Venus in Capricorn

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, relationships, and describes what we find beautiful, as well as what kind of partner we desire.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction, reality, hard work, and commitment. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house, the house of public life, career, and notoriety.

Love style: When Venus is in Capricorn, duty, commitment, hard work, and reality are at the forefront of our love lives. Venus in Capricorn natives do not take relationships lightly; on the contrary, they see relationships as “work”, and thus take their partnerships very seriously.

People with this placement suffer from a strong fear of rejection, which can lead to missed opportunities in love. They also may suffer from a lack of confidence in regards to their self-worth; they may feel “unworthy” of love, and are often wary of their partners (at least, in the beginning).

Venus in Capricorn natives can appear cold, uninterested, and aloof towards their partners, but this does not mean they are not interested. Opening up one’s heart, in their view, is dangerous, as it increases the opportunity for them to get hurt.

Vulnerability is what they fear most of all.  Venus in Capricorn is also very preoccupied with appearing cool and collected, and dislike showing their emotions.

If you hurt a Venus Capricorn, they will do everything to make you think it doesn’t bother them, even if it hurts inside.

How to get a Venus Capricorn to commit: It can take a very long time for a Venus in Capricorn native to commit to you. It’s not that they are not interested, but they prefer to build a strong, secure foundation for a relationship rather than  to “jump right in”.

Indeed, Venus in Capricorn are “risk-averse” when it come to matters of the heart. They must be 100% certain they can trust you, and that you’re capable of having a long-term committed relationship before they give their heart to you.

The best way to get a Venus Capricorn to commit is to be patient. People with this placement are petrified of getting hurt, so they often hide their feelings about you under a veil of aloofness and emotional distancing, which can be confusing for their partners.

When a Venus Capricorn commits, however, they make excellent partners. While they aren’t affectionate in the traditional way, they show their love through practical means by doing things for you.

What kind of partner they seek: Venus in Capricorn natives are attracted to older, mature, successful partners. They are also attracted to business types. Basically, stability and security is what attracts them most. Partners who appear to “have it together” are very appealing to them.

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5 thoughts on “Venus in Capricorn

  1. Omg! This is sooooo on point. As a Taurus Venus I take things very slow and patients comes very easy for me, but a cap venus can take years to commit I’ve experienced it and actually I still am experiencing it…

  2. Would a Venus in Cap be capable of infidelity/cheating? Suppose if someone had Aqua sun Scorpio moon (12th house) and Venus Cap in 3rd house?
    What would cause a Venus Cap to cheat?

  3. To commit, you mean? It depends, but I wouldn’t put it past a Venus Cap to wait that long to commit. I have this placement, and it takes ages for me to commit. As long as he is still going out with you and spending time with you, he likes you. Venus Caps don’t waste their time on people/things that don’t present any kind of long-term potential.

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