media spotlight. One moment they seem to be blissfully in love, and then in another moment, they seem like they’re about to break up. We recently found out that Kristen cheated on Robert. Why did he take her back? What do the stars have to say about these two?



One thing that stuck out to me in their synastry chart is their exact Ascendant-Ascendant conjunction in Cancer. While their MC/IC axis is not exactly conjunct, they are close to one another. In addition, their Vertexes are exactly conjunct.


When your partner’s Ascendant is exactly conjunct your Ascendant, a high degree of compatibility is indicated. The two of you approach the world and your relationships in a similar way. Kristen and Robert “stand out” to one another because of this aspect. They present themselves in a similar fashion, making it easier to “find” one another. They probably clicked immediately; they see a lot of themselves in each other.


In addition, since Kristen’s MC/IC axis is in the same sign as Robert’s MC/IC axis, they have a similar approach to home life and career, as well. They certainly feel “at home” with one another, and have similar career goals. Finally, Vertex conjunct Vertex in synastry indicates a fated bond.


Robert’s Moon in Cancer is conjunct Kristen’s Ascendant. This is a prime indicator of a sginficant attraction, which could possibly lead to marriage. In a man’s chart, his Venus and Moon signs signify the type of woman he is most attracted to. In Kristen, he sees his “ideal woman.” He feels comfortable expressing his feelings to her because he feels she understands him very well. Kristen feels nurtured and supported by Robert.

In fact, the two of them may feel emotionally dependent on one another. The fact that the two of them have strong Cancer in each of their charts makes this synastry aspect even more significant; they are both emotional people, and their strong Moon aspects in synastry ensures the emotional compatibility they both need.



However, Robert’s Moon squares Kristen’s Sun in Aries. Robert is highly emotional, sensitive, and somewhat passive when it comes to emotions. This clashes with Kristen’s core nature; Kristen is direct, aggressive, and confrontational. Robert may sometimes feel that Kristen is insensitive to his needs, while Kristen may find Robert overly-touchy and sensitive.


Robert’s Moon also squares Kristen’s Moon in Libra. While the both of them are sensitive to each other’s needs, and seek harmony in their personal lives, the two of them may feel their needs are not quite met by the other. Cancer needs security, reassurance, and a close emotional bond, while Libra seeks romance, intellectual exchanges, and balance. Kristen may feel somewhat smothered by Robert at times, and Robert may feel Kristen is somewhat superficial.


Robert and Kristen’s synastry chart features a Mars square Sun double-whammy! The two of them are highly attracted to one another. However, since the Sun and Mars are both masculine planets, they may engage in many ego-clashes throughout their relationship. Robert’s Mars is conjunct Kristen’s Descendant, which indicates a significant sexual attraction, but also tends to increase conflict between the couple. This is magnified by the fact that Robert’s Mars is also square Kristen’s Moon. This indicates the two of them share a highly sexual, emotional bond, which may be fraught with heavy arguments.


However, Robert’s Moon, Mars, and Ascendant are conjunct Kristen’s Sun/Moon midpoint. Having planets conjunct, square, or opposite your partner’s Sun/Moon midpoint is indicative of a significant attraction. You’ll often find synastry aspects involving the Sun/Moon midpoint in the synastry charts of significant relationships. In this case, the planet person brings the Midpoint person’s feminine and masculine energies together, making them feel complete. The person whose Sun/Moon midpoint is activated is likely to feel more balanced around the planet person. You feel like you belong together, and the attraction is irresistible. The Midpoint person is generally the one who feels more attracted, based on this aspect.


With Robert’s Moon conjunct Kristen’s Sun/Moon midpoint, she feels loved and understood by Robert. She feels very comfortable with Robert, and feels her emotional needs are fulfilled. With Robert’s Mars conjunct Kristen’s Sun/Moon midpoint, she is strongly drawn to Robert’s sexual charisma. The sex is highly fulfilling for the both of them. Robert’s Ascendant conjunct Kristen’s Sun/Moon midpoint indicates that she is highly attracted to him, and sees him as her soul mate.


Robert’s Venus is sextile Kristen’s Sun. Robert absolutely adores Kristen, and is very focused on pleasing her. Around Robert, Kristen feels loved and appreciated. Sun-Venus aspects are very common in the synastry charts of married couples, as they ensure a feeling of joy and compatibility for the long run.


Their synastry chart also features a Moon trine Venus double whammy. This is an excellent sign of romantic compatibility. The two of them feel loved and adored, as well as nurtured, by one another. Just being together brings the both of them a lot of joy. This aspect makes doing even the most boring tasks together greatly enjoyable. This aspects points to mutual consideration for one another.


Kristen’s Mars is trine Robert’s Venus. This aspect indicates a high degree of sexual compatibility and passionate love. In this case, Kristen takes on the role of the aggressor or pursuer, and this is likely very attractive to Robert. The two of them are highly attracted to one another. Kristen is entranced by Robert’s grace and charm, while Robert admires Kristen’s assertiveness, sexual charisma, and body.


Kristen’s Mercury is conjunct Robert’s Mercury in Taurus. This aspect indicates a high degree of intellectual compatibility. Robert and Kristen process information and communicate in a similar manner, making it easy for them to understand what the other is saying. They have a better-than-average understanding of what the other thinks. They may finish each other’s sentences from time to time.


Robert’s Mars is conjunct Kristen’s Saturn in the 7th house. With this aspect, it seems that no matter what the Mars person does, the Saturn person is bothered. Nothing is ever “good enough” for Saturn. The Saturn person usually sees the Mars person as childish and irresponsible.  The Mars person’s energy is the sort that makes the Saturn person very uncomfortable. More specifically, the Mars person’s self-confidence and assertiveness brings out Saturn’s insecurities, and in response, the Saturn person attempts to restrict and limit the Mars person’s actions by telling Mars what to do. Saturn may resort to constantly tearing the Mars person down through criticism and psychological abuse. However, Saturn synastry aspects are highly binding. Even if Robert feels held back or criticized by Kristen, he has an overwhelming feeling of responsibility and commitment to her.


His feelings of commitment to Kristen are magnified due to the fact that Kristen’s Saturn is in Robert’s 7th house. This indicates that Robert takes his relationship with Kristen very seriously. She stimulates his desire for a serious partnership, and takes his duties to her very seriously.


Kristen’s Neptune is exactly conjunct Robert’s Descendant, indicating a deep soul union between the two of them. Robert likely sees Kristen as the woman of his dream. He is very sensitive to her needs. Robert may gloss over Kristen’s faults in favor of her more favorable, or even “imagined,” traits.


Kristen’s Uranus is conjunct Robert’s Descendant, as well. He finds her highly exciting and refreshing, though perhaps a bit erratic and undependable. This aspect indicates a strong, electric attraction, especially on Robert’s part.


Robert’s feelings of excitement for Kristen are magnified by the fact that her Uranus is exactly opposite his chart ruler, the Moon, and conjunct his Mars. Robert may find Kristen somewhat erratic and unstable when it comes to the way she feels about Robert. This is likely to put Robert on edge at times, especially since his Moon is in security-seeking Cancer. Nevertheless, he finds her highly magnetic and attractive. Roberts finds Kristen sexually exciting and stimulating, but may find her reckless and impulsive.


Kristen’s Neptune is opposite Robert’s Moon. This aspect indicates there is a tendency to misunderstand or confuse each other emotionally. The Moon person may tend to be emotionally dependent on the Neptune person, for the Moon person feels the Neptune person is his or her ideal mate.

The threat of emotional deceit is high when this aspect shows up in synastry. The Moon person may not see the Neptune person clearly; the Moon person may see the Neptune person for the emotionally wonderful, supportive person he thinks the Neptune person is. In order to keep the Moon person’s ideals alive or to gain emotional support or compassion, the Neptune person may “play along” by lying, playing the victim, or pretending to be someone he is not. Even if the Moon person suspects the Neptune person of deceit, they will make excuses for the Neptune person and pretend as though nothing is wrong.

Hard aspects also indicate a great amount of possessiveness and clinginess on the part of the Moon person. Both the Moon and Neptune are highly sensitive planets, which makes this relationship excessively emotional and co-dependent. This is especially damaging if Neptune becomes elusive and distant, as it will greatly upset the Moon person. While this aspect indicates a great amount of compassion and unconditional caring, it can also lead to hurt and disappointment due to lofty ideals of what each person thinks the other person is.


Kristen’s Pluto opposes Robert’s Sun. The two of them have a profound, transformative effect on each other. Robert experiences emotions he never even knew you had as a result of this relationship. This is an indicator of a love-hate relationship. This relationship is characterized by power struggles, as the two of them wish to dominate the other. They are compelled to find out every detail about each other’s lives, and this desire often leads to unhealthy obsession and possessiveness. If they two break up, it will be very difficult to remain friends.


Robert’s Pluto trines Kristen’s Venus. Wow, what a great aspect! Pluto forces Venus to see something about herself that she wanted to keep hidden. His role is to transform Venus by exploring the depths of intimacy and sharing. The relationship is highly sexual, and the chemistry is addictive. This level of passion is the highest you will have in your life as the two explore and play out each others’ deepest, darkest secrets and fantasies. This aspect can result in sexual exploitation, as well, given Pluto’s dominance over Venus, and Venus’ desire to please Pluto in any way she can.

Finally, Robert’s Saturn squares Kristen’s Venus. All Saturn-Venus synastry are highly binding, but hard aspects often bring difficulties. Kristen may find Robert is cold and unaffectionate at times. Robert is likely to feel insecure because of Kristen, and may deal with this by withdrawing his affection for her. This transit can also indicate that the two of them suffer many separations throughout their relationship.


Who has the upper hand?


After analyzing their synastry, it is clear to me that Kristen has the upper hand in the relationship. Her outer planets make significant aspects to Robert’s Sun and Moon, which indicate that she has a profound effect on him. Robert’s Moon and Venus (feminine planets) are highly aspected by Kristen’s inner and outer planets, so he may be more emotionally dependent on the relationship than she is.


Kristen’s Uranus is highly aspected in her synastry with Robert. She may have difficulty settling down with Robert in a relationship due to the fact that her feelings for him are unpredictable and erratic. She is conflicted between her need for freedom, and her need for a relationship.


With Kristen’s Neptune heavily aspecting Robert’s inner planets and points, he is very taken with Kristen. He overlooks her faults, and is very forgiving of her inconsistencies.


Kristen’s Pluto in hard aspects to Robert’s planets indicate that he is very drawn to her, and may even feel obsessed with her. His attachment to her is so strong that he feels like a “fish out of water” when the two of them are not together.


Their future:


Kristen has recently stated that she would like to settle down and have children with Robert, which is unsurprising given the fact that transiting Saturn is trining her natal Venus at this time. This transit indicates a time when you are more willing to commit. In addition, Saturn just entered her 5th house, indicating a time when we are more serious about love and commitment.


Transiting Neptune is about to conjunct her natal Venus, which will inject her with a vast amount of idealism and sensitivity in regards to her love life. It will be interesting to see whether it will be Robert to whom these energies are directed.


The fact that she was caught cheating back in July, which was when her Neptune conjunct Venus transit was within orb, indicates to me that she may commit another indiscretion. At that time, transiting Uranus was square her natal Uranus (ruler of her 8th house of sex and intimacy), and transiting Jupiter was square her natal Venus (which indicates a time of overindulgence in pleasure.)


Back in July when Robert found out Kristen cheated, transiting Saturn was square his progressed Venus, as well as his natal Mars in the 7th house. Classic break-up transit.


For the next little while, Uranus will be doing a number on both Robert’s and Kristen’s natal charts. This signifies that there will be many sudden changes to their relationship.


Robert’s stars in April 2013 are especially positive (Jupiter conjunct his progressed Sun, natal Venus, and his progressed Venus will be sextile his natal Sun). Around this time, Kristen’s progressed Venus will be close to her natal Midheaven. In addition, Jupiter will make favorable aspects to her Sun and Mars at that time. Around this time, Kristen’s Neptune conjunct Venus transit will be in full swing.


If the couple stays together, this could be an indication of positive developments in their relationship, which may include getting engaged or married. 

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