Venus in the Houses in Synastry

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, values, and finances. Where your Venus falls in your partner’s chart shows where you bring these energies into their life. As a rule, it is generally the house person who feels the energies the most.

Your Venus in your partner’s 1st house:

The 1st house represents physical appearance, mannerisms, and the way we project ourselves to the world.

You: You find your partner extremely physically attractive! You may consider your partner your physical ideal. You find them beautiful, charming, and graceful.

You love the way they dress, their musical taste, and their mannerisms. This is especially true if your Venus is close to the person’s Ascendant; this makes the attraction even stronger. You definitely want to please your partner, and may go out of your way to spoil them. You give them plenty of compliments.

Because you hold your partner in such high esteem, you may find it difficult to accept any rude or rough behavior from them. If you are an artist, you may feel inspired by your partner.

On the downside, you may be too wrapped up in the person’s appearance. In other words, you might only “love” your partner for what he/she looks like, rather than who they are.

Your partner: Your partner finds you physically beautiful! To them, you are a walking, talking Aphrodite/Adonis! Your ego definitely gets a boost when you are around your partner. Your partner spoils you with gifts and compliments, and adores the way you dress and the way you conduct yourself.

Your partner might see you as a “trophy wife/husband” or “arm candy.” Sometimes, you might feel as though your partner only likes you for the way you look. You may feel pressured into always looking good and acting gracefully in his/her presence.

Your Venus in your partner’s 2nd house:

The 2nd house represents finances, material possessions, values, and natural talents. 

You: You derive great joy and satisfaction from spoiling your partner. Your partner’s love of money and fine things is certainly enhanced by your relationship.

You give your partner lots of compliments, for you want to raise their self-esteem. Your compliments are not only directed at their looks, but also at their inner qualities.

You demonstrate great admiration for their natural skills and talents. It is very important that you make your partner feel good about themselves.

You might teach your partner how to become more financially savvy, and may even attract wealth to your partner. Since Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house, the two of you tend to value the same things in life.

Because the second house represents material assets, you may see your partner has a possession or an object. Beware of objectifying your partner, or treating them like you own them. Indeed, you may tend to see your partner as a resource and believe they should share their finances and assets with you.

Your partner: You feel your self-esteem and self-worth increase when you are around your partner. They give you plenty of compliments, which make you feel good about yourself.

They see a beauty in you, that you may not even see in yourself! Your partner may tend to spend a lot of money on you, which is great for you! You gain a greater appreciation of financial security because of your partner. You feel the desire to develop your natural skills and talents due to your partner’s encouragement.

On the downside, your partner may see you as a resource, and may assume that your money, assets, and skills should be shared. Your partner may see you as someone who is at their disposal, which can make you feel very used.

If your partner’s Venus makes negative aspects to planets in your chart, you may feel that you are treated as a possession or an object of his, rather than an actual human being. The two of you have similar tastes and personal values.

Your Venus in your partner’s 3rd house:

You: Your conversations with your partner generally revolve around music, fashion, beauty, and love. The two of you enjoy discussing your relationship. You bring out your partner’s most loving and beautiful thoughts and words. The two of you share interests in regards to books, television, and gossip.

You value the way your partner communicates, and love what they say and how they express themselves. You see great beauty in their thoughts and ideas.

Your partner: Your partner stimulates your desire to share loving thoughts. You tend to avoid arguing with your partner because your desire for harmony and peace in communication is increased because of your partner.

Your conversations may border on the superficial because of this. You are strongly intellectually attracted to your partner and love sharing loving thoughts and feelings with them. Your partner has a great appreciation for and sees great value in your thoughts and ideas.

Your Venus in your partner’s 4th house

The 4th house represents family, domestic life, and emotional security.

You: You see your partner as family. Your partner might have the qualities of a close female relative of yours. You love spending time with your partner, due to the amount of comfort and security you derive from being with one another.

Because of you, your partner derives a greater love of home and family than usual. Even if your partner is not usually a homebody, they have a greater-than-average love of staying at home with you. You feel “at home” with one another, and this goes a long way in maintaining a long-term relationship. You may enjoy get-togethers with your partner’s family and friends.

You have a significant influence over the aesthetic properties of your partner’s home. You feel immediately comfortable in your parnter’s home, and with his/her family. This aspect indicates a harmonious, peaceful family life.

Your partner: Your partner stimulates your love of home and family. Your relationship with your partner is based on mutual love and emotional security. You love spending plenty of time with your partner, especially at home. Indeed, partying and socializing become a lot less attractive when you are together!

You enjoy inviting your partner to your family get-togethers, and may find that your partner easily ‘fits in’ with your parents and siblings. If the two of you ever live together, peace, balance, and harmony will permeate your domestic life. Your interest in interior design and the aesthetic properties of your home is stimulated by your partner.

Your Venus in your partner’s 5th house:

The 5th house represents love, romance, fun, and children. This synastry overlay is one of the best to have in a romantic relationship!

You: Romance and fun is at the forefront of your relationship. You and your partner are lighthearted and playful when you are with one another.

You love your partner’s creative nature. You encourage your partner to take risks and have fun! You love being at the center of your partner’s attention and loving giving him/her pleasure. In fact, you may even be possessive over your partner, and jealous over anyone who takes any of your partner’s attention! Your partner may greatly desire to procreate with you.

Your partner is very attracted to you due to the love and romance the two of you share. This is a great aspect in regards to sexual attraction, as well. You were likely the one who pursued your partner.

Your partner: Your partner stimulates your love of fun and romance. They are very much in love with you, and the two of you have a lot of fun together!

In fact, it was probably you partner who pursued you. You demand a lot of attention from your partner, and enjoy being at the center of their attention.

You love going out and socializing with your partner. In fact, you feel most in love with your partner when the two of you are “at play.” You feel appreciated for your creativity because of your partner. Indeed, if you are an artist, your partner will love your work.

You feel less afraid to take risks in expressing your love for your partner. The sexual and romantic attraction between the two of you is through the roof!

You gladly lap up all the pleasure your partner offers you. You may see your partner as someone you would like to have children with. Because of your partner, you may indulge in more guilty pleasures than usual.

Your Venus in your partner’s 6th house:

The 6th house represents our day-to-day routines, work habits, and health. This is a strong indicator of meeting one another at work.

You: You have a vested interest in your partner’s daily routines, work habits, and health. Your desire to be “of service” to your partner is very strong.

You show your partner love by offering them help, running errands, etc. If this is a business relationship, you and your partner greatly enjoy working together. If you are a colleague of this person, you absolutely adore them.

You and your partner look forward to seeing each other everyday; your relationship is an enjoyable “routine” you both share. Daily chores and errands become a lot more fun because of your partner.

Your partner: You derive a great deal of emotional satisfaction from the fact that you know you can depend on your partner. Together, you and your partner look for new and better ways to work together, improve yourselves, and improve your health.

The two of you have shared in interests and values when it comes to diet, exercise, and managing your daily affairs. Doing chores and running errands suddenly becomes a lot more pleasurable when you are with your partner.

You might have met your partner at work, and look forward to your workday for the simple reason that you can’t wait to see them! If you do not work together, the two of you may set up a routine in your relationship from which you derive a lot of emotional satisfaction.

venus from earth during a sunset Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
Your Venus in your partner’s 7th house:

The 7th house represents one-on-one relationships, including marriage, long-term partnerships, and business partnerships. This is a strong signifier of overall compatibility and attraction. This is one of the best aspects to have in synastry!

You: You are strongly attracted to your partner. The two of you have a mutual love for one another and have no problem committing to each other.

You discover so much about your love nature through being in a relationship with this person. You are highly considerate of your partner’s needs, and greatly desire to please them.

Your partner also seeks to please you, and tries to make your relationship as harmonious, loving, and peaceful as possible. As such, conflict is certainly minimized when the two of you are together. The 7th house is naturally ruled by Venus, so you will find that your approaches to love and relationships are eerily similar!

Your partner: You are highly attracted to your partner! You are strongly drawn to another, and the chemistry is magnetic.

The two of you greatly admire each other, and have a very similar approach to love and relationship. This makes your relationship seem very natural, as you easily relate to one another. You love being with your partner. You feel so loved and adored by them and they feel the same way about you.

You are considerate of each other’s feelings, and have a strong desire to make each other happy. Conflict and disagreements do not plague your relationship; you solve your issues through compromise and cooperation.

Being in a relationship with one another feels natural to the both of you. You are likely to see your partner as your ideal mate.

Your Venus in your partner’s 8th house:

The 8th house represents sex, intimacy, sharing, joint resources, and transformation. This relationship is magnetic, intense, and regenerative.

You: Your sexual and emotional feelings are heightened by your partner. Your partner is deeply in love with you! You are likely to see your partner as mysterious, magnetic, and fascinating.

You have a greater than average effect on your partner’s emotional well-being. Indeed, you have the ability to bring out emotions from your partner than he/she never knew were there!

Your partner may feel especially obsessive and possessive when it comes to you and your relationship.  The feelings for one another are deep and intense. The physical attraction for one another is through the roof. The two of you easily uncover each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. In fact, secrets may pop out of your mouth before you even realize it!

Sexual intimacy and emotional regeneration through sharing feelings will be the hallmark of your relationship. The sex is likely to be intense, deep, and highly satisfying.

Your partner: Like a moth to a flame, you are strongly drawn to your partner. You find your partner fascinating and highly sexually attractive, as well as alluring and mysterious.

You want to uncover your partner’s deepest, darkest secrets. At times, your partner may seem a bit superficial to you, which will annoy you somewhat, due to the fact that you want to look deep into their soul and figure out how they tick.

Your partner brings out intense emotional reactions out of you. The sex is deep, transformative, and highly addictive. Your relationship is likely to be complex and very consuming. Your desire to bond, both emotionally and physically, with your partner is very strong, and almost overwhelming.

Your Venus in your partner’s 9th house:

The 9th house represents travel, higher learning, religion and belief systems.

You: You will find that your partner has a great admiration for your lifestyle and personal philosophies. You open up your partner’s mind to a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives on the world. Because of you, your partner will feel the desire to learn, travel, and expand his/her mind. Indeed, long journeys together bring the two of you closer together and expand your love for one another.

The two of you may share many of the same religious or philosophical beliefs. You and your partner may come from different cultural backgrounds, which is highly attractive to the both of you. Your partner may see you as a wise teacher or advisor.

Your partner: Your partner stimulates your desire for freedom, travel, and expansion. You are likely to feel “lucky” and optimistic around your partner. In fact, your partner is likely to bring you a lot of luck!

You share a mutual interest in philosophy, travel, education, and/or religion. In fact, you may have met each other when one of you was abroad. Your relationship may act as a spiritual experience for you. The influence your partner has over you on an inner level is very strong.

Exploring different cultures and countries together increases your love for one another and brings you closer together. Indeed, traveling with one another is very enjoyable because you get along so well.

Your Venus in your partner’s 10th house:

The 10th house represents the career, public image, social status, and authoritarian figures. You: Your partner looks up to you like a role model. You possess the qualities your partner wants to be known for.

More specifically, your social graces, manners, tastes, and beauty are all things your partner wants for him/herself. You may bring a lot of luck to your partner’s career by introducing them to friends in high places.

Your partner feels their social status is greatly improved when they are with you. Indeed, you may feel that your partner sees you as a “trophy wife/husband.”

You have a strong interest in your partner’s career and reputation. Material success and social status is important to the both of you. Your mate (the house person) will admire you and treat you like a god(dess)!

Your partner: You greatly admire and respect your partner. You feel as though your reputation and social status are greatly improved when you are with your partner.

You feel proud to say they are your partner. You may tend to parade them around in public, as though they were your trophy. Your partner is highly supportive of your career and ambitions.

The two of you enjoy working together and being in public together. In fact, the two of you may find yourselves in the “public eye” from time to time. Shyer couples may feel uncomfortable with the fact that the two of you attract a lot of attention when you are together. In addition, your partner may remind you of one of your parents.

Your Venus in your partner’s 11th house:

The 11th house represents friendships, groups, and associations.

You: You and your partner may have met through a group of friends, or a club or association the both of you belong to. This aspect indicates a relationship based on mutual friendship and equality. In addition, your partner may see you as a “fulfillment of a wish,” which is obviously great for any time of relationship. Your partner feels you improve their social status.

You may introduce your partner to a wider circle of friends. In fact, the two of you may be more affectionate with one another when you are with friends! Those around you can feel the love between the two of you.

Your partner: You may have met your partner through a group of mutual friends, or through a club or association. You see your partner as your best friend. Your partner may expand your social circle by introducing you to new friends.

You may feel your social status is improved because of your partner and your relationship. You feel very comfortable showing your partner affection when you are in a social setting.

Your Venus in your partner’s 12th house:

The 12th house represents secrets, addictions, dreams, fantasies, and illusions.

You: You find your partner highly mysterious, and may have difficultly trusting him/her because of this. This is an indication of a hidden relationship, or a relationship based on secrets.

Otherwise, you may have a secret crush on the house person. You or your partner may feel “hidden away” from your each other’s outer life. Nevertheless, this is a relationship based on mutual compassion and sympathy. You definitely make your partner feel better about him/herself.

The two of you may share a highly spiritual and/or psychic link. Your partner feels that you understand him/her very well. The chemistry between the two of you is haunting, and even addictive. This is an indicator of a clandestine or scandalous love affair.

Your partner: You are highly attracted to and fascinated by your partner. Your feelings for this person are deep and enduring. You may love this person unconditionally.

When you are with your partner, you become more introspective and contemplative. The bond the two of you share is spiritual and based on subconscious feelings.

Your feelings for your partner are difficult to understand. Your partner may distrust you somewhat, due to your vagueness and mysteriousness. You may tend to disregard or ignore your feelings for your partner, and you may have a very hard time expressing your feelings for them.

As such, you may sometimes feel that your partner is leading you on. Make sure you are not projecting your fantasies or delusions onto this person, and that your partner is not deceiving you.

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