The Absolute Best and Worst Times to get a Makeover



Can Astrology help you decide when and when not to make a huge change to your appearance? Astro Lady says “Yes!”


Venus Retrograde:


When Venus, the planet of love and money, goes retrograde, it is an inopportune time for all Venusian activities. Relationships cool off, finances are met with difficulty, and we may feel a disconnect from our loved ones.


Venus also rules beauty and aesthetics, so purchasing a new wardrobe, getting a make-over, and getting your hair done are not favored during this time. A lot of people who get their hair done during the cycle are disappointed with the final result, especially once the retrograde period is over. We may opt to try something new with our appearance during this cycle, but it is best to wait until the retrograde cycle is over to make any changes.


This is especially true if Venus is retrograding your 1st house, or Venus is the ruler of your 1st house; the 1st house represents one’s physical appearance.


Transiting Venus square or opposite your natal Uranus: Uranus is the planet of sudden upsets and unexpected results. Combine it with Venus, and you have a potential recipe for disaster when it comes to beauty treatments. Changes to the appearance that are undertaken during this cycle are generally made on a whim, due to a stimulated desire for change. It’s best to wait until after this transit is over before you make any changes.


Transiting Venus square your natal Ascendant: During this transit, you may be compelled towards compulsive spending and making changes to your appearance based on an emotional whim. The changes you make during this time may not be representative of your regular style.


The Best Times


Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine your natal Sun: During this transit, the planet of beauty shines its light on your Sun. This transit favors making decisions regarding beauty treatments and changes to your appearance. You are more aware of what looks good, and what does not, and the changes you make will likely be for the best.


Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine your natal Moon: This is often considered an opportune time for beauty treatments and changing your personal style.


Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile or trine your natal Venus: When the planet of beauty and style makes an aspect to your natal Venus, your natural style shines through! This is a great time for making changes to your appearance and buying clothes, but watch out for overspending!


Transiting Venus conjunct, sextile, or trine your natal Ascendant: Your Ascendant represents your appearance and physical body, so when Venus aspects it, your personal magnetism is sky high! At the same time, your taste and judgment related to what looks good and what doesn’t is strong at the moment. You are likely to make physical changes for the better during this transit.

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