Uranus aspects in Synastry

Uranus represent change, liberation, and instability. In synastry, it can bring an exciting, yet chaotic energy to the relationship, and encourages both partners to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. At the same time, Uranus is unpredictable and chaotic, which might not suit those who enjoy stability in their relationships.

In this article, we go over how Uranus expresses itself when it aspect to another person’s planets. Keep reading to learn more!

Sun-Uranus Aspects

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Moon-Uranus Aspects

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Mercury-Uranus Aspects

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Venus-Uranus Aspects

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Mars-Uranus Aspects

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Jupiter-Uranus Aspects

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Saturn-Uranus Aspects

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Uranus-Uranus Aspects

When someone’s Uranus is conjunct your Uranus, you are around the same age! Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, so you also share this aspect with people who are that much older than you. This aspect indicates you reinforce each other’s uniqueness and individuality in whatever area your Uranus represents.

For example, if I have Uranus in my 11th house, it means I attract eccentric, unique friends. Someone’s Uranus in this house means they might be one of my unique friends, or may introduce me to other friends like them.

Uranus sextile or trine someone else’s Uranus indicates an appreciation for each other’s uniqueness and individuality. The two of you have a mutual respect for each other’s ‘out-there’ ideas and give each other plenty of space.

Uranus square or opposite someone else’s Uranus can be problematic, particularly if Uranus features strongly in each of their charts. This aspect indicates the two partners are very different when it comes to independence, uniqueness, individuality, and freedom.

For example, my Uranus is in Sagittarius seeks ‘freedom’ through travel, philosophy, and being as independent as possible. If my partner had Uranus in Pisces, this mean they seek ‘freedom’ through spirituality, arts, and helping others.

As a result, there may be a feeling of ‘getting in each other’s way’ when each person wants to express their individuality; Sagittarius wants to travel and roam, while Pisces wants to meditate and connect with their inner world. It is difficult for these two to find a way for them both to express their individuality and freedom when they are with each other.

You must look at what house Uranus rules in each person’s chart to assess these aspects properly. For example, if Uranus rules one person’s 7th house, a square from another person’s Uranus could spell trouble for the couple. The couple may not be able to commit to each other or settle down into a predictable or stable relationship due to this aspect.


Uranus-Neptune Aspects

When someone’s Uranus is conjunct your Neptune, an exciting, spiritual relationship is indicated. The Uranus person awakens the Neptune person’s intuitive powers, and shows Neptune new and innovative ways of harnessing their compassion and spirituality. The Neptune person provides understanding and compassion for Uranus’ uniqueness and individuality, and is charmed by Uranus’ quirky and eccentric nature.

Uranus sextile or trine someone else’s Neptune indicates a relationship full of spiritual connection and understanding. The Uranus person helps the Neptune person innovate their spiritual world, while the Neptune person provides compassion and understanding to the Uranus person.

Uranus square or opposite someone else’s Neptune can be problematic. This aspect indicates the Uranus person has a very disruptive effect on Neptune’s realm of spirituality, dreams, and compassion. At the same time, the Uranus person feels the Neptune person is too idealistic.

When Neptune wants to be dreamy and spiritual with the Uranus person, Uranus might want to rebel, which may make the Neptune person feel they cannot rely on the Uranus person. When the Uranus person wants to display their uniqueness and individuality, they might not find understanding or support with the Neptune person. Both partners may feel the other doesn’t understand the other.

You must look at what house Uranus and Neptune rule in their respective charts to assess these aspects properly. For example, if Neptune rules one person’s 7th house, a square from another person’s Uranus could spell trouble for the couple. The couple may not be able to commit to each other or settle down into a predictable or stable relationship due to this aspect.


Uranus-Pluto Aspects

When someone’s Uranus is conjunct your Pluto, an explosive relationship is indicated. Uranus and Pluto are both outer planets, but their energies differ greatly. Uranus represents freedom, uniqueness, individuality, raw genius and progress, while Pluto represents control, intensity, intimacy, transformation, and death. In combination, this aspect could lead to a powerfully exciting relationship, but could also lead to explosive arguments and power struggles.

At first, the Uranus person feels their Uranian qualities intensified by the Pluto person, while the Pluto person find the Uranus person exciting and inspiring. However, over time, these two may become irritated with each other. Uranus might not like the way Pluto tries to control the way they express their uniquess, while Pluto may find the Uranus person unreliable and difficult to control.

Uranus sextile or trine someone else’s Pluto indicates an exciting and transformative relationship. These two encourage each other’s strengths and uniquess, and find innovated ways to connect more deeply with each other.

Uranus square or opposite someone else’s Pluto can be problematic. Much like the conjunction, this aspect can bring about issues about control vs. freedom. The Uranus person in this case may feel very ‘caged in’ by the Pluto person, and does not appreciate Pluto’s attempts to change or transform the way they express their uniqueness or individuality.

The Pluto person wants to merge and connect deeply with the Uranus person, but feels the Uranus person is too unreliable and unpredictable to do so. Pluto requires complete and utter commitment and loyalty, which is not something Uranus can give.

You must look at what house Uranus and Pluto rule in their respective charts to assess these aspects properly. For example, if Pluto rules one person’s 7th house, a square from another person’s Uranus could spell trouble for the couple. The couple may not be able to commit to each other or settle down into a predictable or stable relationship due to this aspect.

Another example: If Uranus rules someone’s 1st house, and Pluto makes a square to it, the Pluto person may try to control or transform the way the Uranus person’s appearance in some way.


Uranus-North Node Synastry

This aspect is a very interesting one. The North Node person shares this aspect with most people around the Node person’s age, but it does not mean the aspect is insignificant.

Uranus in conjunction to another person’s North Node shows the Uranus’ person’s individuality, uniqueness, and raw genius help bring the North Node person closer to their true path in life. The North Node shows the qualities we need to develop in this life, as opposed to the South Node which shows the qualities that are already developed and ingrained within us. The North Node feels uncomfortable; it is outside of our comfort zone, so it can feel quite scary.

Uranus has a very abrupt and erratic energy, so the North Node person may feel a lot of progress very suddenly and unexpectedly. The Uranus person is like a guru who brings the Node person closer to their true purpose.

For example, say your North Node is in your 1st house. In this life, the North Node is calling on you to embrace your individuality and focus on yourself, rather than being dependent on partnerships and relationships. If someone’s Uranus is on your North Node, the Uranus person might inspire you to radically change your appearance and embrace what makes you unique. It may feel weird for you to focus on yourself and your needs so much, but the Uranus person’s energy makes it hard for you to say no.


Uranus-South Node Synastry

This aspect indicates a past life connection that was rather unstable or unpredictable. The South Node person shares this aspect with most people around the Node person’s age, but it does not mean the aspect is insignificant.

Uranus on another person’s South Node indicates the couple feel very familiar with each other, as they have met in a past life. The Uranus person probably entered the South Node person’s life suddenly and unexpectedly. The South Node person may feel a sense of liberation or freedom in the relationship with the Uranus person, as the Uranus person encourages the South Node person to look at themselves in a new way.

At the same time, this relationship may feel very unstable and ungrounded, given Uranus’ unpredictable energy. Though this relationship may start and end very abruptly, the lessons they learn from each other last a lifetime. As with all South Node connections, this relationship may begin to feel draining for both partners. The South Node tends to ‘feed’ on any planet that touches it, so the Uranus person may eventually become drained, while the Node person may feel held back.

For example, if your South Node is in your 7th house, it means you concentrated a lot on the needs of others in the past, and in this life, you are called on to embrace independence and individuality. Someone’s Uranus on your 7th house South Node brings a familiar energy to you; you are used to putting energy into your relationships and considering other people’s needs.

Your Uranus person brings an exciting energy to your relationship sector, and may even help you learn new and innovative ways of having a relationship. However, the relationship might be quite erratic and unpredictable over time, which might be quite draining for the 7th house person, as they do not feel they can rely on the Uranus person. The Uranus person may feel a ‘pull’ towards the South Node person, but may also eventually feel drained, leading to a rebellion and subsequent break up.


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What’s up with Khloe Kardashian?

We all know the Kardashians. They are American royalty in many respects: they get tons of attention in the media, are fashion icons, and people love to hate them. Love them or loathe them, everyone has an opinion on them. On the recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they went over the drama that occurred between the family and Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner’s best friend) when Jordyn made out with Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan.

It was well known to the family for a very long time that Tristan was a two-timing piece of trash. He had previously cheated on Khloe when she was pregnant with their daughter, True. Instead of kicking him to the curb, she took him back, which was a huge shock to everyone.

She had been through rough relationships in the past, as well. She was previously in a relationship with Lamar Odom, but their relationship broke apart after his drug problem and infidelity became too much for their relationship to endure.

Khloe is known by her family and friends to be someone who works very hard in her relationships, and doesn’t let go very easily, even in the face of infidelity and terrible mistreatment.

On her Instagram, I’ve seen hundreds of comments of fans pleading with her to ‘smarten up’ and find a partner who will respect and love her as she deserves. In the end, however, Khloe always seems to make the ‘wrong’ choice and end up in these situations over and over again. Why is this?

Khloe is a Cancer, a sign which is characterized as loving, caring, sensitive and co-dependent. Cancers are sweet as sugar, but if you cross them, you will get pinched. Her Sun is conjunct her natal Venus, which means she is a relationship-oriented individual. These types of people love to be in love and feel most complete when they are in a partnership. They are prone to loneliness and need to have a relationship to feel complete.

Her Ascendant is in Aquarius, meaning Leo is on the cusp of her descendant. This means that the Sun is the ruler of her 7th house. The 7th house ruler represents the type of partners we will attract in our lives. This planet, in addition to Venus, can be used to determine patterns in a person’s relationships. Unfortunately, Khloe has some pretty bad aspects to her Sun which explain her relationship past, and will inform her future in love.

Neptune, the planet which represents illusions, delusions, substance abuse, secrets and everything ‘behind the scenes’, opposes her natal Sun. People with this aspect tend to be forgiving to a fault, and tend to only see the best in others. They may attract or be attracted to partners who have mental or substance abuse problems, and feel a strong need to ‘save’ them. It is hard for them to let go, particularly when they feel their partners truly need them. They are vulnerable to manipulation due to their gullibility and inability to see the bad in others.

Looking at their synastry, there are some red flags that point to trouble. The Cancer-Pisces connection between their Suns is fabulous, as they are both very sensitive, emotional human beings. However, Tristan’s Uranus opposes Khloe’s Venus, which means that she will never feel he is truly committed to her. Their relationship will be very unpredictable and erratic, and she will not feel as though she can truly count on him. I saw an episode of the show where she was talking about how they don’t see each other too often & blamed it on his basketball schedule. From what their synastry tells me, Tristan experiences on-off feelings for her which prevents him from truly wanting to commit. If they were to rekindle their relationship, this will continue. Setting into a stable, predictable relationship will be very, very difficult with these two.

As if that was not bad enough, his Neptune also opposes her Venus. This is a classic indicator of deception and lies. This indicates that when caught, he may ‘play the victim’ to receive forgiveness from Khloe. It is very hard for her to see his negative qualities, and even if she does, she tends to ignore them. Tristan himself has a Venus-Neptune square in his natal chart, which means he is a very romantic, sensitive person, but has difficulty with honesty in his relationships. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been in a relationship where he was lied/decieved/cheated on himself.

Khloe is not ‘stupid’ as most people believe, but she is delusional when it comes to her relationships. Unfortunately, this is not a quality she can just turn off, as it is in her natal chart. Given this, Khloe is doomed in her love life unless she makes some changes. She will continue to attract and enter relationships with deceptive individuals until she learns to LEAVE the men who exhibit deceptive, dishonest qualities. Given that she is forgiving (and quite honestly, very gullible), she needs to stop seeing her partners through rose-colored glasses. If she does not do this, she will continue to attract partners who cheat, lie and/or steal from her. She will continue to be with men who are deeply troubled or who she sees as ‘victim’ or ‘lost souls’ she needs to save.

I hope Khloe will soon find someone who truly loves her and exhibits the positive qualities of Neptune, such as compassion, sensitivity, and spiritual enlightenment. Her chart tells me she is an intensely spiritual individual, so she should focus on finding partners who share this quality with her. Good luck Khloe!


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Khloe and Tristan’s Synastry Chart

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Khloe and Tristan’s Composite Chart

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Venus-Uranus in Synastry



In astrology, Venus represents love, beauty, one-on-one relationships, and harmony. Uranus represents unpredictability, instability, independence and the unconventional. When these two planets meet in synastry, sparks are bound to fly.


Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? You know, that exciting, heart-stopping feeling you experienced the first time you laid your eyes on that special someone? You might have had a Venus-Uranus synastry aspect with that person.

You likely met this person when one of you was searching for something new and exciting, completely out of the norm of your other relationships. Maybe this person came from a different cultural background than you. Maybe you felt stuck in your stale marriage, and you then met an interesting, intriguing younger man who completely swept you off your feet.

Uranus serves to jolt us awake, making us aware of our need for independence, individuality, and stimulates our desire for the unique. Uranus beckons us to take the road less travelled, to step out of our comfort zone and into new, fresh experiences.


When Venus meets Uranus, the chemistry is unmistakable. You probably met suddenly, and unexpectedly. The Uranus person is enamored by the Venus person’s grace and beauty, while the Venus person is intrigued by the excitement and unpredictability the Uranus person promises.

You feel you have met your soul mate, and the relationship starts with a bang. The intellectual connection is through the roof; you feel you have met someone with whom you can share your unusual interests. Along with this connection is a strong physical and sexual attraction.


As with all outer planet to inner planet synastry aspects, the outer planet person usually has the upper hand in this relationship. As the relationship progresses and things start to get comfortable, Uranus may begin to withdraw.

Why is this?

Well, Uranus represents freedom and independence, and has a disdain for tradition, while Venus seeks harmony and cooperation. Venus wants romance and harmony, while Uranus wants excitement and freedom.

When Venus gets too close to Uranus, Uranus may distance themselves from Venus. Uranus may begin to feel Venus wants more of a commitment than they can handle. Perhaps as the two settle into a routine, Uranus gets bored and seeks excitement elsewhere.

Uranus is a rebellious planet, and may resent the fact that Venus wants to “tie him down.” Indeed, what started out as a torrid, exciting love affair can quickly degenerate into an unstable, unpredictable situation.


Venus-Uranus relationships are marked by an on-off energy between the couple. Numerous separations, often at key moments, are the hallmarks of this relationship.

Indeed, the ability to count on one another is tarnished with this aspect. Venus finds it difficult to get Uranus to commit, and becomes frustrated by Uranus’ inconstancy.

Venus’ initial feelings of excitement soon turn into feelings of frustration and disappointment at the perceived lack of interest on Uranus’ part. Indeed, this relationship has the potential of ending just as quickly as it began.


This aspect is also found in the synastry charts of long-distance relationships, interracial relationships, or relationships in which there exists a large age difference. Either way, the relationship itself is unconventional in some manner.


This description relates especially to hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) between Venus and Uranus in synastry. The trine and sextile are far more manageable; they inject excitement and unpredictability into the relationship, but are not as destabilizing and upsetting as we would experience in the case of hard aspects.


Note: Hard aspects between Venus and Uranus on their own do not spell doom for a couple. With the right amount of stabilizing aspects (e.g. Saturn), this relationship can last for a long time. Individuals with Venus in Earth or Water will have a more difficult handling this aspect than individual with Venus in Fire or Air.