Uranus transits your Natal Venus

These transits serve to radically transform the way you relate to others. The focus of your attention is your individuality and independence during this time.

You are likely to meet someone who radically transforms your long-held beliefs about love and relationships.

Relationships at this time are likely to be exciting, refreshing, though unstable, unpredictable, and short-lived. Your habitual patterns of behavior are discarded, and you become much less tolerant of restrictions on your self-expression and individuality.

When Transiting Uranus aspects your natal Venus…

…you crave excitement in your relationships. Uranus often brings us non-traditional relationships/partners (i.e. partners from a different culture, background, etc.), which usually begin (and end) very suddenly.

Timing Uranus transits is very simple, as events tend to occur at the time Uranus makes an exact aspect to your Venus (by exact, I mean the aspect is within 11 minutes of exact). 

Uranus-Venus relationships are characterized as sudden, impermanent, non-traditional, and exciting.

What usually happens is a sudden encounter with the “man/woman of your dreams”, and the native often experiences “love at first sight”.

The energy between the two is electric and exciting, but not stable, and the relationship often lacks any real commitment. Uranus transits serve to jolt us awake through events that force us to throw out any previous behaviors or habits we tend to cling to.

This is especially true for emotionally clingy, needy people, or people who are inherently stable and afraid of change.

Uranus relationships are difficult to control, and manipulative tactics are completely useless in getting what we want out of the relationship.

The native must learn to “let go” of expectations and control, or he or she will suffer greatly from this transit. 

Because Uranus is characterized by impermanence and excitement, many find that relationships begun under this influence often end when the initial spark fizzles and one of the partners gets bored and feels the need to move on. 

Sometimes, when the transit is over, the native may say, “what was I thinking, being in that relationship?” due to the fact that partners are generally chosen for the fact that they are “different” and “exciting”, rather than suitable, which becomes more and more apparent as Uranus moves away from their natal Venus.

This period can also be marked by increased promiscuity on the part of the native. Uranus on one’s Venus increases one’s magnetism, so the likelihood of meeting several partners increases.

A good friend of mine characterised her Uranus opposite Venus transits as: “Lots of one-night stands, and lots of partying.”  This is especially true with the conjunction, square and opposition. Sextiles and trines are generally more stable influences, but have that Uranian spark to them nonetheless. 

The partners you find under this transit are generally Aquarius or Uranian, or the syanstry or composite charts have strong Aquarian/Uranian influences.

Check which house Venus rules in your chart in order to get a better idea of how the transit will manifest.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 1st house, changes to your physical appearance and the way you project yourself to the world are likely to occur. This is usually a time of increased popularity. Your personal magnetism is at all all-time high, so take advantage of it! 

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 2nd house, changes to your financial system and values are likely to occur. Your finances may be erratic and unpredictable during this time. You may become more carefree in regards to finances at the moment.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 3rd house, changes to your communication style, or relationships with your siblings, neighbors, or relatives may occur. A sudden interest in poetry or writing may manifest at this time.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 4th house, changes to your living situation or family are likely to occur. You may dramatically re-decorate your home during this cycle.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 5th house, sudden changes to your love life are likely to occur. Relationships are fresh, new, and exciting, but tend to be unpredictable and erratic.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 6th house, sudden changes in your work environment are likely to occur. Perhaps your work schedule will become unpredictable or erratic. This transit can also indicate sudden changes to your health.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 7th house, changes involving your one-on-one relationships are likely to occur. Particularly in the case of the conjunction, square, or opposition, a relationship may suddenly exit and/or enter your life.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 8th house, changes to your shared resources may occur. Sudden windfalls are likely. You may also become more attracted to sexual taboos. A sudden death of someone close to you may occur.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 9th house, you may suddenly decide to go back to school. Alternatively, you may suddenly decide to embark on a long-term trip to an exotic place. Your religious belief system is likely to undergo a radical change, as well.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 10th house, changes to your career or social status are likely to undergo changes. This is a time of increased public popularity and recognition.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 11th house, changes to your circle of friends may occur. Long-term friendships may suddenly end, or you may become friends with an unusual bunch of people. This is a time of increased social popularity.

If Venus rules, or is situated in your 12th house, you may become involved in a secret relationship.