Composite Sun in the Houses

The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, the Sun represents the essence of the relationship. To properly assess the Sun, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Sun receives. In this article, we go over how the Composite Sun behaves in different houses!

Composite Sun in the first house

This placement indicates a couple who gets a lot of attention! Together, you receive more eyes on you than you do separately. As a result, you may feel very self-conscious of your image as a couple.

You are likely a very beautiful pair others want to be around.

Composite Sun in the second house

The Composite Sun in the second house indicates a relationship that focuses a lot on financial and material security.  

Depending on the sign, the two of you might be very focused on budgeting and saving, while other couples may be focused on spending and enjoying their money!

Either way, finances and material possessions are the focus of this relationship. Feeling secure and stable with each other is key.

Composite Sun in the third house.

This placement indicates a couple that loves to communicate. This couple likes being on the go, and may enjoy going on many short journeys and road trips together.

They pique each other’s curiosity in new subjects, and love trying new things together. They love to talk to one another and will likely keep in touch regularly throughout the day.

Their siblings and neighbours will be an important part of this relationship, as well. It is possible they met in school or share similar educational interests.

Composite Sun in the fourth house

This placement indicates a nurturing and caring relationship. The focus of this relationship will be to build a home and family together.  

Putting down roots and building a stable and loving foundation will be key to this relationship. This couple may spend a lot of time with their families.

There could be a shared love of cooking, real estate, genealogy, or interior design.

Composite Sun in the fifth house

This is a very romantic and creative relationship. This couple is playful and fun-loving. They enjoy themselves immensely when they are together.

They love playing games, socializing, and generally having fun. Giving each other enough attention is important in this relationship.

Having children may be important to the both of them. They encourage each other’s creativity and individuality.

Composite Sun in in the sixth house

This couple loves to work together. They are very productive together. Perhaps they met at work, or through volunteering.

Together, they m are more productive and hard-working than they are individually. They enjoy doing chores and running errands together.

They are a health conscious couple, and l encourage each other to take on better habits.

There can also be a shared love of animals. Others see them as a reliable couple.

Composite Sun in the seventh house

This is one of the best placements for a Composite Sun. It points to a true partnership.

They see themselves as a team, making it easy to commit to each other.  This couple values harmony, balance, and cooperation. These two will work hard on compromise and equality, and will work through conflicts effectively.

This is a very common placement to see in the charts of married couples.

Composite Sun in the eighth house

This placement indicates an intense relationship. It is difficult for these two to keep secrets from another, as both of them will want to merge completely with the other.

This relationship will put them both in touch with their deepest needs and desires. They are deeply intimate, both emotionally and sexually.

They feel like they know each other better than they know themselves. If this relationship were to end, it would very hard to let each other go.

Composite Sun in the ninth house

This placement indicates a relationship focused on travel and expanding their worldview. Perhaps they met abroad, or come from different cultural/ethnic backgrounds.

It can also mean they share religious or philosophical views. Either way, religious/cultural themes will be present in this relationship.

They will love traveling and having adventures together. They are more adventurous, open minded and positive when they are together.  

This placement can also indicate a relationship in which an intellectual connection is very important. There may be a shared interest in higher learning.

Composite Sun in the tenth house

As a couple, they are ambitious and focused on accomplishment. Perhaps they have shared goals they are working towards together.

This relationship might be public in some way. Commitment and security are very important in this relationship.

Together, they are able to achieve more than they would individually. They make a great team! Others admire them, and see them as a “Power Couple”.

Composite Sun in the eleventh house

Friendship is first for this couple. Socializing with friends, or taking part in groups and clubs is important to them.

They encourage each other’s freedom and individuality. They have a shared interest in the betterment of humanity.

This relationship can feel very “friendly”, which might not work for those who want a deeper and more intimate connection.

Composite Sun in the twelfth house

This aspect can indicate the relationship is ‘hidden’ in some way. As a couple, they might prefer hiding away from the world.

They enjoy being alone with each other. They create a dreamy and sweet world together.

There might be a shared interest in spirituality

At its worst, 12th house can indicate an extramarital affair or a relationship in which one person is taking advantage of the other.

It is very important they are seeing this relationship for what it is.

Boundaries in this relationships should be defined early on.


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