Uranus in the Houses in Synastry

Uranus bring an unstable, unpredictable energy to what it touches.

In synastry, the Uranus person brings this energy to another person’s house or planet. This can feel very exciting, and Uranian relationship tend to start quite unexpectedly, but it can also feel very destabilizing, given the unpredictable nature of Uranus.

This article takes a look at how Uranus expresses itself in different houses in synastry. As a rule of thumb, the Uranus person brings its energy to the other person’s house. If the house person is very fixed and stable in that area of life, and does not desire change, they do not appreciate the Uranus person’s desire to change them.

The Uranus person might also feel stifled and suffocated by the house person’s unwillingness to change. If the house person is fond of change, the Uranus person’s energy is welcome.  Also look at how Uranus aspects the house person’s other planets to see how well the couple manages with this energy!

Uranus in the 1st house 

The 1st house person feels more energetic and alive when they are with the Uranus person. The Uranus person encourages the 1st house person to embrace their quirky or eccentric side. The Uranus person find the 1st house person very unique and fascinating, but they might bring an unstable energy to the relationship.

The 1st person might feel they cannot depend on rely on the Uranus person for this reason. This placement can work well if the 1st person isn’t stubborn or afraid of changes. Otherwise, Uranus might find the 1st house person too stuffy and frustrating.

Uranus in the 2nd house

The 2nd person’s attitudes towards material possessions and income will be transformed by the Uranus person. The Uranus person might introduce new and inventive ways of making money to the 2nd house person. If they are in a business relationship, the 2nd house person might find the Uranus person quite unreliable when it comes to financial matters.

Look at how Uranus aspects other planets in the 2nd person’s chart – if badly aspected, the Uranus person might encourage the 2nd house to be quite irresponsible with their money.

Uranus in the 3rd house 

This placement indicates a lively and exciting mental connection between the two. The Uranus person encourages the 3rd house person to think outside the box, and the 3rd house person feels their mindset is radically changed by the Uranus person. The 3rd house person feels inspired by the Uranus person, and may find their ideas quite ingenious. The two of them might enjoy going on trips together. There may be a shared interest in technology between this couple.

Uranus in the 4th house

The Uranus person might bring some instability and unpredictability to the 4th person’s home life. If they are in a relationship, they might move frequently because of the Uranus person, and may find it difficult to settle down into a predictable and stable home routine.

They might have had very different childhoods and upbringings. If Uranus makes harsh aspects to other planets in the 4th house person’s chart, the 4th house person may feel frustrated or anxious about the lack of peace the Uranus person brings to their home life.

Uranus in the 5th house

The Uranus person brings an exciting and unstable energy to the 5th house person’s realm of fun, romance, and creativity. The 5th house person feels they can express their love and unique creativity to the Uranus person, and the Uranus person might find new and innovative ways for the 5th house person to expand their creative side. This aspect indicates a lot of fun and play in this couple. It can also bring unexpected pregnancies, so be extra careful if you’re not ready for that!

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Uranus in the 6th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings an exciting and unpredictable energy to the 6th house person’s realm of work, health and routines. The 6th house person may feel their work and routines are completely destabilized by the Uranus person. The Uranus person might introduce the 6th house person to new and innovative health and diet routines.

Depending on what kind of aspects Uranus makes to the other person’s planets, these changes might be welcome (if the aspects are good), or disruptive and frustrating (if the aspects are bad). If the house person is very fixed in their routines, they will probably not appreciate the Uranus person’s suggestions.

Uranus in the 7th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings much excitement into the 7th house person’s life. This relationship may have begun very suddenly or bizarrely, and might be non traditional in some way. The Uranus person likely wants to be in a partnership with the house person, for they feel accepted for their uniqueness by the house person.

However, Uranus is not the most commitment-friendly planet, so settling down into a traditional, committed relationship may be difficult. The Uranus person encourages freedom and individuality in the relationship, but the 7th house person may find them a bit too unreliable or unpredictable for a long-term commitment.

This is especially true if Uranus makes harsh aspects to the planet person’s chart. If Uranus makes harmonious aspects to the house person’s other’s planets, and the house person values independence and freedom, this connection can of course work.

Uranus in the 8th house

This placement indicates the Uranus person brings an unstable and unpredictable energy to the 8th person’s realm of power, transformation, intimacy, and money. The Uranus person will help the 8th house person detach from their attachments in these areas, and may even introduce the 8th house person to new and different ways to express their sexuality.

These two enjoy experimenting in the bedroom and help them overcome sexual fears. The Uranus person might also bring unexpected gifts or financial changes to the 8th house person, and might change the house person’s attitudes towards worldly possessions.

Uranus in the 9th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person encourages the 9th house person to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to philosophy, travel, and religion. The Uranus person introduces the 9th house person to new and innovative viewpoints and philosophies. The two might enjoy many spontaneous and exciting trips together. There may be a shared interest in higher studies and social issues. If the house person is fixed in their viewpoints and philosophies, they might feel very frustrated by the Uranus person.

Uranus in the 10th house 

Thie placement indicates the Uranus person encourages the 10th house person to radically reconsider their career path, as well as how they present themselves to the public. Perhaps the Uranus person brings new, exciting job opportunities to the 10th house person. The 10th house person highly admires the Uranus person’s inventiveness and genius ideas. If the 10th house person is fixed in their career ideas and is resistant to change, the house person may feel frustrated or annoyed by the Uranus person.

Uranus in the 11th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person embrace their individuality and uniqueness, even while in a group. The Uranus person is different than the type of people the house person usually hangs out with. The Uranus person might introduce the 11th house person to new and exciting friends, but the Uranus person might not feel they ‘fit in’ with the house person’s friends (depending on how Uranus is aspected).

The Uranus person might introduce the house person to different viewpoints and social issues. If the house person is fixed in their ideas about friends and social issues, this may cause issues in the relationship.

Uranus in the 12th house

This aspect indicates the Uranus person brings an unstable and unpredictable energy to the 12th house person’s realm of dreams and spiritual beliefs. The Uranus person also encourages the 12th house person to explore and trust their intuition. New and innovated spiritual practices may be introduced in this relationship. The Uranus person has great insight into the 12th house person’s inner world, and helps the house person get in touch with themselves.


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Uranus square Pluto- Revolution meets Regeneration

Uranus is the planet of revolution, unpredictability, and instability. Uranus is the natural ruler of the 11th house and the sign Aquarius. In transit, Uranus often results in sudden upsets, unwelcome changes, and sudden insights.

Pluto is the planet of regeneration, death, rebirth, transformation, obsession, and intensity. Pluto is the natural ruler of the 8th house and the sign Scorpio. In transit, Pluto often results in deep exploration, obsession, the discovery of one’s power, complex involvements, and facing our fears.

Transiting Uranus is now situated in the sign of Aries, while Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. Both signs are Cardinal; they are the signs which initiate change.

When these two planets collide, significant beginnings and fated endings are in store. Uranus jolts us awake, while Pluto compels us to transform our lives.

The best way to handle any Uranus or Pluto transit is to take the changes as they come, and keep aware that changes are inevitable. Those who cling to the tried and true, and operate on fear of change will have the hardest time with this transit.

How will the Uranus-Pluto square affect you?

1. Consider the houses these planets are transiting. For example, this week, my father had a fainting incident in a public place, and ended up hitting his head, which resulted in several hospital visits. Uranus made an exact square to Pluto on the 19th of September, and my father had his accident just the day before.

In my own chart, Uranus is transiting the 4th house, and Pluto is transiting my 1st house. Uranus brought an unexpected, sudden event concerning my family (4th house). A transformation of my self-image (1st house), brought on my Pluto transiting the 1st, also took place; my priorities shifted and I was forced to become more responsible and strong to support my family.

2. Consider the aspects these planets are making to your natal planets (if any). To continue with my earlier example, my father’s natal Neptune received an exact square from Pluto and an exact opposition from transiting Neptune the day of his accident. Neptune rules my father’s 3rd house, which rules cognitive function and the “mind”. As a result of my father hitting his head, he experienced an intense episode of vertigo, along with depression and anxiety.

3. Consider the aspects these planets are making to your progressed planets (if any). My sister’s progressed Venus is at 8 degrees Capricorn, which was affected by the Uranus-Pluto square; Pluto was conjunct her natal Venus, and Uranus was square her natal Venus at the time of my father’s accident. In her progressed chart, Venus rules my sister’s 4th house (home, family).


Uranus Square Pluto Dates

Look out for themes popping up at the time of the squares. Look for reoccurring themes to occur at the times of each square.

• Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
• Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012
• Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013
• Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013
• Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014
• Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014
• Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015

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Uranus transiting the 7th house

Unpredictable, unstable relationships are in order when Uranus is in the 7th, because the people you attract are usually unpredictable and unstable (i.e. Uranian). I find that the guys I meet are usually going through some sort of Uranus transit when they meet me, since Uranus is so strong in my chart. 

One man was was having transiting Uranus sextile his natal Venus, and another had transiting Uranus conjunct his natal Venus at the time of our meetings. I was going through a Uranus sextile Venus transit when I met an Aquarian man, and Uranus square my seventh house ruler when I met yet another Aquarian man.

The nature of the planet affecting the love sector reflects the kind of relationship/partner you’ll have during that time. The person doesn’t necessarily have to be a Scorpio (for a Pluto transit), an Aquarius (for an Uranus transit), etc., but the synastry chart or composite chart will usually have the flavor of that planet, or the other person will be going through a similar transit.

Uranus crossing the DC (cusp of the 7th house) usually manifests by meeting someone new, out of the blue, or suddenly breaking up with your partner/your partner suddenly leaving you. Either way, there’s usually a sudden change in your relationship status.

People are in and out of your life during this transit, and it’s really hard to find stability in relationships for as long as Uranus is transiting that house. Uranian relationships are often “out of the norm”; you partner with people you wouldn’t have considered before the transit began. Uranian relationships can include long-distance arrangements, too; anything non-traditional, really.

How the person handles this transit depends on the nature of the person. Individuals with heavy water or earth influences would have a more difficult time with a transit like this, as security, stability, and co-dependency are the kinds of relationships they usually seek. Fire and Air signs are generally more free-spirited and non-committal, which would make Uranus transits much easier on them. A friend of mine had a very hard time with this transit, as she is a Taurus Venus.

She would meet a man (out of the blue- in true Uranus fashion), fall really hard for him, then they’d break up because he could not commit. She’d be devastated, but then she’d meet someone new in a flash, and the same thing would happen all over again.  And my friend with Venus conjunct Uranus in her natal chart? She had the time of her life.

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Astrology of the “Other Woman”

A friend of mine recently inquired about how and why some people often get entangled in love triangles.

I’ll give you a few examples of “other woman” (or the other Person) scenarios to help you understand why this happens..

1) Hard Pisces and Neptunian influences in the love sector make you very self-sacrificial, compassionate, impressionable, and delusional when it comes to relationships. This includes Neptune in hard aspect to natal Venus or the ruler of the 7th house, or Venus in Pisces, or the ruler of the 7th house in Pisces.

A woman I recently did a reading for had a chart full of Neptune, most notably: Venus in Pisces.  She was involved with a man who claimed to love her, but was living with his long-term girlfriend, with whom he had a couple of children.

This man would complain to my client constantly about how his girlfriend beat him up, treated him badly, etc.. He told my client he couldn’t leave girlfriend because he relied on his girlfriend financially. My client, being a Neptunian, bought into this and began a sexual/emotional relationship with him.

She said she wanted to “help” him, and did so by staying with him and offering him unconditional love and support while he was “suffering” at the hands of his abusive girlfriend. In doing so, she sacrificed her own needs in order to make him happy.

She said, “I know he truly loves ME, but he’s just with her for financial reasons, and since I love him so much, I’m going to stay with him.”

Piscean/Neptunian people like to “save” people, and this is often done through self-sacrifice. When you’re completely blinded by love for someone, it’s difficult to let go, especially when that Neptunian cloud is blurring your vision.

You make excuses for the person, doing anything to keep the “dream” alive in order to avoid facing the truth.  You can’t reason with a Venus-Neptune/Piscean person when it comes to this stuff because they’re so convinced everything is okay.

Rielle Hunter (mistress of John Edwards) has Venus opposite Neptune. Katharine Hepburn (mistress of Spencer Tracy) has Venus square Neptune. I think this is the most common aspect among mistresses.

2) I’ve noticed Venus square Pluto people often get entangled in love triangles. I find that this is common among people who have affairs on their partners, as well as people who end up being the “other woman/man”.

This aspect is known for fatalistic tendencies in love. Venus-Pluto people are known for getting into addictive relationships, even if they’re toxic, because unavailable people are so attractive to them. Even in a painful situation, it’s still hard for Venus-Pluto people to let go because the feelings are so intense.

Also, women with this aspect are irresistible to men, complicating matters even further. Natives with this aspect must be careful to not fall into sexually/financially exploitative relationships.

3) Heavy 12th house Especially with Venus in there. This is similar to the Neptune/Piscean influence I mentioned before. The 12th house is all about secrets, and having Venus in here would point to a fondness for secret affairs. It turns them on.

It’s the kind of relationship which makes them feel most comfortable. Like Neptune/Pisces people, they love the unattainable and tend to fantasize about/idealize their lovers, and might not see their relationships clearly.

4) Heavily Saturnian people. Especially with hard aspects, the person might feel unworthy of love, and has a general distrust for the opposite sex. He/she expects people to cheat, lie, deceive, so these relationships become “normal” to them. If you think every person is a cheater, it’s easy to end up being with a cheater!

5) Heavily Uranian people. Too independent, commitment-phobic, and restless to have a “regular” relationship. The people who offer them “real” relationships scare them off.

What turns a Uranian person on is often someone they cannot have, hence the attraction to an unavailable person. Also, the attraction stems from the fact that they, themselves, are incapable of having a committed relationship, so they pick people who have no time for them (i.e. people who are already in relationships).

Synastry aspects and transits can bring these types of relationships into your life, too (i.e. Pluto or Neptune squaring your Venus, or someone’s Neptune/Pluto squaring your Venus).

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