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Kim and Kanye Synastry

The world was shocked at the announcement that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in a relationship. I, like many of my peers, dismissed the union as a publicity stunt. However, looking at their synastry, it seems there is more than meets the eye with this pair. Let’s take a look at their synastry…


Kanye’s Gemini Sun and Jupiter conjunct Kim’s Descendant. This, in itself, is one of the most powerful synastry aspects, and is often found in the synastry charts of married couples. Kanye encapsulates what Kim looks for in a mate. As a Sagittiarus Ascendant, Kim is attracted to men with Geminian qualities such as intellectual curiosity and a love of variety. Kanye’s Jupiter infuses her with optimism and prosperity through their union.


Kanye’s Neptune in Sagittarius conjuncts Kim’s Ascendant/Venus conjunction almost exactly. This is another great, and very strong, aspect. In Kanye, Kim sees her soul mate, and tends to overlook his flaws. Kim must take care that she is seeing Kanye for who he is, rather than what she believes him to be.


Kim’s Mars is conjunct Kanye’s Ascendant. In a woman’s chart, her Mars sign reveals what kind of man she is attracted to and what turns her on. With this combination, Kanye’s physical appearance encapsulates Kim’s idea of her “ideal man”.


Kanye’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction opposes Kim’s Venus/Neptune conjunction. Oppositions are powerful aspects in synastry, particularly when they fall along one of the person’s Ascendant/Descendant axis. Kanye’s Sun in opposition to Kim’s Venus is a binding aspect for both parties. Kim adores Kanye, and Kanye finds Kim beautiful and charming. They enjoy socializing and attending parties together.


Kim’s Neptune opposes Kanye’s Sun, so again, we see idealization, this time on the part of Kanye. Once again, Kanye must be careful he is seeing Kim for who she really is, rather than what he believes her to be.


Kanye’s Jupiter opposing Kim’s Venus is a benevolent aspect. Kim gives Kanye the benefit of the doubt and is easy to forgive, while Kanye spoils Kim with gifts and pleasures.


Kanye’s Saturn trines Kim’s Venus, which is a stabilizing aspect. They find it easy to settle into a committed relationship with each other. They are less inclined to feel burdened by this relationship; they feel comfortable in their commitment to each other. This sentiment is reinforced by Kim’s Saturn in trine aspect to Kanye’s Sun. These harmonious Saturn aspects promote longevity and responsibility to each other.


Kanye’s Saturn also conjuncts Kim’s Moon. Again, this is a very stabilizing, binding aspect. Thankfully, this conjunction is not afflicted by other planets. This is an indication of a serious relationship. On the down side, Kim may find Kanye a bit serious or harsh, and may be afraid to express her feelings out of fear of Kanye’s disapproval. Over time, this can lead to emotional distancing due to a feeling of being misunderstood by the Saturn person. Thankfully, these two have “lighter” aspects to even things out.


Kanye’s Venus and Mars oppose Kim’s Sun. This indicates a considerable physical and sexual attraction on Kanye’s part. Kim encapsulates what Kanye finds beautiful and sexy. Kanye’s Mars in opposition to Kim’s Sun can lead to heated conflicts. Kanye’s Venus and Mars are situated in Kim’s fifth house of love, romance, and children (!). Kanye stimulates Kim’s desire for fun and romance, as well as procreation.


Kim’s Venus falls in Kanye’s 4th house, which serves to stimulate Kanye’s love of home. Kanye loves spending time at home with Kim; with Kim, Kanye feels comfortable, nurtured, and cared for.


Another powerful aspect these two share is Kanye’s North Node conjunct Kim’s Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and Jupiter! Wow! The North Node represents “where we’re going” in this lifetime, while the South Node represents “where we’ve been”. With Kim, Kanye feels like he is “going somewhere”. Kanye feels a powerful pull towards Kim, which can be exciting, but scary, at the same time! Kim pulls Kanye out of his comfort zone. He grows a lot through this relationship, especially through the lens of personal growth (Sun), transformation and sex (Pluto), intellectual communication (Mercury), and beliefs (Jupiter). However, Kim’s North Node is unaspected (by conjunction or opposition) to Kanye’s planets, so it is Kanye that will benefit most from this union, in terms of his personal growth.


My prediction: Kim and Kanye have surprisingly wonderful synastry! They have many “soul mate” aspects, and I can see this relationship lasting a long time. Two problems: Kanye’s own chart features a Uranus-Venus opposition, which can indicate a fear of commitment and “settling down”. He is also a Gemini Sun, which adds to his need to “move around” and not be tied down. Indeed, Geminis tend to bore easily!


The second problem I see is the amount of *unilateral* nodal connections between Kanye’s North Node and Kim’s Libra Stellium. Depending on Kanye’s stage in life, he might not be ready to embrace his North Node at the present time. His North Node is in Libra, and his South Node is in Aries. His Aries South Node implies that he is preoccupied with himself and his independence. For Kanye, it is always about HIM. Perhaps Kim threatens his sense of independence by stimulating his desire for partnership. Kim might feel like she’s constantly “giving” in the relationship, which can be draining.


Interestingly enough, it looks like Kim and Kanye got together right when transiting Saturn was on his North Node, and on her Libra Stellium.


I think Saturn’s trek through Scorpio, beginning on October 5th, will be trying for the couple. Saturn will conjunct Kanye’s natal Uranus and oppose his Venus/Mars/Chiron stellium in Taurus near the end of the year, so he may feel the need to break free from Kim. Alternatively, the transit may “mute” these energies and compel him to settle down. Either way, Kim and Kanye are in for some changes, and soon!


Kim’s Natal Chart

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Kim and Kanye’s Synastry Chart (Kim in the middle)

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Kim and Kanye’s Composite Chart

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Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis- What happened?

Earlier this year, we found out that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were splitsville. The reason? Apparently, Johnny was bored stiff and wanted his freedom. Other sources say he was having an affair. What do the stars say about their split?


Johnny and Vanessa had very interesting synastry. He’s a Gemini, and she’s a Capricorn. The fact that he was “bored” does not surprise me right off the bat. Geminis need to move around, communicate, and get bored at the drop of a hat. Geminis aren’t usually fond of long-term commitments for this reason. Capricorns, on the other hand, are very steady, stable people. Repetition and boredom do not bother them as much as other signs. Earth signs seek security in their relationships, while Geminis need intellectual stimulation and freedom.


Thankfully, Vanessa has tons of planets in Sagittarius, which would definitely smooth out Capricorn’s hard edges! Geminis and Sagittarians get along famously; their signs are opposite, but complementary.


So, how did this Capricorn get a freedom-loving Gemini to commit? Her Saturn is conjunct his Sun. Vanessa stabilized Johnny and stimulated his desire to settle down. She kept him grounded. At the same time, Johnny may have felt restricted by Vanessa. Perhaps he felt that she was overbearing or critical of him, which may have left him feeling discouraged and stifled. This would be especially difficult for a Gemini to handle. Regardless, Sun-Saturn connections in synastry are very common in the synastry charts of marriage partners.


Johnny’s Neptune is conjunct Vanessa’s Ascendant. To Johnny, Vanessa is his “dream girl”. He easily trusts and forgives Vanessa, and she does the same. This aspects lends itself to over-idealization of each other and glossing over each other’s faults.


Vanessa’s Sun is conjunct Johnny’s Vertex. In addition, her anti-vertex is conjunct his Vertex, and vice-versa! This indicates the union was fated. The Vertex is a calculated point, and is often referred to as the “second Descendant”. When someone’s Vertex is aspected in synastry, it indicates the two people were meant to come together for a purpose. Johnny’s Vertex is in his 5th house, so perhaps the couple was fated to have children together. Vanessa’s Vertex is in the 8th house, so she was meant to explore herself psychologically and sexually through their union.


Johnny’s Sun, Mercury and Venus are situated in Vanessa’s 7th house. This is an indicator of a strong mutual attraction between the two. Johnny is Vanessa’s idea of the perfect man, and Johnny finds Vanessa beautiful. Johnny stimulates Vanessa’s desire to settle down.


Vanessa’s Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury are situated in Johnny’s 4th house. She stimulated Johnny’s desire to build a home and family together. In fact, this aspect indicates the couple spent a lot of time at home. They moved to a relatively remote area of France together, where they lived for many years. Vanessa’s Moon is located in Johnny’s 12th house, which may have been why they moved so far away to be with one another; perhaps Johnny wanted to keep her and the family “hidden”.


Johnny and Vanessa share a mutual Moon conjunct North Node aspect in synastry! Wow! They are naturally protective of one another. They each possess qualities the other needs to develop in order to grow. The bond was instant, and they both felt they were “going somewhere” with one another. North Node aspects can be tricky, though. Over time, the constant nurturing and giving in the relationship can become draining. I’ve read that when a synastry chart features North Node connections, but no South Node connections, the relationship is not meant to last. Instead, the relationship seeds are planted in this life, and the two will reunite in their next life to continue the relationship.


One of the most troubling aspects between Johnny and Vanessa involves the Planet Uranus. Johnny’s Uranus is conjunct his Mars in the first, indicating he is freedom-loving and independent, and may be prone to sudden, impulsive behaviors.  This conjunction squares Vanessa’s Venus/Neptune conjunction. Vanessa probably found Johnny very exciting, eccentric, and attractive, but at the same time, unstable, unpredictable, and inconstant. This aspect does not favor stability in a relationship. Johnny may have felt his individuality and independence were stifled by Vanessa, so the relationship may have made him feel trapped. This aspect is a classic divorce indicator in a couple’s synastry chart, and can certainly indicate infidelity.


So, there’s their synastry. Very powerful synastry, indeed. But why did Johnny end things this year, after over a decade of marriage?


Rumor has it, the couple has been having problems for years. Indeed, transiting Neptune was squaring Johnny’s Venus until last year. This transit often indicates disillusionment when it comes to how one perceives his or her relationship, as well as deceit. Also, Uranus has been opposing Johnny’s progressed Mars, which is a transit that stimulates a person’s desire for freedom, and may manifest through acting out or rebelling.


Neptune was transiting Johnny’s 7th house for the majority of the time they were married, which makes sense given the strong Neptunian aspects in their synastry chart. Around the time of the divorce, transiting Neptune was opposite Johnny’s natal Uranus in the first. During this time, the desire to make a change and to do something “out of character” is stimulated. This transit often indicates misunderstandings, feelings of uncertainty, and even deceit. Since this transit affected his 1st/7th house axis, the change came in the form of breaking up his relationship with Vanessa.


Around the time of their divorce, transiting Jupiter  in his 10th house was squaring his natal Uranus, which stimulated his desire for freedom even further. Jupiter “expanded” his need for freedom (Uranus), which played out in a very public way (10th house)


Moreover, transiting Saturn was squaring Johnny’s Venus all year. This is a classic break-up transit. During this transit, we take a long, hard look at our relationships and decide what’s working for us, and what is not. Johnny and Vanessa’s synastry featured plenty of Neptune, and Johnny has been experiencing Neptune in his love sector for quite some time. When Saturn came along, Johnny was shaken out of any disillusionment he was holding on to, and was forced to re-evaluate his relationship with Vanessa, and he ultimately decided to end things.


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