Natal Sun in the Houses

Sun in the 1st house: 

This placement gives an Arian overtone to our personal traits. If the Sun is in the same sign as the Ascendant, those traits are intensified. This placement indicates courageousness, enthusiasm, ambition, and confidence.

This placement favors self-awareness and overall presence. People with this placement are individualistic and independent, and focused on themselves.


Sun in the 2nd house: 

This placement indicates the person’s energies are primarily focused on amassing material wealth and security. Your powers of attraction when it comes to money are strong.

You enjoy comfort and luxury. People with this placement are apt to have a strong sense of self-worth if the Sun is not afflicted.

Sun in the 3rd house: 

Individuals with this placement are talkative, communicative, and interested in technology. They excel in the fields of writing, sales and publishing. The siblings play a large role in the person’s life.

Sun in the 4th house: 

Those with their Sun in the 4th house have strong ties to their families, tradition, and history. You are strongly self-protective, and have a strong need for security and stability. People with this placement might also strongly desire children from a young age.

Sun in the 5th house: 

If you have your Sun in the 5th, you are confident, fun-loving, and risk-taking. People with this placement are fond of romance, and are often popular among their peers.

Your self-confidence is strong, which makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. You are very fond of children, as well.

Sun in the 6th house:

Your identity is wrapped up in your work. You love feeling useful, and dislike idleness. You might be a workaholic, and may suffer from nervous tension.

You have excellent organizational skills, as well. You might be overly concerned about your health if your Sun in this house is afflicted.

Sun in the 7th house: 

Your identity is wrapped up in your relationships. It’s difficult for you to feel complete without a partner. You are confident and popular, with a wide circle of friends. You have the ability to see both sides of the coin. You seek harmony, cooperation, and balance in your relationships.

Sun in the 8th house: 

You are strongly interested in subjects relating to sex, death, transformation, and taboos. You attract the support of others easily. You are naturally suspicious of others. This aspect can sometimes indicate the early death of the father.

Sun in the 9th house: 

You are strongly focused on travel, religion, beliefs, philosophy, politics, and higher education. You are interested in the “big picture” of life, and have strong moral convictions. This placement favors long journeys to foreign lands.

Sun in the 10th house: 

Your identity is wrapped up in your career. Social status and recognition are important to you. You are very ambitious, and make a wonderful leader. You are likely to be in the public eye at some point in your life, especially if the Sun is conjunct your Midheaven. Traditions and how you “appear” to others are important to you.

Sun in the 11th house: 

You are individualistic, scientific, rebellious, and forward-thinking. You make friends easily, and often take on the role of the leader of your group. Your mind is often focused on humanitarian concerns. Your friendships play a large part in your identity.

Sun in the 12th house:

You are private, mysterious, and introverted. This is an especially difficult placement if you are a fire sign. You need a lot of alone time to recharge your body and mind.

You are likely attracted to psychology, astrology, or mystical subjects. You hide from the spotlight, and prefer to work behind the scenes. You hide your true self out of fear of losing your privacy.

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