Composite Venus and Aspects

The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, the Venus represents how the couple expresses love and what it values.  Venus also rules beauty, harmony, fairness, and material possessions.

To properly assess Venus, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Venus receives from other Composite planets. In this article, we will go over how the Composite Venus behaves in aspect to other Composite Planets.

Composite Sun-Venus

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Composite Moon-Venus

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Composite Mercury-Venus

The conjunction between Mercury and Venus indicates a relationship where the intellectual and the affectionate are blended. This aspect indicates the couple loves talking to each other. Conversations are sweet, affectionate, and loving. They love to talk, text, and sext regularly. They share inside jokes and have similar senses of humor. I’ve found this aspect means the couple loves to kiss and make out, too!

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are wonderful aspects to see in a Composite Chart. They show good emotional communication and an ease in expressing your affections to each other.

The opposition between the Mercury and Venus can bring friction and fascination. As a couple, they will bounce back and forth between being too intellectual or too affectionate in their communication with each other. Both partners can help each other express their loving and intellectual sides.

The square between Mercury and Venus indicates the two of them have different communication styles, which may lead to misunderstandings. While squares bring fascination, they also bring friction. When one partner is in an amorous mood, the other might respond intellectually. This can lead to feelings of underappreciation from both partners.  They must take extra steps to ensure both partners feel valued in this relationship.  It is important to exercise tolerance and patience with each other.

Composite Venus-Mars

The conjunction between the Venus in Mars in a Composite Chart is spicy hot! What an amazing aspect to see in a synastry chart! It indicates a very strong physical and sexual attraction, and sex might have been on the table almost immediately.

They are physically affectionate with each other, and sometimes cannot even keep their hands of one another. This relationship is full of passion, energy, and love. This placement certainly keeps the fire burning strong! They look very good together, and others can feel the sexual energy between then.

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are wonderful aspects to see in a Composite Chart.

The opposition between the Venus and Mars is also very sexy, but there is a stark difference in the way this couple expresses love vs. passion. When one person expresses their love and affection, the other might respond aggressively or sexually, rather than lovingly.

This can lead to scenarios in which one person feels unappreciated or used. This aspect stimulates a lot of passion in this relationship, and can even bring intense love-hate themes. The couple can definitely overcome this aspect with compromise and mutual understanding. It is important to understand each other’s perspective here.

The square between the Venus and Mars acts somewhat like the opposition, but does not have the benefits. The way the couple expresses love and affection are at odds with the way the couple’s energy and drive.

There is a tension in this relationship that is felt by both parties due to this square. There are frequent blow ups and arguments in this relationship, which might lead to some mindblowing make up sex.

You are very sensitive to each other and know how to get under each other’s skin. At least one of the partners feels unappreciated by the other. In this relationship, it is extremely to compromise and make each other feel appreciated and loved.

Composite Venus-Jupiter

The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in the Composite Chart indicates a positive and generous couple.  They are a happy, adventurous, fun-loving couple who love to make each other laugh. They feel good in each other’s presence, as will others. They trust each other and accept each other’s flaws. They are far more positive and joyful when they are together.

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are wonderful aspects to see in a Composite Chart.

The opposition and square between the Composite Moon and Jupiter can magnify the generosity and positive feelings within the couple, but it may also feature the wastefulness and neglect described in the conjunction aspect.

Since Venus is associated with money and spending, both partners may encourage the other to overindulge in spending, food, shopping, etc. They might also encourage each other’s laziness and procrastination. There is such thing as “too much fun”, after all!

Composite Venus-Saturn

The conjunction between the Venus and Saturn in the Composite Chart indicates a mature, committed, responsible couple. There is a deep sense of responsibility and duty to each other. They are not the most affectionate couple, but they are steady, reliable, and in it for the long run. This relationship is likely traditional in some way.  

Their relationship might develop quite slowly, as the couple needs to feel safe and secure before committing to each other. Commitment will come naturally to this couple, due to the strong feelings of responsibility and duty to the other. It would be very difficult for these two to break up.

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as it increases the responsibility and commitment of the couple, without feeling like a burden.

The opposition and square between the Composite Moon and Saturn can be very difficult in a relationship!

It may be difficult for this couple to get their relationship off the ground, as there are various obstacles and barriers to them being together. These barriers can include distance, a lack of time, or even other commitments.

For example, my ex and I had Venus square Saturn in our composite chart, and we were unable to be together due to religious differences; his family would have never accepted me.

If the barriers are not coming from outside, they could be coming from within. It may be very difficult for this couple to express their love and affection for each other. It can feel downright awkward and unnatural for them. This can obviously lead to at least one of the couples feelings unloved or unappreciated. Overall, this is a very problematic aspect in a Composite chart.


Composite Venus-Uranus

The conjunction between the Venus and Uranus in the Composite Chart indicates an exciting and unpredictable partnership. There might be something ‘different’ about this relationship – perhaps they come from completely different backgrounds, and each bring something ‘new’ to the other person’s life.

This relationship probably started very quickly, and they were immediately attracted to each other. This relationship is fun and exciting, and always feels ‘new’. At the same time, Uranus can bring a very unpredictable and unstable energy to the relationship, and it is very important to allow each other a lot of space.

This relationship can work in the long run, as long as other Composite aspect support longevity. Otherwise, it can end as quickly as it started!

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as it increases the fun and lighthearted aspect of this relationship.

It will keep the relationship fresh and fun, without all the instability and unpredictability of the harsher aspects.

The opposition and square between the Composite Venus and Uranus can be very difficult. Uranus brings many unpredictable changes to this relationship, which can be very upsetting for someone who likes stability and constancy.

This relationship likely started very suddenly and unexpectedly, and they are likely not each other’s regular ‘type’. In fact, others may be quite puzzled how they got together in the first place. This relationship is unstable, unpredictable, and perhaps hard to define.

It is likely this relationship will be quick one, or have an on-and-off energy to it. There may be many breakups and reunions, but settling down into a stable and reliable committed relationship can be difficult.

Composite Venus-Neptune

The conjunction between the Venus and Neptune in the Composite Chart indicates a relationship full of idealization and fantasy.  There is a strong feeling of being soulmates. This couple is sensitive to each other, and feel they are spiritually and intuitively connected.

They are very forgiving and sweet to each other, and look over each other’s faults. They see each other, and the relationship, through ‘rose coloured glasses’. As a couple, they are very charitable and helpful to others.

On the downside, this aspect increases the likelihood of deception in a relationship, for there is a tendency for each partner to see what they want to see in each other, rather than seeing them for who they truly are. My parents actually have this aspect, and they are the sweetest couple and have been together over 40 years!

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as they increase compassion and sensitivity to each other.

The opposition and square between the Composite Venus and Neptune can be very challenging and confusing. Here, the thread of deceit is much higher than in the conjunction. At first, this connection will feel very sweet and dreamy, and each person will feel they have found their soulmate.

However, over time, this relationship becomes confusing and hard to define. There may be a tendency for one or both partners to tell the other what they want to hear. There may also be secrets or hidden agendas in this relationship.

This aspect is commonly seen in extra marital affairs, or in other relationships in which one or both people are deceiving the other.

Composite Venus-Pluto

The conjunction between the Venus and Pluto in the Composite Chart indicates an intense, transformative relationship that is hard to break!

These two are passionately in love with each other, to the point of obsession. They are possessive over each other, and easily make each other jealous. They are magnetically drawn to each other and share a very close, intimate bond.

Sex and intimacy are extremely important in this relationship, it is an expression of their deep love. They want to know each and every fact and secret about the other. They demand complete and utter commitment and loyalty.

Others notice their deep passion and intensity for one another, and might even feel jealous of your bond.

The sextile and trine act similarly to the conjunction, but with less intensity. These are good aspects to see in a Composite chart, as it increases the emotional intensity of the relationship in a positive and constructive way.

The opposition or square between the Composite Venus and Pluto is very challenging. Like in the case of the conjunction, this couple is completely obsessed with each other. There is a very strong physical and sexual bond here.

On the downside, power struggles may feature strongly in this relationship. Each partner might be constantly trying to get the upper hand over the other, and may resort to petty game playing and manipulation.

There is a huge fear of losing each other, as this aspect increases distrust and paranoia in the relationship. Despite this, both are very attached to the relationship, as there is a strong “can’t live with you, can’t live without you” theme here.

In some ways, the couple may feel the relationship brings out the worst in them. This relationship might be quite toxic, but it is very binding, so it will be hard for the two of them to part ways without a lot of ugliness.

Composite Venus-Node

The conjunction between the Venus and North Node in the Composite Chart is an excellent aspect to see in a Composite Chart! Venus naturally rules partnership and marriage, so the conjunction with the North Node is a great placement to see.  

There is a feeling of “going somewhere” with the other person. They will both learn important lessons about partnership, equality, cooperation and love through this relationship.

North Node connections can feel very uncomfortable for some, as it represents leaving one’s comfort zone, but they are also very compelling and ultimately ‘feel right’.  

In this relationship, there is a feeling the relationship is ‘meant to be’. The relationship is based on shared love and affection, and each partner will grow and develop a lot in this relationship. This is a very binding aspect, as both partners feel they are on a journey together. There is a strong feeling of moving forward and progress.

I have seen this aspect many times in the charts of married couples, due to the union of love and fate.

The conjunction between the Venus and South Node in the Composite Chart indicates a significant past-life connection. These two were likely married or had a romantic relationship in a past life, and have reunited in this lifetime to attend to unfinished business.

They are naturally drawn to another because of this. Check the house Venus resides in the Composite Chart to show the nature of this connection. The connection between them is easy and comfortable, and they feel immediately attached.

This aspect can bind two people together for a long time, and it will be one of the most significant relationships of their life. On the downside, the relationship may eventually feel draining for at least one of the partners. The lack of progress or evolving in this relationship may also be bothersome to at least one of them (but this depends on the couple’s individual natal charts).


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Uranus/Venus in the Composite

Uranus is the planet of freedom, disruption, eccentricity, unpredictability, and change.

Venus rules romance, finances, materials possessions, and partnership. As you may know, the composite indicates the fate of a relationship.

You could have wonderful synastry, but maintaining a connection can be difficult in the face of a challenging composite chart.

Venus in aspect with Uranus indicates an off-beat, unpredictable, yet exciting relationship. Venus and Uranus usually bring together two people you would not think would ever be with one another.

Others may see this couple as odd, non-traditional, and surprising. There could be a major difference in race, age, social status, location, or personality. Think about a stock broker suddenly falling in love with a hippie.

You’ll find many long-distance relationships with this aspect, as well.

The relationship usually starts very suddenly. The feeling between the couple is electric; it is love at first sight. The sexual relationship often develops quite quickly, as well.

While things may start out well, there may be some difficulties in this relationship, especially if the aspect is a square or opposition. In these cases, it may be difficult to maintain the consistency of the relationship over time.

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This aspect can be quite frustrating for those who seek stability and calm in their relationships, as the relationship can, despite the couple’s best efforts, be the victim of sudden changes and unpredictability.

The relationship may be quite odd in general. There may be long periods of absence/distance between the couple.

Couples with the square or opposition between Uranus and Venus in the composite tend to experience the worst parts of the relationship I just described.

The conjunction can go either way. The trine and sextile are more subtle and pleasing, with just enough electricity to keep things interesting.

This is not to say that a relationship with Venus/Uranus aspect cannot last.

My sister and her Husband have a tight Venus/Uranus conjunction in their composite, and they are in a lasting, committed relationship. They both allow one another a ton of room to breathe.

My sister is an avid traveler, and she often takes off for a few weeks while her husband stays back to work. Their Uranus/Venus conjunction is also conjunct the Sun and Mercury of their composite, and the sextile to Saturn calms things down a bit for them.