How to Get a Taurus Man


This article applies to people with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant in Taurus.


Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house of material possessions, and is ruled by the planet Venus.


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Pretty generalized statement, don’t you think? Not when it comes to the Taurus man. He not only needs good food, but also, good wine, comfortable furnishings, picturesque views, and great sex. These guys love to have their five senses tickled, and a woman who takes care of their sensual needs holds the keys to their hearts.


As an Earth sign, Taurus looks for stability and loyalty when it comes to relationships. As the ruler of the 2nd house, Taurus seeks financial security, as well. He can appear quite shy and quiet, but can be quite quick-tempered.  Taurus’ humility and calmness is one of its most endearing traits. He is patient, stubborn, and slow to commit. Don’t try to push him around or try to rush him into anything; it just won’t work. He is possessive, and may be apt to treat you like he owns you. He likes to take care of people, and likes people to take care of him.


Despite his penchant for material possessions, he dislikes superficiality. He loves romance and relaxation, and is very sensual in bed. He’s definitely not afraid of getting down and dirty when it comes to sex, which is great if you’re his bedmate! He adores foreplay, complete with sensual kisses and massaging.


Dating a Taurus is like going for a job interview; he screens potential mates to see which one suits him best. This can take a while, but this does not bother the patient Taurus. When he commits to you, he does it with full force. He is dependable and loyal, and loves a long-term relationship; earthy folk build things to last. If you break up, he will find it incredibly difficult to let you go; you will be in his mind for a long time.


Taurus men are attracted to feminine, full-figured women who love to cook. He needs a passionate, sexual mate who is as committed and stable as he is, so tell him about what you want to achieve in life, especially things that relate to building a secure home and family. A calm, down-to-earth woman who respects herself is very appealing to these men. Women who provide him with the comfort and physical and emotional attention he needs will certainly get his attention. Pay close attention to the colors he likes, the scents that appeal to him, and his favorite foods, and be sure to incorporate these things into your dates. They love being cuddled and need to feel needed by their mates. Most importantly, be genuine!


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