Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Sun-Neptune Aspects

Sun-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Moon-Neptune Aspects

Moon-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Mercury-Neptune Aspects

Mercury-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Venus-Neptune Aspects

Venus-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

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Mars-Neptune Aspects

Mars-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Jupiter-Neptune Aspects

Jupiter-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Saturn-Neptune Aspects

Saturn-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Uranus-Neptune Aspects

Uranus-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Neptune-Neptune Aspects

Neptune in conjunction to another person’s Neptune indicates you two are likely around the same age. This aspect indicates the two of you connect over shared spiritual goals and reinforce each other’s dreams and fantasies. It is important to check how each person’s Neptune is aspected for more information.

For example, if Person A’s Venus is square their Neptune, Person B’s Neptune is also square Person A’s Neptune. In this case, Person B reinforces Person A’s relationship fantasies and illusions, and may deceive Person A in some way (and Person A is likely deceiving themselves, as well).

Neptune in trine or sextile aspect to another person’s Neptune is a sweet aspect. It indicates they bond over spiritual matters, and are very sensitive to each other’s moods and feelings.

Neptune square or opposite another person’s Neptune indicates a large age difference between the two. This aspect indicates the two partners are at odds with each other, particularly when it comes to spirituality and intuition. It may be difficult for these two to get a ‘read’ on each other, and there may be many misunderstandings between them. The two of them may inadvertently deceive or play into each other’s fantasies.

Pluto-Neptune Aspects

Neptune in conjunction to another person’s Pluto indicates a deeply transformative spiritual bond.  This is a generational aspect, but it can still be significant, especially if Neptune and Pluto are powerfully aspected in each person’s respective natal chart. The Neptune person feels empowered by the Pluto person, and feels their intuition and spirituality are strengthened by their relationship.

In addition, the Neptune person may feel very ‘exposed’ by the Pluto person, for the Pluto person has significant insight into the Neptune person’s inner world. The Pluto person has a lot of control over the the Neptune person’s spiritual practices, fantasies, and imagination.

Neptune in trine or sextile aspect to another person’s Pluto is a sweet aspect. It indicates a powerful spiritual bond between the two that is helpful in any relationship.

Neptune square or opposite another person’s Pluto indicates there may be power struggles in this relationship between the couple. The Pluto person wants to transform the Neptune person, particularly when it comes to the Neptune person’s spirituality, ideals, compassion, and delusions.

The Neptune person may not appreciate the Pluto person’s desire to overpower or control them. At the same time, the Pluto person might find the Neptune person over idealistic and hard to understand. Pluto wants absolute truth and honesty, and may become irritated with Neptune’s vague and confusing actions. As a result, these two may experience conflicts and power struggles in their relationship.

Node-Neptune Aspects

North Node conjunct Neptune

South Node conjunct Neptune


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Mars-Neptune Aspects in Synastry


In Astrology, Mars represents sex and aggression, while Neptune represents illusions, dreams, and fantasy. When your Mars aspects another person’s Neptune, or vice-versa, a romantic bond is indicated.


In the case of the conjunction, square, or opposition, fantasy and romance permeate your relationship. The Neptune person is likely to see the Mars person as a knight in shining armor or protector. Indeed, Neptune admires Mars’ decisiveness, assertiveness, and toughness. Even if the Mars person is none of these things, the Neptune person will idealize the Mars person as though they were courageous and brave.

This aspect also indicates a sexual connection. The two of you fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies, and may even become addicted to one another! The Neptune person longs to be dominated by the Mars person, and is not afraid to be vulnerable around the Mars person.

The Mars person is pleased with this role, as they feel more powerful in the presence of the Neptune person. The Neptune person may even become envious of the Mars person’s power and sexual prowess.

Neptune is likely to become dependent on the Mars person, which may provoke Neptune to manipulate the Mars person out of fear of losing them. The Mars person’s strength and sexual attractiveness may make the Neptune person nervous, so they may display evasive or confusing behavior, which may confuse or frustrate the Mars person.

Or, the Neptune person may try to gain Mars’ sympathy by playing the victim. Neptune may even resort to deceit, or sexually “teasing” Mars to keep his attention. This can lead to much frustration on the part of the Mars person; Mars is direct and open, so Neptune’s evasiveness, deceit, and dishonesty could lead to conflict and frustration on the part of the Mars person.

In the case of the trine and sextile between one person’s Mars and another person’s Neptune, fascination with one another is strong. The Neptune person idealizes the Mars person’s strength and sexual charisma, while the Mars person feels powerful and confident in the presence of the Neptune person.

Together, the two of them work to fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies. The Mars person helps make Neptune’s dreams a reality. All in all, this is a very sweet aspect.

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