Synastry of Instant Attraction

In this article, we address how to identify instant attraction between two people. Have you ever experienced “love at first sight”?

1st house Placements

The first house represents our physical appearance and persona, so someone’s planets falling in this house is a strong sign of attraction. Whether this attraction is romantic depends on the nature of the planet.

Venus in another person’s first house is a strong indication of instant attraction. A person’s Venus represents what they find beautiful, so when it falls in someone’s first house, the Venus person is strongly attracted. The house person is physically ideal to the Venus person. The Venus person loves the way the first house person dresses and carries themselves. This aspect indicates long-term attraction on the part of the Venus person.

Mars in another person’s first house is also a very powerful indication of attraction. The Mars person loves the first house person’s body and sensual energy, and may be quite forceful and aggressive in getting the first house person’s attention. There is a very high level of sexual attraction from the Mars person to the first house person. The first house person, in turn, feels ‘turned on’ around the Mars person, and enjoys being chased by them.

The Sun in another person’s first house is another strong indication of instant attraction. I find that with this placement, the Sun person notices the House person immediately, and the house person always ‘stands out’ to the Sun person. The Sun person relates a lot to the Ascendant person, and feels very attracted to their outer appearance.

I find that Neptune in the first house in synastry can also indicate love at first sight. If you have Neptune in your 1st house natally, people born around your age have their Neptune in your 1st house, as well.

If someone’s Neptune falls in your first house, they project their ideals onto you. They might see you as someone you are not, and fall in love with who they think you are. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and represents spiritual, unconditional love and glamorous beauty, so it is understandable that others are enchanted by those with Neptune in the 1st house.

Aspects to the Ascendant

Aspects to the Ascendant are also very powerful indicators of attraction. When someone’s planets make an aspect to your Ascendant, attraction is indicated.

This is especially true for the conjunction, as the house person is the physical manifestation of the planet of the other person. For example, Venus represents what someone finds beautiful, so Venus in conjunction to another person’s Ascendant indicates significant attraction. The Venus person is likely to remain attracted to the Ascendant person for as long as they know them.

The trine and sextile are also strong indicators of attraction. In this case, the Venus person is attracted to the Ascendant person, as the Ascendant person is their ‘type’. In this relationship, the Venus person finds the Ascendant person beautiful and loves giving them compliments.

I also find that Venus square another person’s Ascendant is a very powerful indication of attraction. The Ascendant person may not be the Venus person’s regular type, but there is significant attraction nonetheless. In some ways, I think the square is just as impactful as other hard aspects!

The opposition signifies mutual attraction; both partners find each other ideal! The Venus person is strongly attracted to the first house person, while the first house person feels the Venus person is their perfect partner.

romantic couple with astrology chart sky in the background
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Uranus Aspects

Strong Uranus aspects are probably the strongest indications of ‘love at first sight’. Uranus is like a lightning bolt in synastry, and immediately creates an air of excitement for both partners.

Aspects to look for:

  • Sun-Uranus aspects
  • Moon-Uranus aspects
  • Venus-Uranus aspects
  • Mars-Uranus aspects
  • Ascendant-Uranus aspects

The more good Uranus aspects you share with someone, the more likely you will be instantly attracted to each other. I find the hard aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) to indicate instant attraction more than the trines or sextile. Hard aspects are simply more impactful; you can ‘feel’ them immediately!

At first, the couple feels they have found their ideal mate. The planet person in particularly feels electrified around the Uranus person; the Uranus person is different than anyone the planet person has ever met, and the possibilities are exciting.

In a Uranus relationship, feelings develop very quickly, but they can disappear just as quickly. Uranus, while exciting and electrifying, is not particularly stable or consistent, which can make settling down into a predictable relationship very difficult. The Uranus person is unstable and unpredictable, which makes settling down into a committed partnership very difficult.  The longevity of the relationship depends on the rest of synastry, particularly positive, binding Saturn aspects.

The Nodes

In my experience, the Nodes can definitely signify instant attraction between two people.

The South Node in conjunction to another person’s inner planets can indicate instant attraction. The South Node represents our past lives, so when someone’s planet is in conjunction to our South Node, we likely have a past-life connection.

The nature of the planet can give clues as to whether there is an instant attraction between the couple. I find Venus or the ruler of one person’s 7th house in conjunction to another person’s South Node are good indicators of attraction. These two have likely partnered in previous life, so when they meet, they immediately ‘recognize’ each other on a subconscious level.

I, myself, have experienced Venus-South Node in Synastry, and it was certainly a love-at-first-sight situation. I saw him across a crowded room and instantly fell for him I eventually broke up with him 4 years later, but it was one of my most significant relationships to date.

The North Node is also very attractive, especially when it is conjunct someone else’s Venus or Ascendant. The North Node represents progress and development, and the pull can be hard to resist. When someone’s Venus or Ascendant is conjunct your North Node, you are very attracted to them and possibilities they represent. North Node in conjunction to any planet or angle is hard to resist.

Aspects to look out for:

  • Nodes conjunct Sun
  • Nodes conjunct Moon
  • Nodes conjunct Mercury
  • Nodes conjunct Venus
  • Nodes conjunct Mars
  • Nodes conjunct Ascendant/Descendant
  • Nodes conjunct MC/IC
  • Nodes conjunct Vertex


To recap, first house overlays, Aspects to the Ascendant, Uranus aspects, and Node aspects can point to love at first sight.  Have you had any of these aspects in your synastry chart? Was it love at first sight?