Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Sun-Neptune Aspects

Sun-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Moon-Neptune Aspects

Moon-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Mercury-Neptune Aspects

Mercury-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Venus-Neptune Aspects

Venus-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

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Mars-Neptune Aspects

Mars-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Jupiter-Neptune Aspects

Jupiter-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Saturn-Neptune Aspects

Saturn-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Uranus-Neptune Aspects

Uranus-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Neptune-Neptune Aspects

Neptune in conjunction to another person’s Neptune indicates you two are likely around the same age. This aspect indicates the two of you connect over shared spiritual goals and reinforce each other’s dreams and fantasies. It is important to check how each person’s Neptune is aspected for more information.

For example, if Person A’s Venus is square their Neptune, Person B’s Neptune is also square Person A’s Neptune. In this case, Person B reinforces Person A’s relationship fantasies and illusions, and may deceive Person A in some way (and Person A is likely deceiving themselves, as well).

Neptune in trine or sextile aspect to another person’s Neptune is a sweet aspect. It indicates they bond over spiritual matters, and are very sensitive to each other’s moods and feelings.

Neptune square or opposite another person’s Neptune indicates a large age difference between the two. This aspect indicates the two partners are at odds with each other, particularly when it comes to spirituality and intuition. It may be difficult for these two to get a ‘read’ on each other, and there may be many misunderstandings between them. The two of them may inadvertently deceive or play into each other’s fantasies.

Pluto-Neptune Aspects

Neptune in conjunction to another person’s Pluto indicates a deeply transformative spiritual bond.  This is a generational aspect, but it can still be significant, especially if Neptune and Pluto are powerfully aspected in each person’s respective natal chart. The Neptune person feels empowered by the Pluto person, and feels their intuition and spirituality are strengthened by their relationship.

In addition, the Neptune person may feel very ‘exposed’ by the Pluto person, for the Pluto person has significant insight into the Neptune person’s inner world. The Pluto person has a lot of control over the the Neptune person’s spiritual practices, fantasies, and imagination.

Neptune in trine or sextile aspect to another person’s Pluto is a sweet aspect. It indicates a powerful spiritual bond between the two that is helpful in any relationship.

Neptune square or opposite another person’s Pluto indicates there may be power struggles in this relationship between the couple. The Pluto person wants to transform the Neptune person, particularly when it comes to the Neptune person’s spirituality, ideals, compassion, and delusions.

The Neptune person may not appreciate the Pluto person’s desire to overpower or control them. At the same time, the Pluto person might find the Neptune person over idealistic and hard to understand. Pluto wants absolute truth and honesty, and may become irritated with Neptune’s vague and confusing actions. As a result, these two may experience conflicts and power struggles in their relationship.

Node-Neptune Aspects

North Node conjunct Neptune

South Node conjunct Neptune


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Venus-Neptune in Synastry

Venus is the planet of beauty, pleasure, and harmony, and rules our one-on-one relationships. Neptune is the planet of fantasy, dreams, idealism and delusion.

When Venus meets Neptune in synastry, a soul connection is indicated. You probably met each other when you were looking for the relationship of your dreams.

We all have an idea of our perfect match, our knight in shining armor with whom we will share a fairy-tale love story. When someone’s Neptune makes an aspect to your Venus, you feel as though your dreams have come true.

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Image by upklyak on Freepik  A Neptunian relationship can make you feel like you are in a dream


With this aspect comes the tendency to view each other in the best light possible. The little, or big, characteristics that would normally bother you about someone are glossed over in favor of their better qualities.

The Venus person tends to project her fantasies onto the Neptune person, assigning him the qualities of her ideal match. The Neptune person may or may not actually possess these qualities, but tends to play along to please the Venus person.

The couple gets caught up in the other-worldliness and fantasy the relationship offers. This can cause major problems later on, as Neptune is bound to err in some way or another, which leads to disappointment on the part of the Venus person.

Venus’ refusal to see Neptune for who he really is lends itself to self-defeating behavior; in reality, no one is perfect, so Neptune will eventually fall off the pedestal Venus holds him so highly upon.

Another danger of this aspect is outright deception. Yes, Neptune feels pressure to fulfill the fantasies of the Venus person. Like Venus, Neptune aims to please. This desire to keep Venus’ fantasy alive could lead Neptune to lie and deceive the Venus person.

While on some level, Venus may feel something is not quite right, she subconsciously chooses to overlook these inconsistencies, thereby ignoring the truth to keep the dream alive. Usually, Venus eventually realizes Neptune is human, and he isn’t perfect, which can lead to disappointment and a broken heart.

Another manifestation of this aspect involves a victim-savior scenario. Venus may be drawn to Neptune because he needs “help”. Perhaps he is an alcoholic. Perhaps he is a drug addict.

Perhaps he has unresolved issues from the past which he is dealing with. Neptune draws out Venus’ compassion and sensitivity, stimulating her desire to “save” him. This can be dangerous, as the relationship can become unhealthily co-dependent.

The preceding description is especially applicable to hard synastry aspects (conjunction, square, opposition)  between Venus and Neptune. The harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) are less intense, and foster the positive characteristics of Venus-Neptune aspects such as compassion, forgiveness, and a feeling of unity.


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